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Akala Island

Route 8

When you return to the Route 8 motel, you find Looker speaking with Mina, the captain from Poni Island. Anabel has already left to protect the nearby populated areas. Mina is their latest informant, and whoever it was who sent her on this errand also suggested that she have a serious battle with you.

When the battle is over, Mina leaves and Looker gives you ten more Beast Balls. He informs you that the latest reports describe two specimens appearing in Lush Jungle and Memorial Hill.

Lush Jungle, Memorial Hill

Aura: +2 Special Attack
Electric Unknown
Beast Boost
Held item:
None.png None None.png
Xurkitree Lv.65
Psychic Status
Electric Special
Electric Terrain
Electric Status
Power Whip
Grass Physical

After capturing the two creatures, report back to Looker and he calls Anabel back to the room. She is feeling light-headed again but tries to downplay her condition. Anabel compliments your battle prowess, as it was all she could do to keep the creatures away from town. She reveals that the beasts get incredibly aggressive when they spot her, as if they see her as prey or an enemy. Nanu enters the room with new intel; it seems that the latest sightings are coming from Ula'ula Island. Looker and Anabel are about to leave, and ask you to meet them at the motel on Route 13.

Ula'ula Island

Route 13

Visit the motel to begin the newest mission. Reports again indicate multiple specimens. Visit Malie Garden and Route 17 to find four individuals codenamed UB-04 BladeS, or Malie Garden and Haina Desert to find two individuals codenamed UB-04 BlasterM. Anabel is still feeling unwell but leaves to protect the populated areas. Looker gives you another ten Beast Balls to help you on your mission.

Malie Garden, Route 17S / Haina DesertM

Aura: +2 Attack
Grass Steel
Beast Boost
Held item:
None.png None None.png
Kartana Lv.60
Leaf Blade
Grass Physical
Bug Physical
Fighting Status
Air Slash
Flying Special
Aura: +2 Defense
Steel Flying
Beast Boost
Held item:
None.png None None.png
Celesteela Lv.65
Steel Status
Seed Bomb
Grass Physical
Skull Bash
Normal Physical
Power Whip
Grass Physical

Return to the motel to report your findings. Anabel says that she has received word from HQ that there is only one Ultra Beast left, and leaves to make reservations for their long-delayed feast. While she is away, Looker informs you of an incident from 10 years ago when he visited Alola as part of another three-person team to eliminate an Ultra Beast. Nanu enters and continues the story, revealing that Looker's hesitation cost their remaining team member her life. Fallers—humans who have passed through an Ultra Wormhole—are bathed in some type of energy that the Ultra Beasts find familiar, and they seek out this energy in hopes of returning home. The International Police knew this and used the woman as bait. As you have passed through an Ultra Wormhole as well, you may be giving off the same energy. Anabel returns, and Nanu informs her that the last beast has been spotted on Poni Island. He leaves to wait for you all at the floating restaurant in Seafolk Village.

Poni Island

Seafolk Village

Visit the restaurant to find Nanu and Looker. Looker sent Anabel to the wrong location so she can regain her health while he continues his story. The two men found Anabel here, unconscious on the Poni Island shore, after their mission ended 10 years ago. She had lost most of her memories but knew she was from the Hoenn region, where she was a powerful Trainer who protected some tower there. But everyone has their limits, which is why Looker asked for your help distracting the beasts. The final beast is the toughest of the lot, so Nanu asks for a battle to test your skill.

Nanu leaves, and Looker relays his latest intel to you: a single specimen, codenamed UB-05 Glutton, has been sighted near Poni Meadow, and Nanu should be leading it into the nearby Resolution Cave. The mission begins, and Looker gives you another ten Beast Balls. Head to Ancient Poni Path and go northeast.

Ancient Poni Path

When you travel east from Hapu's house, you are approached by Sina and Dexio. While you were looking into Zygarde for them, they were looking into the Z-Ring and its connection to Mega Evolution, even here in a region so far from Kalos. But as Trainers, it is easier to show than explain, so Dexio challenges you to a battle. When his Alakazam appears, the Alakazite Mega Stone it holds is triggered by his Mega Ring. This allows Alakazam to Mega Evolve into Mega Alakazam for the duration of the battle.

Dexio explains that the Trainer holds the Key Stone and the Pokémon holds the Mega Stone; both are required to induce Mega Evolution. He gives you a Key Stone and an Alakazite and the pair head off. Continue northward through the ruins to reach Poni Grove.

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