Metagross Constructed Starter Deck (TCG)

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構築済みスターター メタグロスデッキ
ADV4 Metagross Deck.jpg
Package art
Expansion Undone Seal
Release date January 16, 2004
Types used PsychicFightingMetal
Coin ADV4S Silver Metagross Coin.png

The Metagross Constructed Starter Deck (Japanese: 構築済みスターター メタグロスデッキ Pre-built Starter Metagross Deck) is a Japanese-exclusive Half Deck that complements the Undone Seal expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.


The majority of these cards could not be found in the main expansion. Those that were not were added to the main set when the English version was made.

Like many other Half Decks, the Metagross Constructed Starter Deck also includes a rulebook, damage counters, status counters, and a custom coin.

Deck list

Metagross Constructed Starter Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
001/019 Meditite Psychic
002/019 Baltoy Psychic
003/019 Beldum Psychic
004/019 Metang Psychic
005/019 Metagross PsychicMetal
006/019 Jirachi PsychicMetal
007/019 Meditite Fighting
008/019 Medicham Fighting
009/019 Baltoy Fighting
010/019 Claydol Fighting
011/019 Beldum Metal
012/019 Metang Metal
013/019 Potion T
014/019 Life Herb T
015/019 PokéNav T
016/019 Switch T
017/019 Poké Ball T
018/019 Steven's Advice T [Su]
019/019 Magnetic Storm T [St]
Psychic Energy Psychic E
Fighting Energy Fighting E
Metal Energy Metal E

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