Whirl Cup Colosseum

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Scarlet City.

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Whirl Cup Colosseum
古代コロシアム Ancient Colosseum
Whirl Cup Colosseum.png
Whirl Cup Colosseum
Region Johto
Debut Octillery the Outcast

The Whirl Cup Colosseum (Japanese: 古代コロシアム Ancient Colosseum) is an anime-exclusive location in Johto. It is a massive stadium located in Scarlet City on Red Rock Isle in the Whirl Islands archipelago. It is where the main battles for the Whirl Cup are held once every three years. It first appeared at the end of Octillery the Outcast, and also appeared in the two episodes after that. Maya, the Sea Priestess, resides at the top of the structure, observing all matches. Behind the Colosseum are what appear to be ruins of an ancient culture.

It bears some resemblance to the Roman Colosseum.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 古代運動場
Mandarin 古代競技場 Gǔdài JìngjìChǎng
Italy Flag.png Italian Colosseo della Coppa Vortice
Poland Flag.png Polish Koloseum Pucharu Wirów

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