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Mamie (Japanese: マミイ Mamie) is a character of the day who appeared in For The Love Of Meowth.

Mamie is a traveling Pokémon Trainer who came across an unconscious Meowth after he was separated following a Team Rocket blast off. When he came to, he fell head over heels in love with her Glameow. Jessie and James soon found him and thanked Mamie for looking after him, before dragging Meowth off. A little while later, Mamie met up with Ash and his friends. She informed them that she was collecting Gym Badges, having previously challenged and lost to Crasher Wake. As the group and Mamie crossed a bridge, they fell into a trap set by Team Rocket, who took Glameow away from her.

Mamie was aided by Ash and his friends in the search for Glameow. They soon found Jessie and James, but they revealed that Meowth ran off with Glameow. When Meowth was found, he refused to give Glameow back to Mamie or surrender her to Team Rocket. When James accidentally hit Glameow with Carnivine's Bullet Seed, she unexpectedly evolved into Purugly. No longer attracted to her, Meowth gave up Purugly, who returned to Mamie. She commanded Purugly to use Hyper Beam on Team Rocket, sending them blasting off.

Mamie thanked Ash and the others before once again heading to Pastoria City to challenge Crasher Wake to a rematch.


Mamie's Glameow

Mamie's Purugly
Glameow → Purugly
After waking up, Meowth fell in love at first sight with a Glameow. Later on, after joining Jessie and James, Team Rocket tried to steal Glameow from its Trainer. Despite recalling Glameow back to its Poké Ball, Team Rocket was still successful in their attempt. That night Meowth took Glameow away by boat, hoping to woo it. Glameow, however, remained skeptical of Meowth's intentions and ability to provide for it.

Unknowingly Jessie and James had aided Meowth in pursuing his crush over Glameow. The following day they discovered a letter left by Meowth, which read that he had resigned from Team Rocket and planned to start a life with Glameow. Together they, and the twerps tracked Meowth and Glameow down. Meowth protected Glameow and managed to defeat several of the group's Pokémon. However, after James's Carnivine's Bullet Seed managed to hit Glameow, it evolved into Purugly. Along with becoming much larger, Purugly had developed a bossy personality and started to order Meowth about, as well as squishing him with her larger body. Meowth, in shock, lost interest in Purugly and was quickly defeated. He allowed Purugly to return to Mamie. After looking up Purugly's moves on her Pokédex, Mamie had Purugly send Team Rocket blasting off.

Purugly was referred to as a female in the English dub only.

Purugly's only known move is Hyper Beam.

Debut For The Love Of Meowth!
Voice actors
Japanese Chie Satō
English Chie Satō (as Glameow)
Kayzie Rogers (as Purugly)

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 後藤沙緒里 Saori Gotō
English Rebecca Soler
Czech Jitka Moučková
Finnish Heljä Heikkinen
European French Béatrice Wegnez
Norwegian Hanne Dancke Arnesen
Polish Monika Pikuła
Brazilian Portuguese Priscila Ferreira
Spanish Latin America Susana Moreno
Spain Blanca Hualde


Mamie using her lavender colored Pokédex
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