Bye Bye Butterfree (book)

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Bye Bye Butterfree
Bye Bye Butterfree.png
ISBN: 0307132668
Published: September 1999
Publisher: Golden Books logo.png
Author: Diane Muldrow

Bye Bye Butterfree is the first book in the Pokémon Adventure Series. This book is based on the events of the anime episode of the same name.


The group decides to rent a hot air balloon to get close to the Butterfree like the other Butterfree Trainers are doing. At Brock's suggestion, Ash throws his own Butterfree's Poké Ball into the air, releasing it and coaxing it to go out there and find its mate. Butterfree finds and flies over to a pink one still by itself, but despite his fluttering around it, the pink one wants nothing to do with Ash's Butterfree. Ash calls for Butterfree to have confidence in itself, and commands it to show the pink one its Whirlwind attack. This fails to impress the pink Butterfree.

The group notices a helicopter with a red R speed toward the Butterfree swarm. Ash realizes the helicopter belongs to Team Rocket, and a giant net comes out of the bottom of the helicopter and begins to scoop up hundreds of Butterfree. Ash's Butterfree flies to the net, and finds that the pink Butterfree had been caught. Ash's Butterfree tackles the chopper, but the attack and its second attempt, a Stun Spore attack, are ineffective. The helicopter proceeds to get away, but Ash's Butterfree follows them, and eventually Ash and his friends find Butterfree waiting for them. Ash's Butterfree leads them to a warehouse in a canyon where Team Rocket hid the stolen Butterfree.

Team Rocket examines their catch, but hears the sound of glass breaking and, after asking who there was, find that Ash and his friends have broke through the window. The group mimics Team Rocket's motto, and Ash sends out Butterfree and Misty her Starmie. Watched hopefully by the pink Butterfree, Ash's Butterfree attacks the net multiple times before, on the final try, tearing a hole through it and freeing the Butterfree. Jessie swings at Starmie, stunning it, but Misty revives Starmie with water, making it capable of battling again. Brock opens the door of the warehouse, and the Butterfree escape. Team Rocket gets back into their helicopter, and catches up with the Butterfree swarm with Ash and his friends, in the hot-air balloon, following them.

Pikachu hops on Butterfree's back, together flying over to Team Rocket's helicopter. Pikachu lands on the chopper and uses Thunder Shock, causing Team Rocket to blast off. The pink Butterfree now flutters in the air for Ash's Butterfree, and Ash, feeling sad and knowing that it is time for Butterfree to leave him and fly across the ocean with the pink Butterfree, kneels down to talk to his also sad Butterfree. Ash assures Butterfree not to worry, telling his Butterfree that he will tell his other Pokémon that it is on a trip and that it will come back someday, before saying good-bye. The two Butterfree then take off together into the sky, Ash thinking about all the good times he had with Butterfree, waving and calling that he will always remember Butterfree, thanking it for everything. Brock comforts Ash, saying that he raised Butterfree to have a lot of courage, and that he thinks Ash just proved that he has lots of courage too.



  • On one page, Butterfree does not wear a scarf. On the following page, it does, with no explanation provided.
  • The text of the book says Team Rocket's helicopter had a red "R" on the door. However, the "R" was actually on the front of the helicopter.

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