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A Pokémon Power (Japanese: 特殊能力 special ability) is a special ability held by some Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Prior to the release of Expedition Base Set, Pokémon Powers were typically additional effects that the card's player could trigger once or multiple times during their turn, before they attack. However, some cards, such as Jungle Dodrio, have Pokémon Powers that the player does not have to trigger or announce. For example, as long as Dodrio is Benched, the player's Active Pokémon has their retreat cost lowered by 1. Many Pokémon Powers have a clause saying that they can not be activated or stop working if the Pokémon with the Pokémon Power has a Special Condition.

After the release of Expedition, Pokémon Powers were split into two groups: Poké-Powers (Japanese: ポケパワー Poké-Power) and Poké-Bodies (Japanese: ポケボディー Poké-Body). Poké-Powers are special effects that the player must trigger or announce using. A Poké-Body's effect is one that is in effect regardless. The player does not need to announce the use of a Poké-Body, since it is always active. In essence, a Poké-Power's effect is not always active, while a Poké-Body's effect is. The majority of Poké-Powers continue to be disabled by Special Conditions. However, Poké-Bodies are generally exempt from this.

With the release of Black & White, Pokémon Powers were combined into one mechanic once again and renamed Abilities (Japanese: 特性 special characteristic), after the analogous element in the core series games. Abilities are not disabled by Special Conditions at all.

With the release of Evolutions, a commemorative expansion created to celebrate Pokémon's 20th Anniversary, a new card with a Pokémon Power was printed: Imakuni?'s Doduo. Similarly, two SWSH Black Star Promos, Greninja Star and Zacian LV.X, were released for Pokémon's 25th Anniversary and respectively featured a Poké-Power and Poké-Body. Outside reprints included in sets such as Celebrations and Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic, these are the only instances of the Pokémon Power mechanic since its replacement in Black & White.

When Zacian LV.X was released, the description of the Celebrations Deluxe Pin Collection described a Poké-Body as "like an old-school Ability". [1]

List of Pokémon Powers

In the video games

"Pkmn Power" screen

Pokémon Trading Card Game series

Main article: Duel (TCG GB) → Pkmn Power

In Pokémon Trading Card Game and Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR!, there is a "Pkmn Power" screen found in the main duel screen. Some Pokémon Powers don't require the "Pkmn Power" screen to be used, such as Blastoise's Rain Dance. Some other Pokémon Powers require it, such as Alakazam's Damage Swap.


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