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Logo at the beginning of the segment

Get Inspired! Let's Solve a Poké Riddle!! (Japanese: ひらめきゲット!Let's ポケなぞ!! Get Inspired! Let's Solve a Poké Riddle!!) is a segment in the anime's Pokémon Journeys: The Series beginning in JN003, replacing the Poké Problem segment of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon. Beginning in JN139, the name of the segment is updated to be Get Inspired! Let's Solve a Poké Riddle!! - Episode Paldea (Japanese: ひらめきゲット!Let's ポケなぞ!! パルデア編 Get Inspired! Let's Solve a Poké Riddle!! - Episode Paldea) with the answers to the riddles being Paldean Pokémon. The riddles are also posted weekly on the official Japanese anime Twitter account.

The riddles are created by University of Tokyo student Ryōgo Matsumaru, while the segment is presented by him as Riddle Trainer Matsumaru and the Duck Pokémon Psyduck. It is narrated by Sayaka Senbongi.

The position of the question and answer segments has changed between episodes:

  • From JN003 to JN015, the question is presented for 20 seconds at the very beginning of the episode, before the cold opening. Both the question and the answer are presented for 35 seconds at the very end, after the post-credits commercial break.
  • From JN016 to JN025, the question is presented for 35 seconds before the post-credits commercial break. The answer is presented for 20 seconds after the post-credits commercial break, with the question no longer being repeated.
  • From JN026 to JN132, the question is presented for 35 seconds before the ending theme. The answer is presented for 20 seconds after the post-credits commercial break.
  • From JN133 to JN135, the question is only presented on the official anipoke_PR Twitter account one day after the airing. The answer is posted there two days after the airing.
  • For JN136, the question is presented for 20 seconds at the very beginning of the episode, before the cold opening. Both the question and the answer are presented for 35 seconds at the very end, after the post-epilogue commercial break.
  • Beginning in JN139, the question is presented for 35 seconds before the ending theme. The answer is presented for 20 seconds after the post-credits commercial break.

Like with its predecessor, the segment is omitted when episodes have promotions, are part of one-hour specials, or include movie promotions specials. However, the episode will have it included when the episodes subsequently air off-network in delay, in reruns on Kids Station, or on VOD services such as Hulu, but not Prime Video.

List of Today's Poké Riddle segments

Pocket Monsters

Episode Question Answer Explanation
JN003 Poké Riddle question JN003.png Shigi Kai Bana Sei Hafu
Try to sort them in order!
Poké Riddle answer JN003.png Venusaur
Sorting the plant drawings in order of growth gives セイカイハフシギバナ Seikai wa Fushigibana (The answer is Venusaur).
JN004 Poké Riddle question JN004.png Read the characters in the location of the Poké Balls from the left.
Following the instructions will lead to the solution!
Poké Riddle answer JN004.png Scorbunny
The characters above corresponding to the Poké Balls below from left-to-right give ヒバニー Hibanny (Scorbunny).
JN005 Poké Riddle question JN005.png Well, Three → Rhydon
Bottle, Basket → ?

It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN005.png Snorlax
Arranging the characters of びん bin (bottle) and かご kago (basket) to match the colors of the arrow gives カビゴン Kabigon (Snorlax).
JN006 Poké Riddle question JN006.png Illumise, Kabuto, Pinsir = Eevee
Slowbro, Pidgey, Abomasnow = ?

It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN006.png Chansey
Every third character as marked by Scorbunny's hops gives ラッキー Lucky (Chansey).
JN007 Poké Riddle question JN007.png Ta Fu Ba - Ri Do Ya - Ra Ri Do N O -
What Pokémon is inside the Poké Ball?
Poké Riddle answer JN007.png Mr. Mime
Mr. Mime
The characters inside the triangle formed by the drawings of a もん mon (gate), スター sutā (star), and ボール bōru (ball), which spell モンスターボール Monster Ball (Poké Ball), give バリヤード Barrierd (Mr. Mime).
JN008 Poké Riddle question JN008.png Person, Moon = Honedge
Person, Shadow = Charmander
Person, Nail = ?
First: Piplup; Second: Turtwig; Third: Chimchar

It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN008.png Piplup
The characters of ひと hito (person) and つめ tsume (nail) spell 1つ目 hitotsume (first), which is ポッチャマ Pochama (Piplup).
JN009 Poké Riddle question JN009.png It will lead to the unknown Pokémon! Poké Riddle answer JN009.png Ho-Oh
Matching the colored shapes on the top to the shapes on the bottom spells HOUOU, which is ホウオウ Houou (Ho-Oh).
JN010 Poké Riddle question JN010.png Machamp - _ = ?
It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN010.png Dragonite
Removing the black portions from the character in the square of the same color in カイリキー Kairiky (Machamp) gives カイリュー Kairyu (Dragonite).
JN011 Poké Riddle question JN011.png It will lead to the unknown Pokémon! Poké Riddle answer JN011.png Magnemite
Putting the scattered shapes together to match the lower shape gives コイル Coil (Magnemite).
JN012 Poké Riddle question JN012.png Hi Ba N Gi Nya Ba Ra N Do Ga - Su Ro
Read the katakana that can't be crunched!
Poké Riddle answer JN012.png Gyarados
Reading the katakana in the gaps between the upper and lower teeth when put together gives ギャラドス Gyarados.
JN013 Poké Riddle question JN013.png Ku I Ka De Ha
Re Za Shi A N
Se Shi E I Mi
Ri Bi - Do Ru

Use Flamethrower!
Poké Riddle answer JN013.png Charizard
The remaining characters after melting the characters in ice give セイカイハリザードン Seikai wa Lizardon (The answer is Charizard).
JN014 Poké Riddle question JN014.png Gold, Silver, Blue, Green, Red
Read the differently colored ones from the right!
Poké Riddle answer JN014.png Golurk
The characters colored differently from the meaning of the word from right-to-left give ゴルーグ Goloog (Golurk).
JN015 Poké Riddle question JN015.png The Pokémon hidden third from the right and first from the top is the answer
It will lead to the answer Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN015.png Cubone
The characters in the square third from the right and first from the top give カラカラ Karakara (Cubone).
JN016 Poké Riddle question JN016.png Greninja
Read the odd characters from the left!

It will lead to the Pokémon hidden in the question!
Poké Riddle answer JN016.png Gengar
The characters without shadows from left-to-right give ゲンガー Gengar.
JN017 Poké Riddle question JN017.png Gorebyss, Klefki, Kricketune
What Pokémon does the soccer ball represent?
Poké Riddle answer JN017.png Raboot
The characters that the soccer ball goes through when the Pokémon's names are put in the dashed boxes give ラビフット Rabbifuto (Raboot).
JN018 Poké Riddle question JN018.png Tsareena, Melmetal, Mankey, Vanilluxe, Emboar, Kabuto, Litleo, Aerodactyl
Read what is ahead of the arrow
Poké Riddle answer JN018.png Electrode
The characters ahead of the arrow initially read ジメンニオトシテ jimen ni otoshite (drop on the ground); when the floating characters are dropped on the ground, the characters now ahead of the arrow give マルマイン Marumine (Electrode).
JN019 Poké Riddle question JN019.png Octillery, RhydonCarkol
Metang, Cottonee → ?

It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN019.png Ditto
The characters within the names of the Pokémon depicted above without the two characters on the same side as his closed eye give メタモン Metamon (Ditto).
JN020 Poké Riddle question JN020.png M A K S

Read in the order of 🟥
Poké Riddle answer JN020.png Farfetch'd
The red square can be interpreted both as an arrow and the letter G; the characters following the direction of the arrow spell KAMONEGI, which is カモネギ Kamonegi (Farfetch'd).
JN021 Poké Riddle question JN021.png Nu Ru O Go
Ru O Ri Ta Chi
Ka - Ri Ma

Connect the Eggs in order!
Poké Riddle answer JN021.png Riolu
The characters ahead of the arrow formed by connecting with lines the Eggs in the order of タ ta, マ ma, ゴ go, タ ta, and チ chi, which spell タマゴタチ Tamago-tachi (Eggs), give リオル Riolu.
JN022 Poké Riddle question JN022.png Pu Ki Ta Ya I → Pikachu
Zu Gi Ji Gi Mi → ?

It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN022.png Zigzagoon
Depending on whether the arrow goes above or below the character, it should be read as the kana before or after it in gojūon order, which gives ジグザグマ Jiguzaguma (Zigzagoon).
JN023 Poké Riddle question JN023.png Gate (Nme) → Cottonee
Door (Redi) → Lilligant
Window (Yuru) → ?

It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN023.png Cascoon
The characters of まど mado (window) with ユル yuru in the middle gives マユルド Mayuld (Cascoon).
JN024 Poké Riddle question JN024.png Ko●ki●●゙
Ink has hidden it!
Poké Riddle answer JN024.png Magikarp
The ink splotches correspond to the characters of インク inku (ink), which gives コイキング Koiking (Magikarp).
JN025 Poké Riddle question JN025.png Go Re Me
Ka N Shi Ga Me
Be Be Ra Fu Re
Ma No Ma Shi
Ru - A

Read what's between the yellow flower/nose!
Poké Riddle answer JN025.png Flabébé
Reading the characters between the 黄色の花 kiiro no hana (yellow flower) and the 黄色の鼻 kiiro no hana (yellow nose) gives フラべべ Flabébé.
JN026 Poké Riddle question JN026.png Read the characters between the 🐚 from the left Poké Riddle answer JN026.png Slowpoke
me (eye) and ハ ha form the kanji 貝 kai (shell), か ka and い i form the hiragana かい kai (shell), and the 力 and 亻 radicals of the kanji 加 and 体 form the katakana カイ kai (shell). Reading the characters between each of these gives ヤ ya, ド do, and ン n from the 冫 radical of 次 tsugi (next), which gives ヤドン Yadon (Slowpoke).
JN027 Poké Riddle question JN027.png Jukokogirun, Numekoko, Mayugiru
Rookidee, Aegislash
Goomy, Cascoon, ?

It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN027.png Duraludon
ココガラ Kokogara (Rookidee) and ギルガルド Gillgard (Aegislash) can be interpreted as koko ga ra (koko is ra) and giru ga rudo (giru is rudo), respectively. Starting from the left position, following the pipes as an amidakuji, and replacing the respective characters upon going through each Pokémon gives ジュラルドン Duraludon.
JN028 Poké Riddle question JN028.png Who is the hidden Pokémon? Poké Riddle answer JN028.png Sobble
The portions of the characters hidden in the water give メッソン Messon (Sobble).
JN029 Poké Riddle question JN029.png Electrike

It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN029.png Yamper
Each electric shock is four of the same character combined; these characters give ワンパチ Wanpachi (Yamper).
JN030 Poké Riddle question JN030.png Glalie, Mudkip, Shroomish, Taillow
Read Oran, Pecha, Oran, Pecha, Lum, Pecha, Lum from the left
Poké Riddle answer JN030.png Spearow
The seven Berries correspond to キノキノミノミ kinokinominomi, which can be interpreted as 黄のきのみのみ ki no kinomi nomi (only the yellow Berries). Reading the characters corresponding to the yellow Berries from left-to-right gives オニスズメ Onisuzume (Spearow).
JN031 Poké Riddle question JN031.png ゙ = Water
= Paper
◽︎◽︎ = ?

It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN031.png Milotic
The red squares correspond to ミ mi, the green squares to ス su, and the blue squares to カ ka; the small black squares are read as the katakana ロ ro. This gives ミロカロス Milokaross (Milotic).
JN032 Poké Riddle question JN032.png What Pokémon do these represent? Poké Riddle answer JN032.png Celebi
The hands of each clock corresponding to the time displayed above combined with the green lines give セレビィ Celebi.
JN033 Poké Riddle question JN033.png Ka Ta Su Ha
Ko I Ro E

What is the answer after two trades?
Poké Riddle answer JN033.png Pinsir
After swapping カ ka and ス su from Ash's Poké Balls with コ ko and エ e from Goh's Poké Balls so that Ash's read コタエハ kotae wa (the answer is), they give コタエハカイロス Kotae wa Kailios (The answer is Pinsir).
JN034 Poké Riddle question JN034.png Return them to how they were before they broke
t o o
u s p
s a u

What Pokémon do the wooden planks represent?
Poké Riddle answer JN034.png Grapploct
Arranging the wooden planks so that the wood pattern and tree rings match spells otosupasu, which is オトスパス Otosupus (Grapploct).
JN035 Poké Riddle question JN035.png ka?????shoku
What goes in "?????"?
Poké Riddle answer JN035.png Raichu
The image depicts a person eating からいちゅうしょく karai chūshoku (a spicy lunch); the question marks correspond to らいちゅう raichū, which is ライチュウ Raichu.
JN036 Poké Riddle question JN036.png yu Gu N
Ri Bu Ra - Ba
Bi U Se I

Avoid the Draco Meteor and go across the Draco Meteor to the upper right!
Poké Riddle answer JN036.png Vibrava
Avoiding the meteors that contain the characters that spell りゅうせいぐん ryūseigun (Draco Meteor) and going across the meteors to the upper right correspond to びぶらーば biburāba, which is ビブラーバ Vibrava.
JN037 Poké Riddle question JN037.png Kangaskhan, Metapod, Gabite, Heracross
It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN037.png Marowak
Reading the characters of each Pokémon's name that corresponds to the floor of each building in the Alolan Exeggutor's line of sight gives ガラガラ Garagara (Marowak).
JN038 Poké Riddle question JN038.png Restore the unknown Pokémon! Poké Riddle answer JN038.png Aerodactyl
Arranging the pictures so that the patterns match gives プテラ Ptera (Aerodactyl).
JN039 Poké Riddle question JN039.png Eiscue, Accelgor, Jynx, Gossifleur, HitmonchanDucklett
Gossifleur, Eiscue, Hitmonchan, Jynx, Accelgor → ?

It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN039.png Hitmontop
Depending on whether the arrow goes across the Pokémon's head or feet, it should be read as the first or last letter of the Pokémon's name. This gives カポエラー Kapoerer (Hitmontop).
JN040 Poké Riddle question JN040.png Charmeleon, Shiftry, Turtwig, Wartortle, Indeedee, Snom
What's inside the lightning?
Poké Riddle answer JN040.png Zapdos
Reading the characters enclosed by the shape formed by connecting each of the characters that spell カミナリ kaminari (lightning) gives サンダー Thunder (Zapdos).
JN041 Poké Riddle question JN041.png Nihokire

What's ahead of the arrow?
Poké Riddle answer JN041.png Marshtomp
Each character in the mud corresponds to the character between the ones above and below it in gojūon order, which gives ヌマクロー Numacraw (Marshtomp).
JN042 Poké Riddle question JN042.png What Pokémon appears when the entire forest in the background is covered in white fog
It will lead to the answer Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN042.png Zacian
Covering the forest in the background with white fog reveals the gray cell borders, which give ザシアン Zacian.
JN043 Poké Riddle question JN043.png Wishing Star
Lycanroc, ?
A hint to think about is where and in what order the Wishing Stars fall

It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN043.png Garbodor
Reading the character below the spot where each Wishing Star lands in the order in which they reach the ground gives ダストダス Dustdas (Garbodor).
JN044 Poké Riddle question JN044.png Se Ko I Re Ka No I Ko Ha Ta Mu E Ge Ha N Ru Da Gi I A Na
The white spiral is Lugia. What's the black spiral?
Poké Riddle answer JN044.png Eternatus
Reading only the white characters along the spiral from the inside out gives コレノコタエハルギア Kore no kotae wa Lugia (The answer to this is Lugia); reading only the black characters gives セイカイハムゲンダイナ Seikai wa Mugendina (The answer is Eternatus).
JN045 Poké Riddle question JN045.png When the Legendary Pokémon descend, the heroes' rusted weapons shall shine again
Read shieldly/vertically what is inside the sword

It will lead to the answer Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN045.png Lucario
たて tate can be interpreted both as 盾 tate (shield) and 縦 tate (vertical). Reading the characters inside the sword vertically gives るかりお rukario, which is ルカリオ Lucario.
JN046 Poké Riddle question JN046.png Mi A U Se Ga -
Ku N Sa He Tsu Ri
Shi yu Go Ga Be Ri

What will appear when the rocks fall?
Poké Riddle answer JN046.png Mewtwo
The characters that remain uncovered after the floating rocks fall to the ground give ミュウツー Mewtwo.
JN047 Poké Riddle question JN047.png (Last) Yo Ba Su Ko E Yo
(Last) Ku Ri Ga Ta Da .

What is the answer when the two are finished eating?
Poké Riddle answer JN047.png Greedent
Reading the stacked baskets after they finish eating from top-to-bottom give ヨクバリスガコタエダヨ。 Yokubarisu ga kotae da yo. (Greedent's the answer.)
JN048 Poké Riddle question JN048.png Ka Ra Ba → Krabby
Da Ga Ka → ?

It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN048.png Sawk
The character on the base and the number of split tiles indicate the row and column of the kana in the gojūon, respectively. This gives ダゲキ Dageki (Sawk).
JN049 Poké Riddle question JN049.png Doduo

It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN049.png Eevee
Each circle corresponds to the character formed by connecting the Pokémon depicted along the dotted lines in the diagram on the left. This gives イーブイ Eievui (Eevee).
JN050 Poké Riddle question JN050.png Grovyle, TerrakionAerodactyl
Spinda, Flygon → ?

It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN050.png Dracozolt
Each block corresponds to one of the characters across both Pokémon's names. Reading only the characters corresponding to blocks with a Fossil gives パッチラゴン Patchiragon (Dracozolt).
JN051 Poké Riddle question JN051.png Return it to how it was before Farfetch'd cut it Poké Riddle answer JN051.png Gallade
Putting the cut pieces back together by matching them to the dotted lines gives エルレイド Erureido (Gallade).
JN052 Poké Riddle question JN052.png Dig the shortest path to the goal Poké Riddle answer JN052.png Diglett
The characters along the path formed by digging a straight line toward the goal give ディグダ Digda (Diglett).
JN053 Poké Riddle question JN053.png Ko No To I
A Ra Wa Zu Ru
No Ha Su Mi Ku N

Make the spring clean!
Poké Riddle answer JN053.png Suicune
Replacing the characters イズミ izumi (spring) with キレイ kirei (clean) gives このときあらわれるのはスイクン Kono toki arawareru no wa Suicune (At this time, Suicune will appear).
JN054 Poké Riddle question JN054.png Aimed and shot at!
I Chi Go
Ra Mu Ne

Read the remaining characters from the right
Poké Riddle answer JN054.png Gothita
ねらわれて いぬかれた! Nerawarete, inukareta! (Aimed and shot at!) can be interpreted as ねら割れて い抜かれた! Ne ra warete, i nukareta! (Broke ne and ra, pulled out i!). Reading the remaining characters from right-to-left gives ゴチム Gothimu (Gothita).
JN055 Poké Riddle question JN055.png Pink: Clefairy, Hatterene, Mawile
Purple: Spinda, ?, Jigglypuff, Marill

1. Impidimp, 2. Rapidash
...goes where the question mark is.
Poké Riddle answer JN055.png Impidimp
Reading the characters directly below the balloon vertically gives パープル pāpuru (purple) when ベロバー Beroba (Impidimp) is chosen.
JN056 Poké Riddle question JN056.png Break through the labyrinth
De De N Ne
Bu Ya Shi Be
Re Wo De Ka
Ki Tsu To Hi

What Pokémon will it lead to?
Poké Riddle answer JN056.png Honedge
Reading the characters following the path through the maze gives かべをつきやぶれ kabe o tsukiyabure (break through the walls); the characters along a straight line to the goal give ヒトツキ Hitotsuki (Honedge).
JN057 Poké Riddle question JN057.png Let's play shiritori with every Pokémon!
Bagon, Rockruff, Krabby, Eevee

Which Pokémon is fourth?
Poké Riddle answer JN057.png Psyduck
Including Psyduck gives the chain タツベイ Tatsubay (Bagon), イーブイ Eievui (Eevee), イワンコ Iwanko (Rockruff), コダック Koduck (Psyduck), and クラブ Crab (Krabby). The fourth Pokémon in this chain is コダック Koduck (Psyduck).
JN058 Poké Riddle question JN058.png Ko Ri N Ku → ◻゙◻◻◻
What appears ahead of the arrow?
Poké Riddle answer JN058.png Gulpin
Placing each ball into the hole of the same size gives ゴクリン Gokulin (Gulpin).
JN059 Poké Riddle question JN059.png Sare
It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN059.png Grookey
The characters formed by placing the branches with matching leaves inside each square in the grid give サルノリ Sarunori (Grookey).
JN060 Poké Riddle question JN060.png Gardevoir, Regigigas, Spoink
It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN060.png Sirfetch'd
Each segment of the stalk corresponds to a character in the name of the Pokémon below it. The scraps corresponding to ネ ne, ギガ giga, and ナイト naito give ネギガナイト Negaknight (Sirfetch'd).
JN061 Poké Riddle question JN061.png Makiraippa ← Carnivine
Rākarui ← Electrike
Mainasuru ← ?

It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN061.png Plusle
The mirror replaces part of the Pokémon's name with the opposite word, replacing スキ suki (like) with キライ kirai (hate) and クライ kurai (dark) with アカルイ akarui (bright) to turn マスキッパ Muskippa (Carnivine) into マキライッパ Makiraippa and ラクライ Rakurai (Electrike) into ラアカルイ Rākarui, respectively. Replacing マイナス mainasu (minus) with プラス purasu (plus) turns マイナスル Mainasuru into プラスル Prasle (Plusle).
JN062 Poké Riddle question JN062.png Ku

It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN062.png Drizzile
Reordering the characters in オレンジ orenji (orange) by the number of leaves on the corresponding fruits' stems gives ジメレオン Jimereon (Drizzile).
JN063 Poké Riddle question JN063.png Rockruff, Doduo, Smeargle, BagonEevee
Jirachi, Sneasel, Roggenrola, Kakuna → ?

It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN063.png Dewgong
Taking the first character from the name of the Pokémon in first place, the second character from the name of the Pokémon in second place, etc. gives ジュゴン Jugon (Dewgong).
JN064 Poké Riddle question JN064.png What Pokémon will appear when you slash them down? Poké Riddle answer JN064.png Snorunt
Slashing the strings of the balloons that tie around the halves of the boxes that contain half the characters straight onto the other halves of the boxes gives ユキワラシ Yukiwarashi (Snorunt).
JN065 Poké Riddle question JN065.png Goomy
It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN065.png Haxorus
Carving the remaining ノ-shaped stroke for each character gives オノノクス Ononokus (Haxorus).
JN066 Poké Riddle question JN066.png Pur_le, B__ck, Y_llow, Bla_k, Whi__
It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN066.png Floette
The petals of each flower correspond to the characters in the word for the color of the flower. Arranging the petals as shown gives フラエッテ Floette.
JN067 Poké Riddle question JN067.png What will appear when the electricity is stolen? Poké Riddle answer JN067.png Vulpix
The remaining blocks after removing the yellow blocks with a lightning bolt symbol give ロコン Rokon (Vulpix).
JN068 Poké Riddle question JN068.png Charizard (Fire/Flying), Larvesta (Bug/Fire), Houndour (Fire/Dark) → Burn UpNumel
Talonflame (Flying/Fire), Sizzlipede (Fire/Bug), Houndoom (Fire/Dark) → Burn Up → ?

It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN068.png Moltres
The remaining characters after removing the characters above the rectangles labeled ほのお Honō (Fire) give ファイヤー Fire (Moltres).
JN069 Poké Riddle question JN069.png Sentret, Golbat, Plusle
🍏 = Tyrunt, 🍎 = ?

It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN069.png Appletun
Each apple in the trees correspond to a character in the name of the Pokémon below. The characters corresponding to the red apples give タルップル Tarupple (Appletun).
JN070 Poké Riddle question JN070.png Which characters will be left over? Poké Riddle answer JN070.png Pidgeotto
Each food corresponds to a character in ピザ piza' (pizza), ジャム jamu (jam), ギョウザ gyōza, and リンゴ ringo (apple), respectively. The characters corresponding to the food in the lane without a Pokémon give ピジョン Pigeon (Pidgeotto).
JN071 Poké Riddle question JN071.png Talonflame, Florges, Inteleon
What Pokémon will it lead to?
Poké Riddle answer JN071.png Regice
The characters in the locations corresponding to the filled braille dots on the stone slabs of the same color give レジアイス Regice.
JN072 Poké Riddle question JN072.png Durant
Carkol, Bastiodon
Sandygast, Skuntank
Unown, Arbok, ?, Druddigon

Is the unknown Pokémon Heatmor or Trubbish?
Poké Riddle answer JN072.png Heatmor
Each Pokémon forms shiritori chains with the Pokémon above and below it. For the unknown Pokémon's name to follow both アーボック Arbok (Arbok) and スカタンク Skutank (Skuntank), it should begin with ク ku, which gives クイタラン Kuitaran (Heatmor).
JN073 Poké Riddle question JN073.png This is Snom → Snom
The answer is Falinks → ?

It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN073.png Falinks
Reading the shines on the ice cubes give コレハユキハミダヨ Kore wa Yukihami da yo (This is Snom) and コタエハタイレーツ Kotae wa Tairetsu (The answer is Falinks).
JN074 Poké Riddle question JN074.png Q. Go in order from the crescent moon to the full moon
What Pokémon will it lead to?
Poké Riddle answer JN074.png Darkrai
Using the period in the text as the full moon, the characters along the lines connecting the crescent, quarter, gibbous, and full moons in order spell コタエハダークライ Kotae wa Darkrai (The answer is Darkrai).
JN075 Poké Riddle question JN075.png Herdier, Avalugg
Do → Ariados
Se → ?

It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN075.png Cresselia
Each moon drawing below represents the character(s) in the illuminated portion of the moon drawing of the same color above. This gives クレセリア Cresselia.
JN076 Poké Riddle question JN076.png Poké Riddle answer JN076.png Kommo-o
Passenger cars shown represents character(s). Purple=ガ ga and Blue=ラ ra (Marowak Japanese name ガラガラ). While the other character(s) were not shown, filling in the blank and having the knowledge of Pokémon Japanese names, the answer is ジャラランガ Kommo-o.
JN077 Poké Riddle question JN077.png Poké Riddle answer JN077.png Electivire
By connecting the katakana from top-left to bottom-right corners, putting them together will show "エ" "レ" "キ" "ブ" "ル". This give us the answer エレキブル


JN078 Poké Riddle question JN078.png Poké Riddle answer JN078.png Kecleon
JN079 Poké Riddle question JN079.png Poké Riddle answer JN079.png Espeon
JN080 Poké Riddle question JN080.png Poké Riddle answer JN080.png Volcarona
JN081 Poké Riddle question JN081.png Poké Riddle answer JN081.png Dewott
JN082 Poké Riddle question JN082.png Poké Riddle answer JN082.png Alcremie
Yellow cream is for Electric Pokémon like Pikachu. While pink is for Fairy. A Pokémon well known for it's ability to produce cream, addiction to being a Fairy type. The answer is マホイップ Alcremie.
JN083 Poké Riddle question JN083.png Poké Riddle answer JN083.png Cleffa
JN084 Poké Riddle question JN084.png Poké Riddle answer JN084.png Alakazam
Instructions say to bend the spoon to the left. There are only three spoons on the table. After bending the spoons, フーディ would appear, then putting them together with other kitchen utensil. The answer is フーディン Alakazam.
JN085 Poké Riddle question JN085.png Poké Riddle answer JN085.png Hawlucha
Taking a closer look on the cracks, reveals Japanese katakana character(s). Putting together the punched pieces "ル" "チ" "ャ" "ブ" "ル". The answer is ルチャブル Hawlucha.
JN086 Poké Riddle question JN086.png Poké Riddle answer JN086.png Machamp
JN087 Poké Riddle question JN087.png Poké Riddle answer JN087.png Glaceon
JN088 Poké Riddle question JN088.png Poké Riddle answer JN088.png Seadra
JN089 Poké Riddle question JN089.png Poké Riddle answer JN089.png Palkia
JN090 Poké Riddle question JN090.png Poké Riddle answer JN090.png Pichu
JN091 Poké Riddle question JN091.png Poké Riddle answer JN091.png Drifloon
JN092 Poké Riddle question JN092.png Poké Riddle answer JN092.png Drakloak
JN093 Poké Riddle question JN093.png Poké Riddle answer JN093.png Flygon
JN094 Poké Riddle question JN094.png Poké Riddle answer JN094.png Leafeon
JN095 Poké Riddle question JN095.png Poké Riddle answer JN095.png Wailord
JN096 Poké Riddle question JN096.png Poké Riddle answer JN096.png Ampharos
JN097 Poké Riddle question JN097.png Poké Riddle answer JN097.png Slowbro
JN098 Poké Riddle question JN098.png Poké Riddle answer JN098.png Jolteon
JN099 Poké Riddle question JN099.png Poké Riddle answer JN099.png Grimmsnarl
JN100 Poké Riddle question JN100.png Poké Riddle answer JN100.png Rookidee
JN101 Poké Riddle question JN101.png Poké Riddle answer JN101.png Thwackey
JN102 Poké Riddle question JN102.png Poké Riddle answer JN102.png Articuno
JN103 Poké Riddle question JN103.png Poké Riddle answer JN103.png Luxray
JN104 Poké Riddle question JN104.png Poké Riddle answer JN104.png Noivern
JN105 Poké Riddle question JN105.png Poké Riddle answer JN105.png Sylveon
JN106 Poké Riddle question JN106.png Poké Riddle answer JN106.png Pelipper
JN107 Poké Riddle question JN107.png Poké Riddle answer JN107.png Pidgey
JN108 Poké Riddle question JN108.png Poké Riddle answer JN108.png Greninja
JN109 Poké Riddle question JN109.png Poké Riddle answer JN109.png Goodra
JN110 Poké Riddle question JN110.png Poké Riddle answer JN110.png Gardevoir
JN111 None
JN112 Poké Riddle question JN112.png Poké Riddle answer JN112.png Tapu Koko
Tapu Koko
JN113 Poké Riddle question JN113.png Poké Riddle answer JN113.png Regieleki
JN114 Poké Riddle question JN114.png Poké Riddle answer JN114.png Infernape
JN115 Poké Riddle question JN115.png Poké Riddle answer JN115.png Wooloo
JN116 Poké Riddle question JN116.png Poké Riddle answer JN116.png Hydreigon
JN117 Poké Riddle question JN117.png Poké Riddle answer JN117.png Excadrill
JN118 Poké Riddle question JN118.png Poké Riddle answer JN118.png Cradily
JN119 None
JN120 Poké Riddle question JN120.png Poké Riddle answer JN120.png Clefairy
JN121 None
JN122 Poké Riddle question JN122.png Poké Riddle answer JN122.png Gossifleur
JN123 Poké Riddle question JN123.png Poké Riddle answer JN123.png Spiritomb
JN124 Poké Riddle question JN124.png Poké Riddle answer JN124.png Roserade
JN125 Poké Riddle question JN125.png Poké Riddle answer JN125.png Togekiss
JN126 None
JN127 Poké Riddle question JN127.png Poké Riddle answer JN127.png Nickit
JN128 None
JN129 Poké Riddle question JN129.png Poké Riddle answer JN129.png Inteleon
JN130 Poké Riddle question JN130.png Poké Riddle answer JN130.png Mr. Rime
Mr. Rime
JN131 Poké Riddle question JN131.png Poké Riddle answer JN131.png Rillaboom
JN132 Poké Riddle question JN132.png Poké Riddle answer JN132.png Cinderace
JN133 Poké Riddle question JN133.png Poké Riddle answer JN133.png Azumarill
JN134 Poké Riddle question JN134.png Poké Riddle answer JN134.png Mew
JN135 Poké Riddle question JN135.png Poké Riddle answer JN135.png Spearow
JN136 Poké Riddle question JN136.png Poké Riddle answer JN136.png Pikachu

Pocket Monsters: Aim to Be a Pokémon Master

Episode Question Answer Explanation
JN139 Poké Riddle question JN139.jpg Poké Riddle answer JN139.png Smoliv
Assuming it's olive oil covering the name of the Pokémon, revealing from the cleaner chart of characters and putting in reverse, the answer is ミニーブ Minive (Smoliv).
JN140 Poké Riddle question JN140.png Poké Riddle answer JN140.png Lechonk
Filling in the crossword puzzle, orange (オレンジ) and grape (グレープ), and filling the corresponding characters to their numbers. The answer is グルトン Gourton (Lechonk).
JN141 Poké Riddle question JN141.png Poké Riddle answer JN141.png Quaxly
Introducing one of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starters, one is water related, クワッス Kuwassu (Quaxly).
JN142 Poké Riddle question JN142.png Poké Riddle answer JN142.png Greavard
Both Shelmet and Cherubi both share the same Japanese characters ボ bo and チ chi. So putting them together, the answer is ボチ Bochi (Greavard).
JN143 Poké Riddle question JN143.png Poké Riddle answer JN143.png Pawmi
Pokémon ポケモン is missing some strokes below and all that is missing is パ pa and モ mo. Therefore, the answer is パモ Pamo (Pawmi).
JN144 Poké Riddle question JN144.png Poké Riddle answer JN144.png Fuecoco
Assuming that some of the characters were burnt, along with introducing one of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starters. The answer is ホゲータ Hogator (Fuecoco).
JN145 Poké Riddle question JN145.jpg Poké Riddle answer JN145.png Miraidon
The ways of transportation, the airplane represents flight (フライト), and the car represents drive (ドライブ). Filling in the the missing Japanese characters below, the answer is ミライドン Miraidon (Miraidon).
JN146 Poké Riddle question JN146.jpg Poké Riddle answer JN146.jpg Koraidon
Taking the first or second Japanese characters of the Pokémon Tera/normal typing shown. The answer is コライドン Koraidon (Koraidon).
JN147 Poké Riddle question JN147.jpg Poké Riddle answer JN147.png Sprigatito
Flower is 花 hana and leaf is 葉 ha. Filling in the empty boxes and along with being the last starter to be shown for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The answer is ニャオハ Nyaoha (Sprigatito).

Other riddle segments

Two riddles were shown during the Let's Go with Marie Iitoyo! The World of the "Pocket Monsters" Anime! ~Anipoké Complete Commentary Special~, which aired the week before JN001. Another riddle was posted to Twitter on November 26, 2019, two days after the airing of JN002. A Poké Riddle Special Edition was shown during the 273rd episode of Meet Up at the Pokémon House? on January 31, 2021.

Question Answer Explanation
Poké Riddle question SP 1.png Sa Shi Su Se So
Which Pokémon is next to Ash?
Poké Riddle answer SP 1.png Pikachu
Pikachu is next to サ sa and シ shi.
Poké Riddle question SP 2.png The solution is the Pokémon between Rowlet and Meowth. Poké Riddle answer SP 2.png Pikachu
The characters between Rowlet and Meowth diagonally give コクーン Cocoon (Kakuna).
Poké Riddle question JN002.png Poké Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball = Klink
Poké Ball, Poké Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball = Klang
Ultra Ball, Poké Ball, Great Ball = ?
Poké Riddle answer JN002.png Lugia
Each type of Poké Ball corresponds to a character in the Pokémon's name: the Poké Ball to ギ gi, the Great Ball to ア a, and the Ultra Ball to ル ru. This gives ルギア Lugia.
Poké Riddle question SP 4.png ???
?ni?゙-? → Glalie
???ppo → Eiscue
Ba???ru → ?

It will lead to the unknown Pokémon
Poké Riddle answer SP 4.png Mr. Rime
Mr. Rime
Each ice cube with the same shape corresponds to a character in the Pokémon's name: the first to オ o, the second to コ ko, and the third to リ ri. This gives バリコオル Barrikohru (Mr. Rime).


Three books compiling most of the riddles from the anime were released by Shogakukan. They were supervised by Ryōgo Matsumaru and produced by 石橋研太. Each riddle in the books is presented as "question" → "explanation" → "explanation" → "correct answer". Each book also has a section called (Japanese: みんなもポケなぞをつくろう!) that teaches the reader how to create Poké Riddles.

Volume 1

Volume 1

The first volume was released on June 8, 2022 and contains 56 riddles, being 50 from the anime and 6 original ones. It is 224 pages long. The ISBN for this volume is ISBN 9784092812505.

Volume 2

Volume 2

The second volume was released on February 22, 2023 and contains 48 riddles, being 40 from the anime and 8 original ones. It is 208 pages long. The ISBN for this volume is ISBN 9784092812543.

Volume 3

Volume 3

The third volume was released on March 29, 2023 and contains 48 riddles, being 44 from the anime and 4 original ones. It is 208 pages long. The ISBN for this volume is ISBN 9784092812550.


Voice Cast
  • 松丸亮吾
  • 千本木彩香
Problem Production
  • RIDDLER, inc
  • RIDDLER, inc
Illustration Production
  • バナナグローブスタジオ
Character Design
  • OLM


  • The Froakie costume worn by Matsumaru is a pun on his name and Froakie's Japanese name, ケロマツ Keromatsu.

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