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Pikachu Meets the Press: A Pokémon Newspaper Strip Collection is the title of a book compiling the daily comic strip series Pokémon Newspaper Strip. The book compiles all the strips in the series—both black-and-white daily strips and full-color Sunday strips. It was released in both hardcover format and softcover format by VIZ Media.

It is currently out of print.


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Welcome to a piquant, picaresque, poignant Pokémon universe unlike any you've experienced before. If you think you know Pokémon, we dare you to open the pages of this book and think again. That is, if you can stop laughing and crying long enough to string a coherent thought together!

Written by Gerard Jones, renowned American comic book writer and media critic, and drawn by Ashura Benimaru, one of the Japanese creators of Pokémon, this completely original collection of Pokémon comic strips will delight children and adults alike! Kids will love the familiar characters, new storylines, and gags; adults will enjoy the subtle personalities, universal themes, and psychological humor.

Plus, find 176 hidden Pokémon, one in each daily strip!


This volume contains the entire Pokémon Newspaper Strip series published in newspapers across the United States from September 10, 2000 to March 30, 2001, plus a bonus week of all-new strips!


Edition Country Company Date ISBN
Hardcover Edition by VIZ Media Hardcover
United States VIZ Media May 4, 2001 ISBN 0606220615
Softcover Edition by VIZ Media Softcover
United States VIZ Media Unknown ISBN 1569315760

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