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JN071 : Leaping Toward the Dream!
Pokémon Journeys: The Series
JN073 : Grabbing the Brass Ring!
Everybody's Doing the Underground Shuffle!
JN072   EP1157
Shuffle Panic in the Underground Labyrinth!?
First broadcast
Japan June 25, 2021
United States January 21, 2022
English themes
Opening Journey to Your Heart
Japanese themes
Opening 1・2・3
Ending バツグンタイプ
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 土屋理敬 Michihiro Tsuchiya
Storyboard 斉藤徳明 Noriaki Saitō
Assistant director 牧野吉高 Yoshitaka Makino
Animation director 岡昭彦 Akihiko Oka
Additional credits

Everybody's Doing the Underground Shuffle! (Japanese: 地下迷宮シャッフルパニック!? Shuffle Panic in the Underground Labyrinth!?) is the 72nd episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series, and the 1,157th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on June 25, 2021, in Canada on November 20, 2021, in South Africa and the United Kingdom on January 11, 2022, and in the United States on January 21, 2022.

Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.


Ash and Goh are in Driftveil City, disappointed that a rumor of a new Pokémon is a hoax. Joined by Chloe, they start eating some cookies, but their snack time ends when Grookey and Eevee jump down a huge hole! Our heroes chase after them, and Team Rocket follows, too. But it’s not long before everyone gets separated into different groups…and when Meowth realizes how nice Chloe is, he decides he wants her to catch him! After reuniting, everyone manages to escape—including a friendly Durant who agrees to join Goh’s team. Although it didn’t work out for Meowth, he still thinks back fondly on Chloe’s kindness.


Ash, Goh, and Chloe have traveled to Driftveil City, following a report about a new evolution of Klink. However, to the boys' dismay, the whole thing turns out to have been just a marketing trick for Klink-shaped cookies. Team Rocket, who had also followed the rumors to Driftveil, is feeling grumpy about having come all the way to Unova for nothing. However, upon spotting the twerps, they decide to use the opportunity to steal Pikachu.

As Ash, Goh, and Chloe sit down to eat the cookies they bought, they notice Grookey and Eevee examining a big hole on the ground nearby. The two Pokémon excitedly jump into the hole, prompting the three Trainers to follow. Team Rocket, seeing this, station Wobbuffet at the entrance with a net to capture Pikachu once it's chased out of the hole, before following after the twerps. In the cave below, Ash, Goh, and Chloe find Grookey and Eevee. Jessie calls for the Hyper-Capture Machine to be activated, but Meowth says Jessie broke it. Jessie angrily replies that Meowth should've fixed it. As the two argue, James accidentally drops Morpeko's Poké Ball, and the Two-Sided Pokémon emerges in its Hangry Mode. The commotion is more than enough to make Ash, Goh, and Chloe notice them, so the trio decides to resort to force instead. Jessie throws down a smoke bomb, which results in everyone blindly stumbling around. When the smoke clears, Ash is alone with Morpeko, Jessie and James find themselves having run away with Eevee instead of Pikachu, Goh is wandering around with Pikachu, Chloe discovers herself with Meowth, and Grookey is left wandering alone.

Each mishmash group interacts with their unexpected companions in different ways: Ash tries to handle Morpeko's near-constant hunger by reluctantly feeding it some of his Klink cookies; Goh tries to tell Pikachu to move around with more planning; Chloe questions why Meowth does evil things; Meowth starts falling in love with Chloe upon witnessing her kindness and caring towards him; Jessie and James decide to convert Eevee into a Team Rocket member to spy on the twerps; and Grookey discovers a tunnel leading back to the surface.

Goh and Pikachu notice an awful stench in the air and discover it's coming from a sewer that the tunnel is connected to. In the sewers, they're attacked by a Seismitoad. After Pikachu tries to battle it on his own, only to have his Thunderbolt fail to do anything due to Seismitoad being part Ground type, Goh instructs him to use Iron Tail instead. The attack hits, but before Goh can throw a Poké Ball to catch Seismitoad, Pikachu hits it with another Iron Tail, causing it to fall into the water and swim away. While Goh is dismayed, he realizes that Pikachu's way of taking the lead reminds him of Ash, showing that Pokémon indeed tend to take after their Trainers.

Chloe asks Meowth how he learned to talk, and he explains that he did it a long time ago to impress a girl he liked. Meowth tells Chloe that he likes kind girls, and she says that if he wants someone to be kind to him, he should be kind to them back. She even suggests that he should quit doing bad things and make up with his friends if he's had a disagreement with them. Chloe's words touch Meowth deeply, and he decides to leave Team Rocket and let himself be caught by her.

While Jessie and James try to teach Eevee their motto routine, with James having second thoughts about replacing Meowth, Grookey wanders back to the surface and ends up stealing Wobbuffet's net to play with it. Each underground group, meanwhile, ends up running into a swarm of Durant, the Pokémon who nest in the tunnels, and run away from them. On the surface, Grookey accidentally angers a group of Heatmor, which starts chasing after it and Wobbuffet. Everyone ends up reuniting underground, with Eevee reuniting with Chloe; Meowth, Morpeko, and Wobbuffet rejoining Jessie and James; and Grookey rejoining Goh. As the Durant and Heatmor start fighting, everyone uses this as a cover to escape from the tunnels. Upon getting out, Goh discovers that one of the Durant had followed them, and catches it after gaining its approval. Meowth attempts to confess his love for Chloe, but accidentally ends up facing Jessie during his confession, which Jessie takes as an apology. Morpeko, still in its Hangry Mode, glares at everyone. Unfortunately, Ash has dropped his bag of cookies, and before James can recall Morpeko, it uses Aura Wheel to send both groups blasting off.

At sunset, Ash, Goh, and Chloe walk through a street and consider the day a success, despite the roughness they experienced. Team Rocket, meanwhile, is hanging from a tree while Morpeko eats Berries below them, with Meowth still longing after Chloe.

Major events

For a list of all major events in the anime, please see the history page.


Pokémon debuts



Dare da?


Who's That Pokémon?

Who's That Pokémon?: Seismitoad


The "After the story" artwork for this episode


Dub edits

  • The Japanese text depicting Driftveil City's name is edited out.
  • In the Latin American dub, Meowth says Chloe reminded him of "a friend named Dianita" as he yearns at the end of the episode. This line was added as a tribute to Diana Pérez, the actress who voiced Jessie since the character's debut up to JN048, before passing away in April 2021.

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JN071 : Leaping Toward the Dream!
Pokémon Journeys: The Series
JN073 : Grabbing the Brass Ring!
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