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Battle Tree バトルツリー
Battle Tree
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Battle Tree SM.png
Map description: The sacred battle grounds for the toughest Trainers of the Alola region.
Location: West of Poni Gauntlet
Region: Alola
Generations: VII
Alola Battle Tree Map.png
Location of Battle Tree in Alola.
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The Battle Tree (Japanese: バトルツリー Battle Tree) is a facility located on Poni Island in Alola. It can be accessed through Poni Gauntlet after becoming Champion. When the player first visits the Battle Tree, they will encounter Red and Blue, the leaders of the facility, and have a battle against one of them.


Item Location Games
Moomoo Milk VI Moomoo Milk Gift from the receptionist after 5 consecutive victories  S  M 
PP Up PP Up Gift from the receptionist after 10 consecutive victories  S  M 
Rare Candy Rare Candy Gift from the receptionist after 20 consecutive victories  S  M 
Bottle Cap Bottle Cap Gift from the receptionist after 30 consecutive victories  S  M 
PP Max PP Max Gift from the receptionist after 40 consecutive victories  S  M 
Ability Capsule Ability Capsule Gift from the receptionist after 50 consecutive victories  S  M 
Lansat Berry Lansat Berry Gift from the receptionist after 100 consecutive victories  S  M 
Starf Berry Starf Berry Gift from the receptionist after 200 consecutive victories  S  M 
Charizardite X Charizardite X Gift from Red after defeating him in Battle Tree proper  S  M 
Charizardite Y Charizardite Y Gift from Red after defeating him in Battle Tree proper  S  M 
Venusaurite Venusaurite Gift from Red after defeating him in Battle Tree proper  S  M 
Blastoisinite Blastoisinite Gift from Red after defeating him in Battle Tree proper  S  M 

Exchange Service Corner

The area includes three Exchange Service Corners, where the player can buy various items with Battle Points (BP) earned through battles in the Battle Tree.

Battle Points earned in the Battle Royal Dome can be exchanged for prizes at the Battle Tree as well.

Left attendant
King's Rock King's Rock
Deep Sea Tooth Deep Sea Tooth
Deep Sea Scale Deep Sea Scale
Dragon Scale Dragon Scale
Up-Grade Up-Grade
Dubious Disc Dubious Disc
Protector Protector
Electirizer Electirizer
Magmarizer Magmarizer
Reaper Cloth Reaper Cloth
Whipped Dream Whipped Dream
Sachet Sachet
Middle attendant
Toxic Orb Toxic Orb
Flame Orb Flame Orb
Iron Ball Iron Ball
Ring Target Ring Target
White Herb White Herb
Mental Herb Mental Herb
Power Herb Power Herb
Focus Sash Focus Sash
Air Balloon Air Balloon
Red Card Red Card
Eject Button Eject Button
Weakness Policy Weakness Policy
Choice Band Choice Band
Choice Specs Choice Specs
Choice Scarf Choice Scarf
Life Orb Life Orb
Rocky Helmet Rocky Helmet
Assault Vest Assault Vest
Safety Goggles Safety Goggles
Terrain Extender Terrain Extender
Protective Pads Protective Pads
Right attendant
Gengarite Gengarite
Scizorite Scizorite
Pinsirite Pinsirite
Aerodactylite Aerodactylite
Lucarionite Lucarionite
Kangaskhanite Kangaskhanite
Gyaradosite Gyaradosite
Absolite Absolite
Alakazite Alakazite
Garchompite Garchompite
Sablenite Sablenite
Metagrossite Metagrossite
Sharpedonite Sharpedonite
Slowbronite Slowbronite
Glalitite Glalitite
Salamencite Salamencite


Like in the Battle Maison, battles held in the Battle Tree differ from regular Trainer battles in many ways. When challenging the Battle Tree:

  • Any Pokémon over level 50 will be set to level 50 and all Pokémon below level 50 stay at their level.
  • No Bag items can be used.
  • No experience or effort values are gained by defeating any Pokémon.
  • All Pokémon encountered are not registered to the Pokédex.
  • The player can see their moves' type effectiveness, even if the opponent's Pokémon is not registered in the Pokédex.
  • All Pokémon are healed at the end of each battle, and items that were lost or used are restored.
Battle format Number of eligible Pokémon
Single 3
Double 4
Multi 2 per player

A Super version of each format is unlocked when the player first beats the Battle Legend for the format, such as Super Single Battle. The normal battle formats are limited to streaks of 20, while the super battle formats end when the player loses.

Battle Points

Like in the Battle Maison, the player receives Battle Points (BP) at the end of every victorious match. The number of Battle Points (BP) awarded after a match varies with the length of the current win streak, as shown in the table below.

Battle Points
Win streak Normal Super
1-10 1 2
11-19 2 3
(Battle Legend)
20 3
21-30 4
31-40 5
41-49 6
(Battle Legend)
51+ 7

Special Trainers

In Super Battles, special Trainers appear every ten battles. Some of these Trainers have their own battle music when battled; in the Super Multi Battle format the Trainer on the right will have their own theme. Their teams are randomly selected from a group of Pokémon specifically preset for each of them.

Multi Battle partners

In the Multi Battle and Super Multi Battle challenges, the player can choose to partner with a friend or with the AI. Unlike the Battle Maison from previous generations, there is only one default AI partner, Pokémon Breeder Rada. To increase the number of AI partners available, the player must Scout opponents after defeating them in Single or Double Battles. Scouting a Trainer costs 10 BP, and this will add the Trainer to the list of potential AI partners. When a Trainer is scouted, the first two Pokémon of their team will be the Pokémon they use in Multi Battles. Battle Legends cannot be scouted, but the other special Trainers can be recruited.

NPC Pokémon

All NPC Trainers use Pokémon from a list of 996 Pokémon and moveset combinations. Each Pokémon has a fixed Nature and spread for effort values and individual values to predetermine the base stats. However, the gender and Ability are randomly selected.

The list has been broken up and ordered by National Pokédex number.

Banned Pokémon

Regardless of which battle style is chosen, the following Pokémon, along with their respective alternate forms, are not allowed:

Mewtwo Mewtwo Mew Mew Lugia Lugia Ho-Oh Ho-Oh Celebi Celebi Kyogre Kyogre Groudon Groudon Rayquaza Rayquaza
Jirachi Jirachi Deoxys Deoxys Dialga Dialga Palkia Palkia Giratina Giratina Phione Phione Manaphy Manaphy Darkrai Darkrai
Shaymin Shaymin Arceus Arceus Victini Victini Reshiram Reshiram Zekrom Zekrom Kyurem Kyurem Keldeo Keldeo Meloetta Meloetta
Genesect Genesect Xerneas Xerneas Yveltal Yveltal Zygarde Zygarde Diancie Diancie Hoopa Hoopa Volcanion Volcanion Cosmog Cosmog
Cosmoem Cosmoem Solgaleo Solgaleo Lunala Lunala Necrozma Necrozma Magearna Magearna Marshadow Marshadow Egg Egg


Upon entering the Battle Tree area for the first time, the player will encounter Red and Blue, and have a battle against one of them. The player gets to choose which one of the two they want to battle.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 對戰樹 Deuijin Syuh
Mandarin 對戰樹 / 对战树 Duìzhàn Shù
France Flag.png French Arbre de Combat
Germany Flag.png German Kampfbaum
Hungary Flag.png Hungarian Harci Fa
Italy Flag.png Italian Albero della Lotta
South Korea Flag.png Korean 배틀트리 Battle Tree
Russia Flag.png Russian Древо Сражений Drevo Srazheniy
Spain Flag.png Spanish Árbol de Combate

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