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Marnie (left) and Paige (right)

Marnie Frances Lynnette Joy (Japanese: サヤカ・フランソワ・ジョーイ Sayaka François Joy) and Paige Frances Lynnelle Joy (Japanese: マイ・フランソワ・ジョーイ Mai François Joy) are two sisters, the daughters of Karsten and a Nurse Joy, and characters of the day who appeared in Drifloon on the Wind!.

Marnie is the older sibling, while Paige is the younger. Both aspire to become qualified Nurse Joy, often helping their mother at home and in the Pokémon Center.

The two girls have four Drifloon between them, which they use as their personal transport, often to deliver lunch to their father at the Valley Windworks. Marnie is particularly protective of her younger sister. Paige often wishes she could tag along, but Marnie sternly tells her that she's too young and so leaves her behind.

Throughout the course of Drifloon on the Wind!, Paige hinted at having a very special friend that lives in the forest. Although Marnie forbade her from telling anybody it, Paige later revealed to Ash that it was in fact a Suicune.

After Team Rocket tried and failed to steal Karsten's Ampharos, the power went out at the Pokémon Center due to problems at the Valley Windworks. Contrary to her mother's instructions, Paige tried to join the rest of her family when she was left alone with Ash and his friends. Before Ash and his friends could stop her, Paige, her Drifloon, and Pikachu were carried away by the raging storm outside. Although Ash eventually found them, they could not find their way back to the others. At this, Marnie went to Suicune's home and begged for its help. When Suicune again did not appear, Marnie realized that it was her responsibility to rescue her little sister. Just then, Suicune finally came to Marnie, and the two of them were just in time to save Ash and Paige from falling into a deep canyon. After the danger had passed, the two sisters were reunited with their parents.


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This is a listing of Marnie and Paige's Pokémon:


Marnie's Drifloon
Drifloon (×3)
Marnie's three Drifloon was first seen giving Marnie a ride to the Valley Windworks after her father forgot his lunch at the Pokémon Center.

Later, when Paige was carried away by the strong winds, Marnie sent out her Drifloon to help, but Ash ended up going to find Paige with the Drifloon instead of her. When the storm finally settled and Marnie saved Ash and Paige with Suicune's help, the Drifloon returned to her.

None of Drifloon's moves are known.

Debut Drifloon On the Wind!


Paige's Drifloon
Drifloon was first seen when Marnie was planning on taking their father's lunch to him after he forgot it at home. Wanting to come too, Paige brought out her Drifloon but was not allowed to go. Instead, her mother told her to take some cookies into the forest for the wild Pokémon.

After the power went out due to Ampharos's use of Thunder while Team Rocket tried to steal it, Paige attempted to go find her father, but due to the heavy winds was carried off into the mountains along with her Drifloon and Pikachu.

After they became stuck in the mountains, Ash came to save them, but they ended up falling down a cliff and were saved just in time by Marnie and Suicune.

None of Drifloon's moves are known.

Debut Drifloon On the Wind!


Marnie and Paige's Suicune
When Paige was told to bring cookies to the forest Pokémon by her mother, she went to go show Ash her friend, Suicune. While Suicune did not appear, Ash seemed to believe Paige's story.

After Paige went missing, Marnie visited Suicune's lake and begged for Suicune's help to find Paige. Finally, when Marnie realized Suicune wasn't coming and that she would have to save her sister by herself, Suicune appeared in front of her and helped her save Paige.

Later, Team Rocket were particularly excited to see the Legendary Pokémon. They started running after it with Poké Balls, only to be blasted away by Suicune's Aurora Beam.

Suicune's only known move is Aurora Beam.

Debut Drifloon On the Wind!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Marnie: 能登麻美子 Mamiko Noto
Paige: 日笠山亜美 Tsugumi Higasayama
English Marnie: Sonny Dey
Paige: Jennifer Visalli
Czech Marnie: Jitka Moučková
Paige: Jana Páleníčková
Finnish Marnie: Elise Langenoja
Paige: Henna Haverinen
European French Marnie: Julie Basecqz
Paige: Ioanna Gkizas
Polish Marnie: Monika Kwiatkowska
Paige: Dominika Sell
European Spanish Marnie: Valle Acebrón
Paige: Blanca Hualde

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