Hanada City Gym (TCG)

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This article is about the Japanese TCG theme deck. For the Trainer card, see Cerulean City Gym (Gym Heroes 108).
If you were looking for this Theme Deck's English equivalent, see Misty (TCG)

ハナダシティジム カスミ
Package art
Expansion Leaders' Stadium
Release date April 26, 1998
Types used Water
Coin HCG Blue Starmie Coin.png

Hanada City Gym (Japanese: ハナダシティジム カスミ Hanada City Gym Kasumi) is a Japanese-exclusive Standard Deck that complements the Leaders' Stadium expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.


Unlike traditional Standard Decks, which contain 60 fixed cards, this deck has 64. The majority of these cards could not be found in the main expansion. Those that were not were added to the main set when the English version was made. The contents of this deck also provided the basis for the English Misty Theme Deck. The cards Misty's Goldeen and Misty's Tentacool are two of the notorious "common rares" featured in Gym Heroes, brought about from their fixed rarity in this deck.

Like others, the Hanada City Gym Deck also includes a rulebook, damage counters, status counters, and a custom coin.

Deck list

Hanada City Gym
No. Card Type Quantity
Misty's Psyduck Water
Misty's Poliwag Water
Misty's Tentacool Water
Misty's Tentacruel Water
Misty's Seel Water
Misty's Shellder Water
Misty's Cloyster Water
Misty's Horsea Water
Misty's Goldeen Water
Misty's Goldeen Water
Misty's Seaking Water
Misty's Staryu Water
Misty's Staryu Water
Misty's Starmie Water
Misty T
Misty's Wrath T
Misty's Duel T
Misty's Tears T
Defender T
Gust of Wind T
Potion T
Cerulean City Gym T [St]
Poké Ball T
Water Energy Water E 26×
Double Colorless Energy Colorless E

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