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Ada (Japanese: アンリ Anri) is a character of the day who appeared in Strategy Tomorrow - Comedy Tonight!. She is a traveling comedian who makes a comedy duo called the Seesaw Chat-a-Lots with her Chatot, the boke to Ada's tsukkomi.

On her way to the Comedy Grand Prix in Violet City, her Chatot began flying off during the day and coming back at night; on occasion upon returning, it began saying strange things Ada couldn't figure out. After meeting Ash and friends, who helped figure out that Chatot had been flying off to a children's hospital, Ada and Chatot managed to entertain the children at the hospital and helped them understand that Chatot could not always be with them.

Ultimately, Ada and Chatot left for Johto to pursue their dreams of being a comedy team.


Ada's Chatot
Chatot is Ada's only known Pokémon. It is very good at memorizing phrases and many other words and repeats them back. It was always seen outside its Poké Ball.

Ada was known for losing her Chatot as it kept on flying away from her and she had to keep on finding it. After Chatot was found, she used it in a hospital to entertain children as she was planning to enter the Grand Prix in Johto, a contest where anyone can show off their acts. When Team Rocket came by and tried to steal Chatot, it used a Peck attack to keep them away from stealing and were blasted off by Ash's Sceptile.

Chatot's only known move is Peck.

Debut Strategy Tomorrow - Comedy Tonight!
Voice actors
Japanese Daisuke Sakaguchi
English Sean Reyes

Voice actors


Language Voice actor
Japanese 早水リサ Risa Hayamizu
English Annie Silver
Finnish Henna Haverinen
European French Fanny Roy
Italian Laura Brambilla
Brazilian Portuguese Priscila Ferreira
European Spanish Sandra Jara


Language Voice actor
Japanese 阪口大助 Daisuke Sakaguchi
English Sean Reyes
Finnish Petri Hanttu
European French Daniel Nicodème
Italian Paolo Sesana
Spanish Latin America Gerardo Vázquez
Spain Eduardo del Hoyo


  • During an insult act in one practice performance, Chatot addressed Ada as Audrey exactly one time. Some sources, such as Poké, mistook that insult as actually being her name. As such, Poké's own episode guide for the episode refers to Ada as Audrey throughout the guide, a mistake that contradicts both the audio and the closed captioning in the episode.
    • In the Brazilian and Latin-American Spanish dub, she was referred as Audrey. The insult act mentioned above may have made the translators think Audrey is her name.

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