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Unown Report
Unknown Notebook
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Unown Report
Pokémon Global Link artwork
Introduced in Generation IV
Generation IV Bag Key items pocket icon.png Key items (HGSS)
Generation V Bag Key items pocket icon.png Key items
Generation VI Bag Key items pocket icon.png Key items
Generation VII Bag Key items pocket icon.png Key items

The Unown Report (Japanese: アンノーンノート Unknown Notebook) is a Key Item in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. It replaces the Unown Mode of the Pokédex in the Generation II games.

In the core series games


Games Cost Sell price


The Unown Report records the different forms of Unown caught by the player.

As more Unown forms are captured, the researchers learn more about the Unown and the history of the ruins. Whenever the researchers make discoveries, the player will make note of them in the Report. After capturing the 26 alphabetical Unown forms, opening the hidden rooms in each of the four stone panel chambers, and completing Page 7 of the Unown Report, the ! and ? forms start to appear in the ruins' main chamber and must be caught to complete the research.


Page 1

The first page of the Unown Report
The second page of the Unown Report, displaying the caught forms of Unown

Unown Report
<Player's name>

Number of Unown
Current Kinds: <number of Unown caught>

Page 2

201MS3.png Anger
201BMS3.png Bear
201CMS3.png Chase
201DMS3.png Direct
201EMS3.png Engage
201FMS3.png Find
201GMS3.png Give
201HMS3.png Help
201IMS3.png Increase
201JMS3.png Join
201KMS3.png Keep
201LMS3.png Laugh
201MMS3.png Make
201NMS3.png Nuzzle

Page 3

201OMS3.png Observe
201PMS3.png Perform
201QMS3.png Quicken
201RMS3.png Reassure
201SMS3.png Search
201TMS3.png Tell
201UMS3.png Undo
201VMS3.png Vanish
201WMS3.png Want
201XMS3.png XXXXX
201YMS3.png Yield
201ZMS3.png Zoom
201QUMS3.png ?????
201EXMS3.png ! ! ! ! !

Page 4

Found a strange puzzle in the ruins. Solved it, and suddenly a hole opened up in the ground and I dropped into the room below! Should have known that ancient ruins would have surprising tricks like that.

There was a stone statue where I fell. The place might have been a reception hall. Then, suddenly, the Unown appeared. That puzzle was like a key somehow. It woke the Unown up from their sleep. These ruins have become difficult.

Page 5

If you turn on the radio in the ruins, you can receive mysterious radio waves! It's proof that the Unown communicate with each other using radio waves!

There are as many Unown as there are letters in the alphabet. Right now, we're confirming the existence of 26 kinds of Unown. Do you think you can find all 26 of them?

Page 6

It seems that individually they don't make much sense, but when the various Unown are arranged in order, they begin to make sense. In nature, they seem to be scattered around randomly, but the truth is they're arranged in a very specific order.

In this report, the scattered Unown were sorted and put into order by the research-center staff. That makes the Unown much easier to understand.

Page 7

Scratched on the floor of the ruins are Unown letters. Finding the room feels like a huge discovery! The Researchers were very excited and said they were going to go check it out.

There aren't just 26 different kinds of Unown, Two more have been discovered! But that begs the question of where those other two kinds are hiding...

Page 8

The characters found scratched on the floor in the small room are transcribed here in this report.

Unown Text
OURNoimage.pngFRIENDSNoimage.pngLOOK Our friends look
UPNoimage.pngANDNoimage.pngHEARTILY up and heartily
CONGRATULATENoimage.pngUS congratulate us

We don't know what this could possibly mean yet.

The Researchers were saying they'll need to examine the ruins again, but...?

Page 9

In the past, it seems that Unown lived with relatives of humans in these ruins. In the lower levels of these ruins is a Pokémon statue. We've come to understand that it was those relatives who made that statue.

The Unown are very timid creatures, so they don't go outside the ruins. Even if a bunch of people gathered near the ruins, it is said that the ones who wished for Unown and humans to again coexist have all left.


Games Description
HGSS A report of all the discovered kinds of Unown.
A report of all the discovered kinds of Unown.


Games Method
HGSS Ruins of Alph (given by a researcher after solving the first chamber puzzle)


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 未知圖騰筆記 Meihjītòuhtàhng Bātgei
Mandarin 未知圖騰筆記 / 未知图腾笔记 Wèizhītúténg Bǐjì
France Flag.png French Carnet Zarbi
Germany Flag.png German Icognitoheft
Italy Flag.png Italian UnownBloc
South Korea Flag.png Korean 안농노트 Annown Note
Spain Flag.png Spanish Bloc Unown

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