Fairchild Island

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Fairchild Island
デカポケ島 Dekapoké Island
Fairchild Island.png
Region Orange Archipelago
Anime debut Bound for Trouble
Location of Fairchild Island in the Orange Archipelago

Fairchild Island (Japanese: デカポケ島 Dekapoké Island) is an island in the Orange Archipelago.

Fairchild Island is a mixture of forested and rocky terrain. Tracey suspected that the island's giant Pidgeot and Rhydon reached to their current gargantuan sizes because of Fairchild Island's fruit-filled forests. There are many resident wild Pokémon that will attack anyone who makes their way onto the island.

In Bound for Trouble, Meowth and Ash's Pikachu were bound together by a rope after Team Rocket tried to steal Pikachu once again. However, a giant Pidgeot swooped in and grabbed them. Pikachu managed to free himself and Meowth from Pidgeot's talons with Thunderbolt, but he still had to deal with the island's giant Pokémon while trying to reunite with Ash.

Pokémon seen on Fairchild Island

Giant Pidgeot.png
Giant Rhydon.png

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