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If you were looking for the character in Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction, see Merilyn.


Marilyn (Japanese: マリリン Marilyn) is a character of the day who appeared in Battling a Cute Drama!.

After being bullied by her friends for believing the cutest Pokémon ever was Shellder, Marilyn grew increasingly concerned about trying to meet others' expectations of cuteness. Marilyn became obsessed with the concept of cuteness as a result, even catching specific Pokémon to achieve the aesthetic. She developed her own cuteness criteria: a Pokémon is cute if its height is no more than 2 feet, if it has not evolved, and also if it looks "absolutely lovely". Pokémon that were not singled out as cute because of the latter rule included Mime Jr., Piplup, and Meowth.

She rushed up to Ash and his friends when Dawn called out her Buneary. She subsequently challenged Dawn to a battle. During the battle, she ordered her Cherubi not to attack, in order to stall and keep the battle going on so she could witness a "valiant battle". Her preference for dramatic performance during the match proved irritating. Brock confronted Marilyn over her superficial attitude towards Pokémon, and decided to teach her about the inner strength and beauty of Pokémon with a three-on-three battle.

Marilyn experienced a change of heart after witnessing Brock's Sudowoodo and Croagunk's determination, and therefore valiant manner, in battle. She quickly dropped her ditzy persona and opted to call out her Shellder, a Pokémon that she had been bullied for, onto the field. The match was interrupted by Team Rocket trying to steal her Pokémon, though she had her Shellder deal with them.


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This listing is of Marilyn's known Pokémon in the anime:

Marilyn's Cherubi
Marilyn used her Cherubi in a battle against Dawn's Buneary. Marilyn had her Pokémon deliberately wail in pain while using Protect against Buneary's Ice Beam for artistic effect and a display of valiance. After Brock ordered her to battle properly, Marilyn defeated Buneary with a fury of attacks. Cherubi later battled Brock's Sudowoodo. This second match was declared a tie by James, who was acting as referee.

Cherubi's known moves are Protect, Magical Leaf, Tackle, and Solar Beam.

Debut Battling a Cute Drama!
Voice actors
English Michele Knotz
Marilyn's Chingling
Chingling battled Brock's Croagunk and lost, despite putting on a good fight and Croagunk's double weakness.

Chingling's known moves are Growl and Confusion.

Debut Battling a Cute Drama!
Voice actors
Japanese Chinami Nishimura
English Michele Knotz
Marilyn's Shellder
Marilyn used to think Shellder was the cutest Pokémon, but people disagreed with her. After learning her lesson from Brock, she decided to use it against his Happiny. Before they could battle, though, Team Rocket interrupted the battle. Marilyn used Shellder to retrieve her stolen Pokémon and defeat the troublesome trio.

Shellder's known moves are Brine and Ice Beam.

Debut Battling a Cute Drama!
  • Marilyn is in possession of an unknown fourth Pokémon. Its Poké Ball was seen, but Marilyn replaced it with Shellder instead during her and Brock's battle.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 後藤麻衣 Mai Gotō
English Bella Hudson
Czech Jana Páleníčková
Finnish Henni-Liisa Stam
European French Ioanna Gkizas
Norwegian Anine Kruse
Polish Katarzyna Łaska
Brazilian Portuguese Tatiane Keplmair
Spanish Latin America Rebeca Gómez
Spain Blanca Hualde


  • Marilyn dresses in the Sweet Lolita clothing style.
  • Another character, Lyra, referred to Dawn as Hikarin in the original Japanese version.

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