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PS302 : Phew for Mew
Emerald arc
PS304 : Swanky Showdown with Swalot
Never Spritz a Knotty Sudowoodo
The Shining Frontier
VS ウソッキー
VS Usokkie
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 303 in Vol. 26
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 303 in Vol. 26
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Battle Frontier

Never Spritz a Knotty Sudowoodo (Japanese: VS ウソッキー VS Sudowoodo), titled VS. Sudowoodo in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 303rd chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the first chapter of the Emerald arc. It is subtitled The Shining Frontier (Japanese: まばゆきフロンティア Dazzling Frontier) in the VIZ Media translation and Dazzling Frontier in the Chuang Yi translation.


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In an unspecified location, Brandon finds the three Legendary Pokémon; Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. He throws three Poké Balls, which successfully capture the three titans with ease. Brandon calls his boss, Scott, to report to him his successful mission. Brandon expresses surprise that his boss was able to retrieve and fix the stone tablet, which had broken into pieces after the events of the battle between Kyogre and Groudon.

Scott congratulates Brandon, and reveals that Anabel has captured Raikou in Johto and plans on using it in her battle facility. Scott hangs up the call to look at how the construction is going. As he gushes over how his dream of a Battle Frontier is nearing completion, he gets another call on his Pokégear. Scott answers the call, which turns out to be from Professor Oak.

Two months later, a blue-colored Pokémon and a red-colored Pokémon drop someone off at the Battle Frontier. Meanwhile, an excited reporter waits for the Battle Frontier's opening ceremony. As he waits, he decides to dump the remaining Fresh Water he had in his bottle, due to getting full from drinking it, on a tree. Suddenly, something falls from the sky and lands in a bush. The reporter picks it up, and finds out that it's a Frontier Pass that belongs to someone named Emerald. A person with a blond croissant-shaped hairstyle also falls from the sky and takes the Frontier Pass, as it belongs to him. As Emerald attempts to take it, he falls down, revealing that he wears platform shoes to make himself taller.

The reporter decides to interview Emerald and begins asking him questions. Before Emerald can answer, the tree that the reporter watered grabs him, revealing itself to be a wild Sudowoodo. The reporter asks Emerald for help, but the boy states that he doesn't have any Pokémon with him. The reporter gets confused, as he thought that Emerald is a Pokémon lover, which is why he came to the Battle Frontier. Suddenly, Emerald pulls out a gun and corrects the reporter by stating that he doesn't like Pokémon, and likes Pokémon battles. Emerald then begins firing on the two rapidly.

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PS302 : Phew for Mew
Emerald arc
PS304 : Swanky Showdown with Swalot
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