Pinkan Island

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Pinkan Island
ピンカン島 Pinkan Island
Pinkan Island.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut In the Pink
Location of Pinkan Island in the Orange Archipelago

Pinkan Island (Japanese: ピンカン島 Pinkan Island) is a natural wildlife preserve in the Orange Archipelago.

Its name comes from a special fruit that grows on the island which turns Pokémon a pinkish color.

Its pink Pokémon are highly sought after by poachers, so people are not allowed on this island, and anyone caught on it is immediately confronted by Officer Jenny. Research scientists and other rangers also live on the island to study the rare Pokémon, but the location is deliberately kept a secret to avoid outside interference. As such, its Pokémon tend to be hostile towards humans.

Pinkan Island also has natural defenses and is surrounded by giant whirlpools. Its sheer cliffs are the only way onto the island. There are just a handful of buildings on the island that the people who help Officer Jenny stay in.

Places of Interest


Stands for the "Pokémon Reserve Preserve," it's where Officer Jenny stays. It's also where she takes anyone found entering the island illegally. There is a pot with a small Pinkan Berry tree growing by the doorway, as well as an automatic buzzer that goes off anytime someone steps foot on the island.

Pokémon seen on Pinkan Island

Pink Pokemon.png
Pink Pokemon.png
Pink Pidgey.png
Pink Rattata.png
Pink Nidoran.png
Pink Nidoran.png
Pink Nidoking.png
Pink Pokemon 2.png
Pink Diglett 2.png
Pink Pokemon.png
Pink Diglett 2.png
Pink Pokemon.png
Pink Pokemon.png
Pink Pokemon 2.png
Pink Pokemon 2.png
Pink Rhyhorn.png
Pink Pokemon 2.png


  • This is the second out of two places that have the resident Pokémon in a different color, the other being Valencia Island.
  • The Pokémon mate Orange Islands B-Type set is based on Pinkan Island, which comes with Pinkan Berry Trees and a Pink Rhyhorn figure.

In other languages

Language Name Origin
Japanese ピンカン島 Pinkan Tō From pink and 柑 kan (citrus)
English, German Pinkan Island From its Japanese name
French Île Guimauve From guimauve (marshmallow) and mauve (a pale purple color)
Italian Isola Pinkan From its English name
Spanish Isla Rosada From rosada, pink
Korean 핑귤섬 Pinggyul Seom From pink and 귤 gyul (citrus)
Chinese 平柑島 / 平柑岛 Pínggān Dǎo / Pìhnggām Dóu* From 平 píng / pìhng (partial transliteration of Japanese name) and 柑 gān / gām (citrus)
粉红岛 Fěnhóng Dǎo* From 粉红 fěnhóng' (pink)
Danish Pinkan-øen From English name
Polish Różowa Wyspa Literally "Pink island"
Swedish Rosaön Literally "Pink island"

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