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The setting for the competition

The (Japanese: ポケモン大食い大会 Pokémon Eating Contest) is an anime-exclusive competition that takes place in Vermilion City. The competition was featured in JN047.


The poster promoting the competition
The prize ticket for winning

All contestants enter the competition with a Pokémon that has to eat as many plates full of food as possible. Throughout the rounds, the rules are consistent, in which a new plate can only be served once the previous one has been finished clean. Rules allow for Berry seeds to be left uneaten and the adding of spices to the food. Competitors will be disqualified from the competition if they become too full to continue eating or if they break the dish plates.

The first round has all contestants giving their Pokémon plates of Berries to eat, with the top ten who ate the most advancing to the next round. Before the second round, a lottery is drawn to divide the contestants into pairs that compete against each other, with one contestant getting to decide the dish the two will eat from a preset menu. The Pokémon who eats the most in each pair within a time limit proceeds to the finals. In the finals, the Pokémon that eats the most is declared the winner.

The prize for winning the competition is a free trip to Unova, as well as a supply of all-you-can-eat gourmet food from Unova.

Known contestants

Contestant Place
Goh Winner
James Runner-up
Ash Top 16

Pokémon entered in the contest


Ash Dragonite.png


Goh Greedent.png
Skwovet → Greedent


Morpeko Hangry Mode anime.png

Other competitors

Kaiser Blaziken.png
Kaiser Blaziken
Eating Contest Vigoroth.png
Sailor Swalot.png
Eating Contest Snorlax.png
Eating Contest Lickitung.png
Eating Contest Hydreigon.png
Eating Contest Zigzagoon Bunnelby.png
Eating Contest Bisharp.png
Eating Contest Zigzagoon Bunnelby.png
Eating Contest Pikipek.png
Scientist Muk.png
Eating Contest Heatmor.png
Eating Contest Glalie.png

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