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エリダ Elida
Ranger Elita.png
Art from Pokémon Ranger
Gender Female
Hometown Unknown
Region Fiore
Generation III
Games Pokémon Ranger

Elita (Japanese: エリダ Elida) is the Leader of the Wintown Pokémon Ranger Base. She has a Skarmory as her partner and is known for having a cold personality. She was old friends with the other leaders. Elita is the only female Ranger Leader in Fiore.

In Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, it is revealed that she is a graduate of the Ranger School.




In the manga

Elita in Pokémon Ranger the Comic: Double Mission

Pokémon Ranger the Comic: Double Mission

Elita, along with Joel and Spenser, are first seen preparing to finish a then-unknown mission. Later, it was revealed that their mission was to capture a Deoxys, but they failed and were defeated. Later, they are hospitalized and Professor Hastings sends Lunick and Solana to finish their mission.

Later, an injured Elita, along with Joel and Spenser, arrive at the Ring Town Ranger Base, although it took all of their energy to do so. While Lunick battles the Go-Rock Quads, Elita figures out that the Quads are after the Pokémon Manaphy, who can help them find the Sea Crown, which is said that whoever obtains it will rule the world.

Later, Lunick and Solana return from their mission successful in freeing Deoxys from the Quads' control and taking the Manaphy Egg back from them. Due to Fiore not having Trainers, everyone decides to send the Manaphy Egg to the Sinnoh Region to find a proper Trainer to take care of it.


Elita's Skarmory
Skarmory is Elita's Partner Pokémon. Skarmory was first seen with Elita preparing to fight Deoxys but was defeated.

None of Skarmory's moves are known.

Debut Pokémon Ranger the Comic: Double Mission Episode One


Language Name Origin
Japanese エリダ Elida From エリダヌス座 (Eridanus constellation)
English Elita Similar to her Japanese name. May also be taken from elite, a reference to her status as a Ranger Leader.
French Frida From froid, cold
German Barbara From barbaros, foreign
Italian Nevia From neve, snow
Spanish Elena Similar to helado, frozen
Chinese (Mandarin) 愛莉妲 Àilìdá Transliteration of her Japanese name

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