Pokémon Pop Quiz 2: The Johto Journeys

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Pokémon Pop Quiz 2: The Johto Journeys
ISBN: 0439412927
Published: 2001
Publisher: Scholastic
Author: Tracey West
Preceded By: Pokémon Pop Quiz
Succeeded By: Pokémon Pop Quiz 3: Brain Busters

Pokémon Pop Quiz 2: The Johto Journeys by Tracey West is a book that quizzes the reader on Pokémon facts from the third season of the Pokémon anime as well as Pokémon introduced in Generation I and Generation II. It was published by Scholastic.


Are you a Pokémon master?

So you think you know all there is to know about all 250 Pokémon? Well, here's your chance to prove it! This book is packed with Pokémon facts and trivia challenges—all about the Johto Region.

Face off against brain-teasing Pokémon questions and games. Then learn all about the newest Pokémon.

Come on, give it a try! See how much you know...and don't know.

Read, test, find out if you're truly the best!


  • The school market edition of this book contains two different copyright years, reading "© 2001" on the back cover and "© 2002" on the inside.
  • Pokémon names include the trademark symbol ⟨™⟩ on some activities.
  • The name of the Pokémon Stadium activities may be a reference to the game of the same name.
  • For the Episode Expert activities, each part's questions are numbered separately from one another. This is different from its predecessor Pokémon Pop Quiz, which uses continuous numbering for all the Episode Expert questions.


  • On page 7, question 9 erroneously refers to Olesia as Alicia.
  • On page 12, question 2 erroneously states that Noctowl's type is Dark/Flying instead of Normal/Flying.
  • On page 19, question 8 incorrectly states that there are three evolutions in the Totodile family instead of two, likely having counted Totodile as an evolution. Question 11 on the same page misspells Exeggcute as "Exeggute".
  • On page 20, question 1 states that Bayleef's color is green when it is mostly yellow. Question 7 on the same page states that Ash met four sisters who trained Eevee. This question is in reference to Sakura and the Kimono Girls, who are five sisters who train evolutions of Eevee.
  • On page 22, it is stated that Ash will have the opportunity to earn at least eight Badges in the Johto League, incorrectly implying that he could earn more than eight.
  • On page 24, question 5 erroneously states that Cleffa evolves into Clefable instead of Clefairy.
  • On page 34, question 4 incorrectly formats Rollout as "Roll Out".
  • On page 41, Len Town is erroneously referred to as "Blenn Town".
  • On page 45, question 8 reads "_____ is Ecruteak City Gym Leader" instead of "_____ is the Ecruteak City Gym Leader" or "_____ is Ecruteak City's Gym Leader".
  • On page 51, question 6 reads "The seed Pokémon evolves into Sunflora." instead of "This seed Pokémon evolves into Sunflora."
  • On page 59, question 4 erroneously states that Delibird, an Ice-type Pokémon, has a type advantage over Octillery, a Water-type Pokémon, when Octillery has the type advantage due to its Ice-type resistance.
  • On page 64, question 2 incorrectly spells Ephraim's name as "Efram".
  • On page 69, the answer key for Pokémon Stadium I misformats the answer for question 5 as "(Flying beats Ground]" instead of "(Flying beats Ground)".

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