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Olesia (Japanese: サナエ Sanae) is a character of the day who appeared in No Big Woop!. She runs a Pokémon Day Care that specialized in Wooper.

She trained all of the Wooper from a nearby pond to follow the beat of a tambourine. After learning that her mother broke her leg, she rushed off and left Ash, Brock, and Misty, whom she then just met, to take care of her Wooper while she visited her mother.


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Cares for

Olesia's Wooper

Olesia's heart-marked Wooper
Wooper (multiple)
Olesia has multiple Wooper which live at her Pokémon Day Care made especially for Wooper. Her favorite one has a heart-shaped marking on its torso where the top stripe usually would be. One first appeared when Brock had fallen off a ledge and she came to help him, grabbing her Wooper. Ash and his friends introduced themselves and she showed them her Wooper at the pond where she teaches them. Ash wanted to see her teach them, so she took her tambourine and started to bang on it, causing the Wooper to sing. Suddenly, Olesia got a phone call, telling her that her mother had broken her leg, so she left the gang in charge of the Day Care.

They turned round and suddenly all the Wooper were out of the pond and were causing mischief in the house. Brock gave them some food, which ended up with all the Wooper climbing on top of him. Misty's Togepi found the tambourine and lead all the Wooper back to the pond, but the Wooper with the heart marking was still missing. Ash and Misty found it in the kitchen, but it suddenly jumped out the window and ran into a forest onto a narrow bridge on top of a huge ledge. Wooper then met Team Rocket, who tried to capture it with a Poké Ball. Pikachu found it, and after a battle Team Rocket captured him with a net. Wooper was able to break free, defeated their Pokémon and sent Team Rocket blasting off. In the end, it was returned to Olesia.

The heart-marked Wooper's known moves are Tackle* and Slam.

Debut No Big Woop!
Voice actors
English Kayzie Rogers

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 小林優子 Yūko Kobayashi
English Amy Birnbaum
Polish Olga Borys
European Spanish María del Mar Jorcano

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