Golden Island

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Golden Island
オウゴンカン島 Ōgonkan Island
Golden Island.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut Meowth Rules!
Location of Golden Island in the Orange Archipelago

Golden Island (Japanese: オウゴンカン島 Ōgonkan Island) is an island in the Orange Archipelago.

The villagers of Golden Island in their traditional clothing

The islanders worship the legendary "Meowth of Bounty", whose arrival on a full white moon night will make them rich with its Pay Day attack. Most villagers wear light blue tunics, cat ears, whiskers, and cat-like noses in honor of the Great Meowth. Mikeosu and elder Shimajio lead the villagers through ceremony and rituals as they await the arrival of the Meowth of Bounty. Their Meowth shrine features a giant golden statue, which is actually a machine that requires people power to operate it as the Meowth of Bounty's personal guard.

In Meowth Rules!, Team Rocket's Meowth landed on Golden Island after blasting off and was immediately taken in by the locals, seemingly fulfilling the ancient prophecy. Meowth was immediately spoiled with food galore, dancers and power over the islands. After he revealed that he didn't know Pay Day, he was escorted to the local stadium to battle tough opponents to develop the technique. Determined to reunite with Meowth, Jessie and James showered the stadium with James's bottlecaps, convincing the crowd that their Meowth of Bounty had in fact used Pay Day. Meowth later left with his Team Rocket teammates, much to the locals' disappointment.


Meowth shrine Stadium
Golden Island Meowth statue.png Golden Island stadium.png

Pokémon seen on Golden Island

Golden Island Nidoking.png
Golden Island Onix.png


Name origin

Language Name Origin
Japanese オウゴンカン島 Ōgonkan Tō From 黄金柑 ōgonkan, a variety of Japanese citrus that translates to "golden orange"
English, German Golden Island Partial translation of its Japanese name
French Île Golden From its English name
Italian Isola Golden From its English name
Korean 황금귤섬 Hwanggeumgyul Seom From 황금귤 (黃金橘) hwanggeumgyul, golden orange
Chinese 神秘貓之島 / 神秘猫之岛 Shénmì Māo-zhī Dǎo / Sàhnbei Māau-jī Dóu* Literally means "Mysterious Cat Island"
黄金柑岛 Huángjīngān Dǎo* From its Japanese name

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