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Bag Poké Ball SV Sprite.png
Ruby's Milotic
Debuts in Not So Fetching Feebas
Caught in On the Loose and Hyper With Zangoose and Seviper II
Caught at Route 118
Evolves in It All Ends Now VII
Gender Female
Ability Swift Swim*
Marvel Scale*
Nature Modest
Current location With Ruby
HOME349.png HOME350.png
This Pokémon spent 60 chapters as Feebas.

Feefee (Japanese: MIMI Mimi), known as Mimi in Chuang Yi's translations, is a Milotic that Ruby owns in Pokémon Adventures and his fifth Pokémon overall. She is at level 75, her Characteristic is that she is "alert to sounds", and she is used in Beauty Contests.


Ruby & Sapphire arc

As a Feebas

Feefee first appeared as a Feebas in Not So Fetching Feebas as a wild Pokémon Swimmer Jack was looking for. Ruby agreed to help Jack and continued to catch Feebas, but threw her back since he thought she was hideous. Jack eventually notices Ruby and exclaims that Feebas is the Pokémon he has been trying to catch. After learning this Ruby tried to catch her again but was unable to. Night soon fell and a Zangoose and Seviper began to battle each other. Noticing Ruby and Jack the two attacked them for interrupting. Feebas jumps out of the water and lands in Ruby's hands and activated Light Screen, stopping the two Pokémon. When the two try to break free of Light Screen Feebas used Mirror Coat, breaking their claws and fangs and allowing them to escape. Seeing that Feebas had protected them and took a liking to Ruby, Jack forced Ruby to keep her, although he was reluctant and decided to release her as soon as he could.

In Hanging Around With Slaking III, Ruby fought against his father, Norman. During their fight the two of them ended up off the side of a building facing sharp spikes below. Feebas popped out of her Poké Ball and began freaking out at the current situation. Hearing the cries Feebas made, Ruby decided to name her "Feefee." Ruby asked Feefee to save them with her abilities, but her attacks don't have any effect. Norman then yells at Ruby to use his Running Shoes, which allowed them to run off the Light Screens created by Feefee, saving them in the process. After the incident Ruby decided to keep her and use her for the Beauty segment of Pokémon Contests in order to prove to his father how good of a Coordinator he is since Feefee is so ugly.

In Mind-Boggling with Medicham, Feefee advanced Ruby through the Normal Rank of the Beauty Contest. In Going to Eleven with Loudred and Exploud I, Feefee is used alongside Ruby's other Pokémon to battle against Courtney and her Ninetales. Although Ruby had a five to one advantage his team was beaten due to Ninetales having control of nine different fireballs.

Feefee's Super Rank Ribbon
Feefee running away

In Tanks, but No Tanks, Anorith and Lileep, Feefee advanced Ruby through the Super Rank of the Beauty Contest.

In Always Keep Whiscash on You for Emergencies, Feefee is entered into the Hyper Rank Beauty Contest. Her only opponent was Wallace's Whiscash, and by Wallace's request Feefee received zero points. Ruby, frustrated by Sapphire's words during their last meeting, unleashed his rage at Feefee, saying she did not deserve to be in his team and was kicking her out of it. Devastated, Feefee swam away in tears, and Ruby soon realized that he was wrong to do so and tried to get Feefee back, but to no avail. After she left Wallace revealed that Feefee had won the contest, and would hold onto the ribbon for now.

In It All Ends Now VII, it was revealed that Feefee went all the way to Sootopolis City in order to make up with Ruby. Seeing him being attacked by Maxie and Archie she splashes water and jumps at them. They easily knock Feefee away and begin stomping on her and calling her ugly. After they knock Feefee away, Ruby picks Feefee up, who simply smiles at him. Maxie and Archie approach Ruby and tell him to just let Feefee rot as such ugly creatures don't deserve to exist. Ruby states that previously, he thought Feefee was ugly as well, but now he thinks of her as beautiful. Ruby expresses regret for being so mean to Feefee, and was impressed that she still came back to defend him despite knowing that she'd lose. Ruby states that outward appearances do not matter, and that Feefee's inner appearance is what matters. Wallace praises Ruby's speech, and gives him the Ribbon that Feefee rightfully earned back at Slateport City. Ruby, realizing that he never made a speech for Feefee, puts the Ribbon on her and recites a speech for her. This causes Feefee to evolve into Milotic, the Pokémon Ruby had been searching for. Ready to continue his fight Ruby climbs on Feefee's back and begins his final attack on the two villains.

Marvel Scale activated

In It All Ends Now VIII, Feefee battled alongside the rest of Ruby and Sapphire's Pokémon against Maxie and Archie. Later that day, Feefee is shown to have won the Master Rank of the Beauty Contest, wearing a Blue Scarf.

Emerald arc

In Susceptible to Sceptile, Feefee battled Emerald's Sceptile in the semifinal round of the Battle Dome. Sceptile starts with a barrage of attacks, with one of them paralyzing Feefee. This activates her Ability Marvel Scale, rendering most of Sceptile's attacks useless. Sceptile is then frozen by Feefee's Blizzard. Although frozen, Sceptile manages to regain his lost memories, giving him the strength to break through his icy prison and defeat Feefee, giving Emerald the win.

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc

In Blastoise Transforms, Feefee fought against Amber's Gorebyss.

Personality and characteristics

Feefee and Ruby

Feefee is a quiet and considerate Pokémon, rarely taking offense to what others think of her. As described by Ruby, Feefee has a kind and gentle soul, shown when she was willing to forgive Ruby for his harshness towards her. She is very brave and courageous, willing to rush into any kind of danger in order to protect others. Feefee cares greatly for Ruby and takes what he says to heart. She is frequently seen smiling when praised.

Moves used

Feefee Blizzard.png
Using Blizzard
Move First Used In
Light Screen On the Loose and Hyper with Zangoose and Seviper I
Mirror Coat On the Loose and Hyper with Zangoose and Seviper II
Ice Beam Hanging Around with Slaking III
Water Pulse Mind-Boggling with Medicham
Blizzard  Susceptible to Sceptile
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • Feefee is the only Pokémon belonging to Ruby that did not have a Trainer before him.
  • At level 75, Feefee is the highest leveled Pokémon belonging to Ruby.
  • Feefee's Contest call is "Having released its body with its heart, it shines with overwhelming beauty. Possessing the Marvel Scale, this is the Pokémon Milotic—Feefee!"
    • As a Feebas, Feefee's Contest call was "Regardless of what becomes of the body, the beauty that lies in the heart never changes. Floating with Swift Swim, this is the Pokémon Feebas—Feefee!"


Language Name Origin
Japanese MIMI Mimi From ミロカロス Milokaross (Milotic)
English Feefee (VIZ Media) From Feebas
Mimi (Chuang Yi) Same as her Japanese name
French Baba From Barpau (Feebas)
German, Spanish,
Mimi Same as her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) MIMI Mimi Same as her Japanese name
Korean 미미 Mimi Transliteration of her Japanese name
Brazilian Portuguese Feefee Same as her English VIZ Media name
Vietnamese Mimi Transliteration of her Japanese name

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