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Collective box art
Release date January 16, 2005
Coin QCPG Green Energy Coin.png/QCPFr Red Energy Coin.png/QCPW Blue Energy Coin.png
QCPL Yellow Energy Coin.jpg/QCPP Purple Energy Coin.png/QCPFi Orange Energy Coin.png

The Quick Construction Packs (Japanese: クイック・コンストラクション・パック Quick Construction Pack) are a Japanese-exclusive collection of six 15-card quarter decks (see Half Decks) for the Pokémon Trading Card Game that each focus on one particular Pokémon type.


Each of the packs contain the same number of cards: seven Pokémon (including one Pokémon-ex), three Trainer cards, and five Energy cards). Each pack also includes damage counters and a rulebook. While the Quick Construction Packs were never released outside of Japan, all of the cards found in them were used for creating the English EX Emerald expansion. The only cards created with competitive play in mind were the Pokémon-ex, so not many of the other cards actually saw tournament play.

Deck lists

Grass Quick Construction Pack
SetSymbolGrass Quick Construction Pack.png
No. Card Type Quantity
001/015 Treecko Grass
002/015 Grovyle Grass
003/015 Shroomish Grass
004/015 Breloom Grass
005/015 Cacnea Grass
006/015 Cacturne ex Grass
007/015 Seviper Grass
008/015 Potion T
009/015 Mr. Stone's Project T [Su]
010/015 Bill's Maintenance T [Su]
011/015 Grass Energy Grass E
012/015 Grass Energy Grass E
013/015 Grass Energy Grass E
014/015 Grass Energy Grass E
015/015 Grass Energy Grass E

Fire Quick Construction Pack
SetSymbolFire Quick Construction Pack.png
No. Card Type Quantity
001/015 Vulpix Fire
002/015 Ninetales Fire
003/015 Torchic Fire
004/015 Combusken Fire
005/015 Numel Fire
006/015 Camerupt ex Fire
007/015 Zangoose Colorless
008/015 Switch T
009/015 Mr. Stone's Project T [Su]
010/015 TV Reporter T [Su]
011/015 Fire Energy Fire E
012/015 Fire Energy Fire E
013/015 Fire Energy Fire E
014/015 Fire Energy Fire E
015/015 Fire Energy Fire E

Water Quick Construction Pack
SetSymbolWater Quick Construction Pack.png
No. Card Type Quantity
001/015 Mudkip Water
002/015 Marshtomp Water
003/015 Feebas Water
004/015 Milotic ex Water
005/015 Snorunt Water
006/015 Glalie Water
007/015 Relicanth Water
008/015 Switch T
009/015 Mr. Stone's Project T [Su]
010/015 TV Reporter T [Su]
011/015 Water Energy Water E
012/015 Water Energy Water E
013/015 Water Energy Water E
014/015 Water Energy Water E
015/015 Water Energy Water E

Lightning Quick Construction Pack
SetSymbolLightning Quick Construction Pack.png
No. Card Type Quantity
001/015 Pikachu Lightning
002/015 Raichu ex Lightning
003/015 Voltorb Lightning
004/015 Electrode Lightning
005/015 Electrike Lightning
006/015 Manectric Lightning
007/015 Farfetch'd Colorless
008/015 Potion T
009/015 Professor Cozmo's Discovery T [Su]
010/015 Mr. Stone's Project T [Su]
011/015 Lightning Energy Lightning E
012/015 Lightning Energy Lightning E
013/015 Lightning Energy Lightning E
014/015 Lightning Energy Lightning E
015/015 Lightning Energy Lightning E

Psychic Quick Construction Pack
SetSymbolPsychic Quick Construction Pack.png
No. Card Type Quantity
001/015 Ralts Psychic
002/015 Kirlia Psychic
003/015 Spoink Psychic
004/015 Grumpig Psychic
005/015 Duskull Psychic
006/015 Dusclops ex Psychic
007/015 Chimecho Psychic
008/015 Switch T
009/015 Mr. Stone's Project T [Su]
010/015 Bill's Maintenance T [Su]
011/015 Psychic Energy Psychic E
012/015 Psychic Energy Psychic E
013/015 Psychic Energy Psychic E
014/015 Psychic Energy Psychic E
015/015 Psychic Energy Psychic E

Fighting Quick Construction Pack
SetSymbolFighting Quick Construction Pack.png
No. Card Type Quantity
001/015 Rhyhorn Fighting
002/015 Rhydon Fighting
003/015 Makuhita Fighting
004/015 Hariyama Fighting
005/015 Nosepass Fighting
006/015 Meditite Fighting
007/015 Medicham ex Fighting
008/015 Potion T
009/015 Professor Cozmo's Discovery T [Su]
010/015 Mr. Stone's Project T [Su]
011/015 Fighting Energy Fighting E
012/015 Fighting Energy Fighting E
013/015 Fighting Energy Fighting E
014/015 Fighting Energy Fighting E
015/015 Fighting Energy Fighting E

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