Meet Buizel and Friends

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Meet Buizel and Friends
Meet Buizel and Friends.png
ISBN: 0545157048
Published: August 2009
Publisher: Scholastic
Author: Simcha Whitehill

Meet Buizel and Friends (Junior Handbook) is a Pokémon guidebook focusing on various Pokémon species such as Buizel. It includes various details on the selected Pokémon species encompassed, listing name, pronunciation, Type, Height, Weight, and two descriptive paragraphs on each---with the uppermost description panel typically a Pokédex-like statement, and the lower pertaining to anime appearances and roles. It is 24 pages in length.


This book primarily encompasses various selected Pokémon species, with one, the first page, having brief descriptions of Ash, Pikachu, Brock, Dawn and the Team Rocket of Jessie, James, and Meowth.





Unlock the secrets of more of your favorite Pokémon! This book is packed with rare facts, stats, and pix. So dive in --- and learn all about Aipom, Buizel, Buneary, Pachirisu and many others.'


  • Carnivine's entry states: "Its mouth waters right before it takes a big bite!". However, this fact has not been provided in any other medium, similar to facts from The Complete Pokémon Pocket Guide.
  • Riolu's entry states: "It uses its Aura to tell you how it's feeling." This would suggest that Riolu is capable of speaking with humans telepathically, which it has not been shown to be able to do.


  • Beautifly's entry says that "They uses their long, thin mouths to drink flowers' tasty pollen". Not only is there a grammar mistake of "uses", but also that pollen, as a powder, cannot be drunk; there could have been confusion with nectar.
  • It is stated in the book that Team Rocket's Meowth is the only known talking Pokémon; this is incorrect.
  • On Shaymin's entry, Gracidea flowers are misspelled as "Gracedia".

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