Unnamed island (EP098)

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Unnamed island
ななしの島 Unnamed island
Unnamed island EP098.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut A Way Off Day Off
Unnamed island EP098 map.png
Location of Unnamed island in the Orange Archipelago

An unnamed island in the Orange Archipelago appears in A Way Off Day Off. It is probably the deserted island located between Murcott Island and Mandarin Island South shown on the map that came with the DVD pack.

It features several small waterfalls that empty into a basin, which later flows into a running creek and eventually a crescent-shaped bay. This island is uninhabited, and is home to many different fruit trees. Many Farfetch'd live on this island, and it is hinted that they migrate here once a year.

Pokémon seen on the island

Southern Island Farfetch'd.png
Farfetch'd (multiple)

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