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Unown Mode with all 26 Unown forms listed

The Unown Mode (Japanese: アンノーン ずかん illustrated Unknown encyclopedia), also known as Unowndex (in Pokémon Stadium 2) and Unown Dex,[1] is a Pokédex feature in the Generation II core series games and Pokémon Stadium 2. It is designed to display all 26 different types of Unown.

Unown Mode is installed by a Ruins of Alph scientist after the player has caught at least three different Unown. Unlike other Pokédex modes, Unown Mode does not list the Unown in any predefined order, but in the order in which they are caught. Filling all 26 slots of Unown Mode enables the ability to generate and print Alph Ruins Stamps from the printer in the Ruins of Alph Research Center.

Unown Mode is replaced in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver with a Key Item called Unown Report. In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the Hisui Pokédex also has an Unown Dex, though it functions somewhat differently from the Unown Mode.

Unown Mode entries

There is a word that is associated with each form. All language versions of the Generation II core series and Pokémon Stadium 2 use the same English words.

Below, the different Unown forms are listed in alphabetical order, along with the word that they represent.

Sprite Word
Spr 2c 201.png ANGRY
Spr 2c 201B.png BEAR
Spr 2c 201C.png CHASE
Spr 2c 201D.png DIRECT
Spr 2c 201E.png ENGAGE
Spr 2c 201F.png FIND
Spr 2c 201G.png GIVE
Spr 2c 201H.png HELP
Spr 2c 201I.png INCREASE
Spr 2c 201J.png JOIN
Spr 2c 201K.png KEEP
Spr 2c 201L.png LAUGH
Spr 2c 201M.png MAKE
Spr 2c 201N.png NUZZLE
Spr 2c 201O.png OBSERVE
Spr 2c 201P.png PERFORM
Spr 2c 201Q.png QUICKEN
Spr 2c 201R.png REASSURE
Spr 2c 201S.png SEARCH
Spr 2c 201T.png TELL
Spr 2c 201U.png UNDO
Spr 2c 201V.png VANISH
Spr 2c 201W.png WANT
Spr 2c 201X.png XXXXX
Spr 2c 201Y.png YIELD
Spr 2c 201Z.png ZOOM

In other languages

Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese アンノーン ずかん Illustrated Unknown encyclopedia
England Flag.png English Unown Mode
France Flag.png French Mode Zarbi
Germany Flag.png German Icognito Index
Italy Flag.png Italian Modalità Unown
South Korea Flag.png Korean 안농 도감 Annown Dogam
Spain Flag.png Spanish Mono Unown

Pokémon Stadium 2

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese アンノーンずかん Illustrated Unknown encyclopedia
England Flag.png English Unowndex
France Flag.png French Dex Zarbi
Germany Flag.png German Icognitodex
Italy Flag.png Italian Unowndex
Spain Flag.png Spanish Unowndex


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