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Mt. Battle

Once here, enter and register for Mt. Battle. You'll find the first ten Trainers are now Cipher members. Let's get it started. All 9 of the first battles shouldn't give you any trouble and if you are low on health you can go back. You don't have to restart, you can just go back up.

01: Rider Turich
322.png Level 34 Numel
328.png Level 35 Trapinch
027.png Level 35 Sandshrew

02: Hunter Drovic
220.png Level 35 Swinub
343.png Level 36 Baltoy
246.png Level 37 Larvitar

03: Rider Kimit
027.png Level 37 Sandshrew
074.png Level 36 Geodude
322.png Level 37 Numel

04: Rider Riden
075.png Level 37 Graveler
204.png Level 35 Pineco
343.png Level 35 Baltoy
228.png Level 37 Houndour

05: Hunter Telia
345.png Level 38 Lileep
339.png Level 38 Barboach
328.png Level 38 Trapinch
328.png Level 38 Trapinch

06: St. Performer Nortz
327.png Level 37 Spinda
064.png Level 37 Kadabra
331.png Level 37 Cacnea

07: Hunter Weeg
075.png Level 38 Graveler
329.png Level 37 Vibrava
028.png Level 38 Sandslash

08: Cipher Peon Kison
281.png Level 38 Kirlia
355.png Level 38 Duskull
228.png Level 37 Houndour
109.png Level 37 Koffing

09: Cipher Peon Berlin
074.png Level 38 Geodude
028.png Level 38 Sandslash
074.png Level 38 Geodude

After that easy-but-annoyingly-long series of nine battles, here is another Cipher Admin, and so soon. A big burly guy puts the beating on one of the normal Mt. Battle Trainers and then sees you. He challenges you with his all-powerful Entei.

Entei, along with Suicune and Raikou who you'll get later, are the hardest Pokémon to catch. You should have packed a lot of Great Balls, or else this will be tough. You can catch it later when you have the more-powerful Ultra Balls at your disposal. The other four Pokémon should go down without much of a fight.

Skrub and a female Peon appear after Dakim loses. Dakim jumps away (literally) but leaves behind the F-Disk. This is no use at the moment, so talk to Vander, the Area Leader Dakim beat up earlier. He'll give you the Time Flute, which will be very useful for purifying a Shadow Pokémon. It doesn't even need to lose the Shadow bars. You can use it on Entei if you wish so you have a really strong Pokémon to fight with now. Save+heal when you get back to the lobby. Now head down to Pyrite Town, and take advantage of the more powerful Pokémon the trainers across the Town, Building and Cave now have.

Pyrite Town

Enter the jail, which is in the first door to the right. Go to the door at the bottom-right after running into Johnson the policeman. You should save here. The Jail Key is in the bottom-right room on the table. Go and talk to Duking, or the next area of the map won't open up. Leave the building and the town at once. Head to the Mystery Lab.

You'll get an e-mail upon entry. Duking has caught a few Peons they think serve Miror B. Leave and head back to Pyrite Town. Enter the jail and use the jail key on the door in the bottom-right corner of the building. Open the door and Ferma is inside (you know, the Peon that was on the roof of the hideout). Talk to Reath (the sleeping one) and you will steal the Elevator Key from her belt. There's no need to free Reath right now so we can leave. For some reason Ferma decides not to escape and just stay there with an open cell. Save again in the jail, then walk upwards to the Cipher Hideout that had a lot of Trainers earlier in your playthrough.

Cipher Hideout

You're heading for The Under, which is where Venus, the third Cipher Admin resides. This one's much tougher to reach than Dakim, but you see that giant elevator? There's a Trainer in the way, though...

Chaser Kai
231.png Level 38 Phanpy
329.png Level 38 Vibrava

Pushover. Open the lock with the Elevator Key and go down to The Under.

The Under

Almost immediately after entering The Under, Venus shows up on TV. She tells everyone there are spies in The Under. Forunately, no one thinks you and Rui are spies. Head left to the second floor of the Hotel and save. Another TV shows that Venus is disappointed that the spies haven't been turned in after 30 seconds. The thought of it! There's a Poké Mart on the first floor if you need some supplies. No Poké/Great/Ultra Balls, however. Head over the bridge that leads to the second floor of another building and go downstairs. The boy downstairs instead of fighting gives you the Power Up Part. He tells you to give it to Nett, the boy who lives in the house with the satellite dish on its roof. Head back, and you'll see a scene in the villains department. Nascour, the man you saw way-back-when is on a television talking to Venus and the fourth and final Cipher Admin, Ein. Yes, the person who wrote all those files. It becomes obvious that Ein is the brains behind Shadow Pokémon and his Ein Files are his research. Ein leaves but Venus stays in the Under.

Go back, save, downstairs, out the building, up the city, up the left stairway, and the person in front of the door is who you're looking for. After a small chat, he'll let you inside. Here you'll meet Nett, Bitt, and Megg, who despise Venus. Apparently the kids of the city have an alliance called the Kids Grid, and the Powerup Part is needed to start it back up. Before you can leave, Megg asks for your P☆DA number. Leave the house, go down the left-stairs and up the right-stairs, and you'll find that everyone thinks Silva is the spy. They lock him up in jail. One of the two Cipher Peons who locked Silva up challenges you when they realize you're not from The Under.

Cipher Peon Kloak
313.png Level 38 Volbeat
167.png Level 39 Spinarak
166.png Level 40 Shadow Ledian

Ledian is easier than it should be this late in the game to capture. Spinarak and Volbeat are a little annoying but go down without much of a fight. The other Cipher Peon apparently saw the commotion and battles you immediately. She's actually much easier than the fight before.

Cipher Peon Dagur
168.png Level 38 Ariados
314.png Level 40 Illumise
044.png Level 39 Gloom

These should go down quickly, especially if you have Entei. After beating them, you'll find the door is locked. There's no key right now, but if you talk to Silva from the left side of the cage he'll give you the R-Disk. This'll be handy.

There's a UFO hologram at the top-left. If you put the F-Disk in there, the floating platform will move forward. In the next room you can save, heal, and move around the party. Go up the elevator on the left. You can leave The Under briefly. Head all the way to the Outskirt Sands. Here you should buy some more Ultra Balls and Net Balls. Why Net Balls? They're useful on water types, most importantly Suicune. Get a few Hyper Potions, Revives, and Max Revives. You're gonna need them. Leave the Outskirt Sands and get back to The Under the way you came. Save again if you think you should. Go back to the disk. Insert the R-Disk, which will make it go right.

Board, head right and through the room. You're where the TV is. The TV is about to go on air. There are three Rare Candy below the newslady. Talk to Venus and she'll be mad, but then she'll realize you're the spies. Battle-time!

Tough battle. Very tough. Banette isn't that hard, Vileplume and Delcatty like to use Attract, and Steelix is a beast. Suicune is also very strong, and use tons of Net Balls and Ultra Balls once you've weakened it. One hard battle.

She'll be on the run now. After her! But first, there's an Ein File F right in front of you.

Go downstairs and to the left to watch her flee. Follow her footsteps. You can save+heal if you don't follow her for a second, go down, then right, up the stairs, and to the left. After following her, she'll take the elevator and lock it. You have to go down a long stairway. Exit, and take the other path to the right. Your first Trainer on the stairway...

Hunter Frena
285.png Level 35 Shroomish
216.png Level 37 Teddiursa
039.png Level 38 Jigglypuff
207.png Level 43 Shadow Gligar

Gligar should be easy to catch after just catching Suicune. Save+heal if you need to. Downstairs is another Trainer.

Chaser Liaks
281.png Level 37 Kirlia
044.png Level 38 Gloom
315.png Level 38 Roselia
234.png Level 43 Shadow Stantler

Stantler is pretty tricky to catch, nohing too bad though. It's two moves are Shadow Rush and Take Down, both have recoil. Don't lower it below half health. Save+heal if you need to. Downstairs is another Trainer.

Bodybuilder Lonia
206.png Level 39 Dunsparce
284.png Level 39 Masquerain
224.png Level 38 Octillery
221.pngLevel 43 Shadow Piloswine

Piloswine is pretty hard to catch, but it won't take too many Ultra Balls. Save+heal if you need to. Downstairs is anoth- wait, you make it downstairs. At the top-right are four Ultra Balls. Head towards the subway, but before you can enter... another Trainer.

Rider Nelis
294.png Level 41 Loudred
336.png Level 40 Seviper
222.png Level 41 Corsola
215.png Level 43 Shadow Sneasel

Sneasel is pretty easy to catch. You're finally in the clear. Enter the subway.

You'll find Venus but she'll flee through the train tracks. Thankfully she'll take the two Peons with her. Head upwards to find Blackglasses. Enter the left-most door at the bottom of the train. Go through the right end, and you'll find Venus again. She'll flee, but exit the train station and in front of its entrance you'll find the Subway Key. Enter the left-most train door again, and insert the Subway Key. The train will head somewhere else. Exit the train, and you'll be greeted by two male Peons. They'll leave and set up a trap. Thankfully they set it too quick and a bomb explodes right before you enter. Follow them in through the broken door and the Peons will talk about how you can't follow them now. There is something glowing to the right of you. Go pick it up and you'll find a Maingate Key. Leave and go right past the crates and find the U-Disk. Make the train head back, go up the elevator, and head all the way back to the main area of The Under.

That's enough for one day. Save+heal and buy some supplies if you need to, and the next part will cover leaving the Under and entering the... drumroll... Shadow Pokémon Lab.

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