Ash's Unfezant

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Ash's Unfezant
サトシのケンホロウ Satoshi's Kenhallow
Bag Poké Ball SV Sprite.png
Ash Unfezant.png
Ash's Unfezant
Debuts in Enter Iris and Axew!
Caught at Route 1
Evolves in A Venipede Stampede!
An Amazing Aerial Battle!
Gender Female[1]
Ability Super Luck*
Nature Hardy*
Current location Professor Oak's Laboratory
HOME519.png HOME520.png HOME521 f.png
This Pokémon spent 20 episodes as Pidove and 46 episodes as Tranquill.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Pidove Chinami Nishimura Erica Schroeder
As Tranquill Chinami Nishimura Erica Schroeder
As Unfezant Chinami Nishimura Erica Schroeder

Ash's Unfezant (Japanese: サトシのケンホロウ Satoshi's Kenhallow) was the first Pokémon that Ash caught in the Unova region, and his thirty-fifth overall.

In the anime


Pokémon the Series: Black & White

Pidove being caught

In prior regions, Ash always caught a Flying-type Pokémon early in his journey. He continued this trend with Pidove, who was captured soon after he arrived in Unova. In Enter Iris and Axew!, shortly after a flock of Pidove escaped when Ash failed to capture one of them, he noticed her pecking at the ground and engaged her in a battle. She managed to put up a good fight against Ash's Pikachu until the Electric Mouse Pokémon used his powerful Iron Tail and Thunderbolt attacks, which caused her to faint. Ash threw a Poké Ball and successfully caught her. Later on, for the first time, Pidove was sent out to save Pikachu and Iris's Axew from Team Rocket's capture. However, as she was still weak from her battle with Pikachu, she was quickly defeated by a powerful Gust attack from Jessie's Woobat. She was later healed at the Pokémon Center, along with Pikachu and Axew.

Ash occasionally used Pidove to find and track certain Pokémon. She helped Ash find two Darumaka in Saving Darmanitan From the Bell! and a wild Snivy in Snivy Plays Hard to Catch!, playing a dominant role in the Grass Pokémon's capture. At the time, Pidove had followed Snivy after she escaped using Leaf Storm. As she witnessed all of Ash's other Pokémon (Pikachu, Oshawott, and Tepig) fall to the Grass Snake Pokémon's Attract technique, she volunteered to battle Snivy. When Snivy attempted to use Attract on Pidove, Pidove was unaffected as she was female (a fact of which Ash had been completely unaware, despite Iris and Cilan's assumptions that it was his strategy). After a hard-fought battle, Pidove weakened Snivy enough for her to be captured by Ash.

In A Rival Battle for Club Champ!, she was briefly used by Ash in a 5-on-5 battle against Trip's Frillish. She tried her best, but after her Air Cutter attack was blocked by Protect, she was taken by surprise by his Water Pulse and got knocked out in the process.

Tranquill teaching Archen how to fly

In Sewaddle and Burgh in Pinwheel Forest!, Pidove was transferred to Professor Juniper shortly after Ash captured Sewaddle, although it would not be revealed until the following episode. She would return to his team three episodes later in a A Venipede Stampede!, where Ash used her to help send the Venipede that took over Castelia City to the park in the center of the city. Although things started well, she was almost hit by a Sludge Bomb and was only just saved by an Air Cutter from Trip's Tranquill. She then helped remove a few more and suddenly evolved into Tranquill herself. As a result of her stronger form, Tranquill cleared out the last Venipede with a powerful Gust alongside help from Trip's Tranquill and its Aerial Ace attacks.

In Archeops In The Modern World!, Tranquill was used to help a newly revived Archen learn how to fly. After Archen evolved into Archeops, Tranquill defended her from Team Rocket, and they said their goodbyes up in the air once Archeops found some others.

Unfezant battling Skyla's Swanna

Ash used Tranquill to battle Skyla in An Amazing Aerial Battle!. She was first sent out to battle Swoobat who had already defeated Krokorok before her. After their Gust and Air Cutter attacks proved to be dead even, the battle took to the sky, where Tranquill tried to get the upper hand with her recently learned move, Wing Attack. However, Swoobat was able to swiftly dodge the barrage of Wing Attacks until Tranquill's powerful Air Cutter attacks finally beat it as they descended to the ground. She then fought Skyla's Unfezant. Still, with none of her attacks even touching Unfezant due to her lack of speed, Tranquill started to show signs of tiring after narrowly escaping a barrage of Air Slash attacks and was called back to her Poké Ball while Pikachu took her place. She was brought back out again after Pikachu had lost to Skyla's Swanna. During the battle with Swanna, she was able to hit it with a powerful Quick Attack and Air Cutter, causing Swanna to fall towards the Gym; she then rushed past Swanna and tried to hit it with Gust. However, Gust was vastly overpowered by Swanna's Hurricane attack. While it seemed like Tranquill had been knocked out, she began to glow and evolved into Unfezant. With her newfound power and speed, she was easily able to dodge Swanna's powerful Brave Bird attacks and, with the help of her newly learned Aerial Ace attack, was able to defeat Swanna with one extremely powerful hit, winning her the battle and earning Ash his sixth Unova Badge.

In Rocking the Virbank Gym! Part 1, Ash sent Unfezant out as his second Pokémon in his 6-on-3 Gym battle against Roxie, where she faced Roxie's Koffing. Unfezant started the round with a Quick Attack that made a direct hit. Koffing attacked with Will-O-Wisp, but Unfezant sent it back with a Gust before attacking with Air Cutter. Koffing, however, avoided the attack and launched a Sludge Bomb, which hit and poisoned Unfezant. Though she was weakened, Unfezant was able to withstand Koffing's Clear Smog and fight back. She was, however, unable to stand two consecutive Gyro Balls and was finally taken down.

Unfezant and Ash

In Unova's Survival Crisis!, Ash used Unfezant along with Pikachu to battle the Forces of Nature after Giovanni took control of them to keep Ash and friends occupied. After Iris's Dragonite was injured and fell to the ground, Unfezant and Pikachu managed to save Iris and Dragonite from being attacked by Thundurus. When Meloetta was finally freed from the tomb, Unfezant grabbed it so it didn't fall and get hurt.

In Cameron's Secret Weapon!, Ash used Unfezant in his Vertress Conference battle against Cameron and his Riolu. Despite Unfezant having the type advantage, Riolu proved to be a powerful opponent, being able to dodge both Gust and Quick Attack before landing on Unfezant's back and serving a close-range hit with Force Palm. Ash told Unfezant to shake Riolu off and strike back with an Air Cutter. However, the Emanation Pokémon was able to dodge the attack and then use Copycat, hitting Unfezant with her own move before serving another hit with Vacuum Wave. Unfezant tried to attack with Aerial Ace, but the Flying-type's last effort was avoided and countered by Riolu's Circle Throw, which sent Unfezant flying into the arena wall, knocking her out.

In The Fires of a Red-Hot Reunion!, Ash sent Unfezant to Professor Oak's Laboratory to make room in his team for his returning Charizard, rotating her out of the team for the rest of the series.

She reunited with Ash and the entire Unova team at Oak's lab in The Dream Continues!. Unfezant joined them to launch a group attack on Team Rocket, using Air Cutter to send them blasting off for the final time in Pokémon the Series: Black & White. Unfezant later posed in a group photo with the rest of Ash's Pokémon. Then, she was left at the lab when Ash set off for the Kalos region.

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Unfezant, along with the rest of Ash's Pokémon at the lab, reunited with Ash in Friends, Rivals, Lend Me Your Spirit!. During the visit, she helped train Ash's Dragonite and later watched the battle between Ash and Paul. Before Ash left, she posed with the rest of Ash's Pokémon in a group photo with him.

From Battling as Hard as Stone! onwards, Unfezant watched Ash's Masters Eight Tournament matches against Steven and Cynthia. In Partners in Time!, Unfezant appeared as a vision to Pikachu during his battle against Leon's Charizard.

In Heroes Unite!, Unfezant, along with the rest of the Pokémon at the lab, welcomed Ash back to Pallet Town after his victory over Leon.

In The Rainbow and the Pokémon Master!, Unfezant assisted Ash in looking for a missing Charmander around Oak's lab, but to no avail.

Personality and characteristics

Unfezant is a helpful Pokémon, such as when Ash needs help dealing with Team Rocket or when he needs her to search for a Pokémon. She also goes the extra mile when helping with training, such as when Archen needed help with her flying skills. Unfezant isn't a confrontational Pokémon, not even fighting back when attacked by Ash's Scraggy, instead choosing to freak out and run away from him and, in the same instance, is rather sensitive.

Unfezant is also quite confident, as shown in A Venipede Stampede!, where she took no hesitation in trying to clear Castelia City from the group of Venipede. After evolving into Unfezant and beating Skyla's Swanna in An Amazing Aerial Battle!, she celebrated by doing a couple of victory laps above the Gym. During her time at Professor Oak’s lab, Unfezant befriended Ash's Flying-type Pokémon and can usually be seen hanging out with them.


As a Pidove As a Tranquill
Ash Pidove.png Ash Tranquill.png

Moves used

Ash Pidove Air Cutter.png
Using Air Cutter
as a Pidove
Move First Used In
Gust  Enter Iris and Axew!
Quick Attack  Enter Iris and Axew!
Air Cutter  Enter Iris and Axew!
Wing Attack × An Amazing Aerial Battle!
Aerial Ace  An Amazing Aerial Battle!
An × shows that the move cannot be legitimately known by this Pokémon in the games.
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Moves improvised

Picture First Used In Moves Involved Partnered With
Ash BW Team combination attack.png The Dream Continues! Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Leaf Storm, Hydro Pump, Air Cutter, Focus Blast, Energy Ball, Flash Cannon, Mud Shot, and Stone Edge Ash's rotation for Pokémon the Series: Black & White
Description: Unfezant combines her Air Cutter with a joint Flamethrower from Pignite and Charizard, Snivy's Leaf Storm, Oshawott's Hydro Pump, Pikachu's Thunderbolt, Scraggy's Focus Blast, Leavanny's Energy Ball, Boldore's Flash Cannon, Palpitoad's Mud Shot, and Krookodile's Stone Edge to create a gigantic blast of energy. This was used to defend Professor Oak's Laboratory from Team Rocket.


To Be a Pokémon Master poster.png
Poster for
Pokémon: To Be a Pokémon Master

In the games

Mystery Egg

Main article: Secret Eggs

A Japanese event randomly distributed an Egg that contained an in-game representation of Ash's Pidove, Iris's Axew, or Cilan's Pansage via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Like the anime counterpart, the Pidove is always female, and knows Gust, Quick Attack, and Air Cutter. This event started on December 17, 2010, and ended on January 11, 2011. This Egg was also distributed at participating American Toys 'R' Us locations from April 27 to May 31, 2011.

Pokémon Info Trainer Memo Battle Moves Ribbons
Poké Ball summary IV.png Pidove Dex No. 0519 Hardy nature. Flying Gust None
Lv. 1 Type   Normal Quick Attack
Spr 5b 519.png Normal Flying Pokémon Event Flying Air Cutter
OT (Hatcher's)
Egg obtained. -- --
ID No. (Hatcher's)   This Pokémon was available in the United States
from April 27 to May 31, 2011.
Item Ability (Place hatched)
None None Super Luck Egg apparently hatched.
The date this Pokémon was received is determined by the date on the DS when it was hatched by its original Trainer.
This may differ for every Pokémon.
This Pokémon is English in origin.
This Pokémon was distributed as an Egg. The other date depends on when this Pokémon was hatched.
The OT and ID No. of this Pokémon is the same as its hatcher's.
This Pokémon can be Shiny if hatched in a different game to the game it was received in.
Can be obtained with: B W B2 W2

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Medal World

Pidove appears in Pokémon Medal World.

In the TCG

Pidove was featured in the TCG. The following is a list of cards featuring Ash's Pidove.

Ash's Pidove
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a green background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Pidove Colorless BW Black Star Promos   BW15 BW-P Promotional cards   005/BW-P
Emerging Powers Common 80/98 BW-P Promotional cards   002/BW-P
      BW-P Promotional cards   205/BW-P


  • Unfezant's capture as a Pidove was first revealed in a preview for Pokémon the Series: Black & White.
  • Unfezant is Ash's first Pokémon to be sent to a laboratory other than Professor Oak's, in this case, Professor Juniper's lab.
    • She is also Ash's first Unova Pokémon to be sent to Professor Oak's Lab, as well as the only one to be sent there prior to Ash leaving Unova.
  • Unfezant is the only one of Ash's Unova Pokémon that has only used moves of her own types.
  • Unfezant was Ash's first Unova Pokémon to fully evolve.
    • Tranquill's evolution into Unfezant was first revealed in the Japanese ending Seven-colored Arch.
  • Tranquill was the last of Ash's Pokémon to evolve during a Gym battle.
  • Out of all of Ash's bird Pokémon caught while non-fully evolved, Unfezant:
    • Took the shortest time to reach her final evolutionary stage.
    • Is the only one with a confirmed gender.


  1. First confirmed in Snivy Plays Hard to Catch!. It becomes more apparent when she is fully evolved, through a gender difference.

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