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If you were looking for the Berry with the Japanese name of Nana Fruit, see Nanab Berry.
Bag Poké Ball SV Sprite.png
Ruby's Mightyena
Debuts in Creeping Past Cacnea
Caught at Route 1
Evolves in Guile from Mawile
Gender Female
Ability Run Away*; Intimidate*
Nature Adamant
Current location With Ruby
HOME261.png HOME262.png
This Pokémon spent 13 chapters as Poochyena.

Nana (Japanese: NANA Nana) is a Mightyena that Ruby owns in Pokémon Adventures and one of his first Pokémon. Nana was given to Ruby by his father, Norman. She is at level 69, her Characteristic is that she is "strongly defiant", and she is used in Cool Contests.


Ruby & Sapphire arc

As a Poochyena

Prior to the start of the manga, Nana was given to Ruby as a Poochyena as a gift from his father, Norman. One day when Ruby was playing with Sapphire a Salamence attacked them and Ruby sent out Nana, Kiki, and Rara to fend it off. The three managed to scare it away, but Ruby got injured in the process, which scared Sapphire. Because of this incident Ruby decided to never battle in front of people again. Before moving to Hoenn, Nana was used by Ruby to win multiple contests in Johto.

Nana first appeared as a Poochyena in Creeping Past Cacnea, where she was seen with Ruby on his trip to Hoenn. After running away from home Ruby runs into Professor Birch being attacked by two Mightyena. Ruby decides to battle the Mightyena, and sends out Nana and has her use Leer. The move does nothing due to Ruby caring only about appearances and the Mightyena pounce on them again, causing Ruby to fall off a cliff.

Nana and Ruby

In Guile from Mawile, Ruby went into Granite Cave in order to find a Milotic. During the trip he is attacked by a group of Mawile and in the fight Nana and Kiki both evolve.

In Hanging Around With Slaking I, Nana fought alongside Kiki against Norman and his Slaking and Vigoroth. Nana fired a Hyper Beam while Kiki attacked with Iron Tail. Despite their strength, Kiki and Nana were easily swept away due to the fact that Norman knew all of Ruby's strategies, as he was the one to teach them to him.

In Mind-Boggling with Medicham, Nana advanced Ruby through the Normal Rank of the Cool Contest. In Going to Eleven with Loudred and Exploud I, Nana is used alongside Ruby's other Pokémon to battle against Courtney and her Ninetales. Although Ruby had a five to one advantage his team was beaten due to Ninetales having control of nine different fireballs.

Nana earning the Super Ribbon

In I More Than Like You, Luvdisc I, Nana advanced Ruby through the Super Rank of the Cool Contest. After the contest Nana is used in Ruby's battle against Wallace alongside the rest of his team, bar Feefee, and loses. In I'm Always Grumpig First Thing in the Morning I, Nana is sent out to protect Sapphire while being attacked by a herd of Grumpig, and accidentally reveals to Sapphire Ruby's true strength by knocking out all twelve of them with one move.

In Always Keep Whiscash on You for Emergencies, Nana advanced Ruby through the Hyper Rank of the Cool Contest.

In The Beginning of the End with Kyogre & Groudon X, Nana, alongside Ruby and Sapphire's other Pokémon, battled Archie and Maxie. Nana was seen charging at Maxie's Camerupt, but was pushed back by Overheat.

In It All Ends Now VIII, Nana battled alongside the rest of Ruby and Sapphire's Pokémon against Maxie and Archie. Later that day, Nana is shown to have won the Master Rank of the Cool Contest, wearing a Red Scarf.

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc

In PS603, Nana appeared alongside the rest of Ruby's team when he was checking to make sure they all survived the crash caused by the Draconid people.

Personality and characteristics

Nana is a cool and collected individual. Much like Ruby, she is flashy, loves to show off her looks, and hates getting dirty. Nana is also very stubborn at times and refuses to change her mind when she sets herself to a goal. Despite Ruby's distaste towards battling, Nana is a very powerful battler.

Moves used

Nana Roar.png
Using Roar
Nana Poochyena Leer.png
Using Leer as a Poochyena
Move First Used In
Leer Making Mirth with Mightyena
Bite Making Mirth with Mightyena
Hyper Beam Hanging Around With Slaking I
Roar I More Than Like You, Luvdisc I
Take Down  I'm Always Grumpig First Thing in the Morning I
Odor Sleuth  No Armaldo Is an Island
Howl  The Beginning of the End with Kyogre & Groudon X
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • Nana knew Hyper Beam before she evolved, despite Poochyena being unable to learn it.
  • Nana's Contest call is, "Regardless of the effects of time, the coolness that this body encompasses never changes. Carrying with her the tough Intimidate, this is the Pokémon Mightyena—Nana!"


Language Name Origin
Japanese NANA Nana From ポチエナ Pochiena (Poochyena)
English, French,
German, Spanish,
Italian, Brazilian
Nana Same as her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) NANA Nana Same as her Japanese name
Korean 나나 Nana Transliteration of her Japanese name
Vietnamese Nana Transliteration of her Japanese name

See also

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