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Francesca and one of her Chingling

Francesca (Japanese: シズエ Shizue) is a Pokémon Magician and a character of the day who appeared in The Bells Are Singing!.

Francesca performs with three Chingling. One of them, wearing a green ribbon, seems to have a little more personality than the other two, being very energetic. It loves to meet new people and will hug them.

Francesca tries to use it in battle but it's a little weak. Her training exercises are very difficult even though she is dealing with small Pokémon. Team Rocket kidnap her three Chingling. James grows fond of the Chingling wearing the green ribbon as it reminds him of his own Chimecho.

Later on, Francesca gains more confidence in Chingling and is able to battle against James and Mime Jr. with it and win.


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Francesca's Chingling
Chingling (×3)
Francesca's three Chingling work with her and her magic tricks, but they tend to cause only trouble for her. Ash and his friends decided to have a battle against one of the Chingling to help it mature. Francesca, having never battled before, agreed. Chingling was told to use Astonish, but it didn't attack. Ash's Turtwig then used Razor Leaf on it knocking it out. When James's Mime Jr. used Teeter Dance, Chingling became confused and attacked Mime Jr. with two different attacks. The group believed that the battle had matured Chingling, though it still asked them for a big hug afterward.

Chingling's known moves are Astonish, Hidden Power and Confusion.

Debut The Bells Are Singing
Voice actors
English Michele Knotz
Francesca's Pidgey
Not much is known about Francesca's Pidgey, as it was only seen during one of her magic tricks.

None of Pidgey's moves are known.

Debut The Bells Are Singing

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 柚木涼香 Ryōka Yuzuki
English Khristine Hvam
Czech Klára Šumanová
Finnish Jenni Sivonen
Norwegian Hanne Dancke Arnesen
Polish Anna Gajewska
Brazilian Portuguese Elisa Villon
European Spanish Carmen Podio

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