Catch That Wobbuffet!

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Catch That Wobbuffet!
Catch That Wobbuffet.png
ISBN: 0439530512
Published: March 2003
Publisher: Scholastic logo.png
Author: Tracey West
Preceded By: Let It Snow!
Succeeded By: Get Well, Pikachu!

Catch That Wobbuffet! by Tracey West is the fifth book in the Pokémon Reader series, which is designed for beginning readers. It was published by Scholastic in March 2003 and is 32 pages in length.


This book follows the plot of the anime episode The Wayward Wobbuffet.

The book starts with the statement that the group is walking in the woods. Pikachu sees something on the path, and two strange people stop them. One of the strange people, in reference to an object they were looking at the ground, explains that it is their new Poké Pod, and that they want to try it out. They ask if they could use Ash's Pikachu. The strange people take Pikachu, and put it into the Poké Pod. Then the strange people take off their glasses and coats, revealing themselves as Team Rocket to the group. Ash cries out in recognition, and Jessie says that they tricked him, James adding that they now have his Pikachu. Team Rocket runs off with Pikachu and Jessie gives Pikachu to Wobbuffet. Wobbuffet then runs away, before falling into a river and letting go of Pikachu. Ash catches Pikachu, and tells Team Rocket to open the Poké Pod. Jessie says that the Poké Pod will not open without a key, and Ash asks for Jessie to give the key to him. Jessie says that she cannot, as Wobbuffet has the key.

Ash cries out to catch that Wobbuffet, and Wobbuffet floats down the river. Ash, his friends, and Team Rocket chase after Wobbuffet. Wobbuffet bumps into a Quagsire, and Quagsire shows Wobbuffet how to get to land. Wobbuffet gets out of the water, climbs a tree, holds onto a vine and swings from tree to tree. The group and Team Rocket continue to chase Wobbuffet through the woods, and runs down a hill. Ash asks where Wobbuffet is, and Jessie cries that Wobbuffet is up there. A tree branch is sticking out of the hill, and Wobbuffet hangs on from it. A truck speeds down the road, and Wobbuffet falls and lands on the truck. Officer Jenny drives up, and says for them to step aside, as they have to catch that truck. Officer Jenny says a thief named Ganef is in the truck, and Ash says that they have to catch the truck too, telling her about Wobbuffet. Officer Jenny tells them to get in fast, and Ash and his companions get into the police car. The police catches up to Ganef, and Ganef cries out that he will get away in his balloon. However, Wobbuffet gets into the balloon first, and everyone watches Wobbuffet fly away.

Team Rocket gets into their balloon, and chases after Wobbuffet. Wobbuffet jumps into Team Rocket's balloon, but by mistake breaks it. Wobbuffet falls to the ground, and Ash calls on his Chikorita, commanding Chikorita use Vine Whip to catch Wobbuffet. Chikorita grabs Wobbuffet with its vines, and Wobbuffet lands in a speedboat. The boat zooms down the river, and Ash runs one side of the river. Team Rocket runs down the other side, and both Ash and Jessie jump into the speeding boat. Ash and Jessie are not able to stop the boat, and Wobbuffet flies out of it. Jessie yells for Wobbuffet to come back.

The boat is about to crash into a bridge, and Ash yells out that he chooses Totodile, bringing it out and commanding it to use Water Gun to slow down the boat. Ash and Jessie land safely, and Officer Jenny runs up to Ash, informing him that Ganef the thief got away again, that he is in the old building and that Wobbuffet is with him. Inside the building, Ganef calls out his Golem. Team Rocket digs a tunnel and gets into the building, and James cries for Ganef to hand over Wobbuffet. Ganef yells for Golem to get them, and Ash and Totodile run through the tunnel, seeing Golem attacking Team Rocket. Totodile hits Golem with Water Gun, and Golem fights back. Golem tries to tackle Totodile, but Wobbuffet uses Counter, causing Golem and Ganef to crash through the wall. Officer Jenny says that they have him now, and Team Rocket takes off with Wobbuffet in a new balloon. Ash cries out that Wobbuffet still has the key, and calls on Noctowl. Ash instructs Noctowl to peck a hole in the balloon, and Noctowl does so, causing air to shoot out of the balloon. The key falls from Wobbuffet's neck and lands into Ash's hand, and Ash gets Pikachu out of the Poké Pod. Pikachu then hits Team Rocket with Thunderbolt, causing them to blast off. Officer Jenny thanks Ash for helping them catch the thief, and Ash replies that they are just happy that Pikachu is out of the Poké Pod. Brock and Misty hug Pikachu, and Pikachu agrees with Ash's statement.


See Wobbuffet Run!

Team Rocket stole Pikachu! They put Pikachu in a cage and gave the key to Wobbuffet. But Wobbuffet is lost in the woods. Oh no! Who will save Pikachu?

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