Old Mansion

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This article is about the location in Pokémon Ranger. For the Dream World location, see Spooky Manor.
Old Mansion ふるいやしき
Old Mansion
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Old Mansion Ranger3.png
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Location: West of Noir Forest
North of Mitonga Road
Region: Oblivia
Generations: IV
Old Mansion Ranger3 map.png
Location of Old Mansion in Oblivia.
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Old Mansion (Japanese: ふるいやしき Old Mansion) is a location in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs.

It is located west of Noir Forest and north of Mitonga Road on Mitonga Island.

As it is said to be haunted, few people visit it.



Pokémon Poké Assist Field
044MS3.png Gloom Grass Assist.png Grass Cut 2
081MS3.png Magnemite Recharge Assist.png Recharge Recharge 2
164MS3.png Noctowl Flying Assist.png Flying Psy Power 2
176MS3.png Togetic Normal Assist.png Normal Cut 2
194MS3.png Wooper Water Assist.png Water Soak 1
195MS3.png Quagsire * Water Assist.png Water Soak 3
216MS3.png Teddiursa * Normal Assist.png Normal Crush 1
217MS3.png Ursaring * Normal Assist.png Normal Tackle 2
253MS3.png Grovyle Grass Assist.png Grass Cut 2
355MS3.png Duskull Ghost Assist.png Ghost Psy Power 1


Pokémon Poké Assist Field
037MS3.png Vulpix Fire Assist.png Fire Burn 1
042MS3.png Golbat Poison Assist.png Poison Cut 3
081MS3.png Magnemite Recharge Assist.png Recharge Recharge 2
092MS3.png Gastly Ghost Assist.png Ghost Psy Power 1
133MS3.png Eevee Normal Assist.png Normal Tackle 2
152MS3.png Chikorita * Grass Assist.png Grass Cut 1
153MS3.png Bayleef * Grass Assist.png Grass Cut 3
154MS3.png Meganium * Grass Assist.png Grass Cut 1
168MS3.png Ariados Bug Assist.png Bug Tackle 2
196MS3.png Espeon Psychic Assist.png Psychic Psy Power 2
200MS3.png Misdreavus Ghost Assist.png Ghost Psy Power 1
242MS3.png Blissey * Normal Assist.png Normal Tackle 3
262MS3.png Mightyena Dark Assist.png Dark Crush 2
431MS3.png Glameow Normal Assist.png Normal Cut 1
432MS3.png Purugly * Normal Assist.png Normal Tackle 2
439MS3.png Mime Jr. Psychic Assist.png Psychic Tackle 1



Game Road Entrance Pond
Guardian Signs Old Mansion Road Ranger3.png Old Mansion Ranger3.png Old Mansion Pond Ranger3.png


Game Foyer West Hall East Hall North Hall Dining Hall
Guardian Signs Old Mansion Foyer Ranger3.png Old Mansion West Hall Ranger3.png Old Mansion East Hall Ranger3.png Old Mansion North Hall Ranger3.png Old Mansion Dining Hall Ranger3.png
Office Bedroom Library F1 Library BF1 Stairwell
Old Mansion Office Ranger3.png Old Mansion Bedroom Ranger3.png Old Mansion Library F1 Ranger3.png Old Mansion Library BF1 Ranger3.png Old Mansion Stairwell Ranger3.png

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Vieux manoir
Germany Flag.png German Altes Anwesen
Italy Flag.png Italian Antico maniero
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Velha mansão
Spain Flag.png Spanish Vieja mansión

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