Snack Attack! (book)

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Snack Attack!
ISBN: 0439559928
Published: January 2004
Publisher: Scholastic logo.png
Author: Tracey West
Preceded By: Get Well, Pikachu!
Succeeded By: Time Out For Torchic

Snack Attack! by Tracey West is the seventh book in the Pokémon Reader series, which is designed for beginning readers. It was published by Scholastic in January 2004 and is 32 pages in length.


This book follows the plot of the anime episode You Never Can Taillow.

The book starts with the statement that Ash and Pikachu have two new friends, May and Max. The group walks through the woods for some time when May asks if they can stop, for she is hungry. Max strongly disagrees, stating that he wants to find some Pokémon first. Ash says that they can stop for a quick lunch, and then look for Pokémon. May and Max are happy about this but come to the problem of all their food being gone. Ash says that he wishes his old friend Brock was there, for he knows a lot about Pokémon and cooking too.

Not far away, Team Rocket observes the group with binoculars. Meowth says for them to look, for something is happening.

Max finds a cookie in his pack, but a Pokémon swoops down before he could take a bite, steals the cookie and flies to a tree. Max yells that a Taillow stole his cookie, and Ash looks up Taillow in the Pokédex. The entry is played and May yells for Taillow to give them back the cookie. Ash tells May to wait, noting that the tree is full of fruit and instructing Pikachu to help them knock down some of it. Pikachu shocks the trees, and a flock of Taillow comes out. Max cries out that he thinks they are going to attack, and Ash commands Pikachu to use Thunderbolt on them. Pikachu zaps the Taillow, who fall on the ground only to get back up again. The leader of the Taillow attacks Pikachu, and Pikachu is unable to beat the Taillow. Ash remarks that Taillow are very fierce fighters.

The Taillow flock joins the attack, and Ash does not know what to do. Suddenly, a Forretress joins the fight, and a voice commands the Forretress to use Explosion. Smoke fills the woods, and the Taillow flock flies away. The smoke clears, and Ash sees that Brock is standing there. Ash thanks Brock, commenting that his Forretress saved the day. May asks Brock if he really is a good cook, because they could use some lunch. When Brock looks in his pack, he cries out that his sandwiches are gone. May states that she bets the Taillow ate them and that the Taillow ate their food too. Brock affirms that it is no problem and that he will stir up some stew.

Meowth states that they get the Taillow to do the dirty work for them. Team Rocket, having Brock’s sandwiches, feed the sandwiches to the hungry Taillow. Meowth addresses the Taillow, saying that they can have some more but that they have to first bring them Pikachu.

The leader of the Taillow challenges Pikachu to a fight, and the two face off. Pikachu shocks Taillow, and Taillow flies down, picks up Pikachu and drops him in a river. Brock tells Ash that he must end this battle, for Taillow will not back down. Ash throws out a Poké Ball, which closed and successfully captures the Taillow. Ash cries out that he caught a Taillow, but the rest of the flock wants to fight Pikachu as well. Ash’s Taillow attempts to talk them out of it and Meowth calls that Taillow give up. Jessie concurs, stating that the Taillow are their very own fierce fighting force, and James adding that they will do anything for sandwiches. May yells that she wanted the sandwiches, and throws out a Poké Ball, with Torchic coming out of it. May forgets to give Torchic a command, and Torchic runs into a rock. Jessie laughs and commands the Taillow to attack.

The Taillow swoop down, but a bell rings and Brock says that his stew is ready and that the Taillow come and get it. The Taillow stop their attack and eat the stew instead. Pikachu sends Team Rocket blasting off with a Thunder Shock. The Taillow flock eats their fill and flies away, Ash’s Taillow saying good-bye to its friends. Ash says that catching a Taillow was fun and that they go looking for more Pokémon. Brock says for Ash to hold on, stating that they have to do the dishes first. Ash smiles and says to Brock that it is good to have him back. Brock says that friends should always stick together, and Pikachu concurs.


Taillow has the Munchies!

Taillow are hungry little Pokémon. They would do anything for sandwiches. But would they help Team Rocket catch Pikachu? Watch out, Pikachu! The Taillow are having a snack attack!

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