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My Pokémon

These are my Pokémon teams. I have had many others, with most of the main series games since Red and Blue, but these are the ones of which I am the most proud. All of these teams were raised without the use of a cheating device.

Possible Pokémon

These are Pokémon I would like to raise.

Generation V

Spr 5b 586W.png
Normal Grass
Sap Sipper
Held item:
Bag Big Root Sprite.png Big Root
Sawsbuck Lv.???
Leech Seed
Grass Status
Jump Kick
Fighting Physical
Horn Leech
Grass Physical
Normal Physical
Spr 5b 596.png
Bug Electric
Held item:
Noimage.png None Noimage.png
Galvantula Lv.???
Poison Status
Charge Beam
Electric Special
Bug Buzz
Bug Special
Electric Special
Spr 5b 628.png
Normal Flying
Keen Eye
Held item:
Noimage.png None Noimage.png
Braviary Lv.???
Hone Claws
Dark Status
Rock Slide
Rock Physical
Flying Physical
Brave Bird
Flying Physical
Spr 5b 537.png
Water Ground
Swift Swim
Held item:
Noimage.png None Noimage.png
Seismitoad Lv.???
Rain Dance
Water Status
Sludge Bomb
Poison Special
Earth Power
Ground Special
Water Special
Spr 5b 609.png
Ghost Fire
Flame Body
Held item:
Noimage.png None Noimage.png
Chandelure Lv.???
Fire Status
Ghost Special
Psychic Special
Fire Special
Spr 5b 621.png
Dragon Unknown
Rough Skin
Held item:
Noimage.png None Noimage.png
Druddigon Lv.???
Normal Status
Dark Physical
Iron Tail
Steel Physical
Dragon Claw
Dragon Physical

Estimated Original Japanese Airing Schedule

This is the estimated original Japanese airing schedule for the first season of the Pokémon anime, that I have compiled, following the EP038 incident. This was really just for me to be able to make sense of the whole thing, and to be able to watch the episodes in chronological order.


  • This list is assuming one episode aired every week, except for two, and that every episode after aired in the right order, outside of EP052 and EP053.
    • This is assumed because every single episode that aired before this was aired every week, one a week.
  • Any two episodes between EP038 and The Purr-fect Hero, would likely have aired together on a single day. This is because there is no way the Todd arc would have been interrupted by the Kids Day episode.
  • The grayed episodes are the ones affected by the EP038 incident.

Bulbapedia EP Actual EP Episode Original Schedule
038 038 Electric Soldier Porygon December 16, 1997
----- 039 Holiday Hi-Jynx December 23, 1997
----- 040 EP040 (unaired) December 31, 1997
----- 041 Snow Way Out! January 6, 1998
039 042 Pikachu's Goodbye (Made after Incident)
040 043 The Battling Eevee Brothers January 13, 1998
041 044 Wake Up Snorlax! January 20, 1998
042 045 Showdown at Dark City January 27, 1998
043 046 The March of the Exeggutor Squad February 3, 1998
044 047 The Problem with Paras February 10, 1998
045 048 The Song of Jigglypuff February 17, 1998
046 049 Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon February 24, 1998
052 050 Princess vs. Princess March 3, 1998 (Girls' Day)
047 051 A Chansey Operation March 10, 1998
048 052 Holy Matrimony! March 17, 1998
049 053 So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd March 24, 1998
050 054 Who Gets to Keep Togepi? March 31, 1998
051 055 Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden April 7, 1998
054 056 The Case of the K-9 Caper April 14, 1998
055 057 Pokémon Paparazzi * April 21, 1998
056 058 The Ultimate Test * April 21, 1998 or April 28, 1998
057 059 The Breeding Center Secret * April 28, 1998
053 060 The Purr-fect Hero May 5, 1998 (Children's Day)