Plume Fossil

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Plume Fossil
Feather Fossil
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Plume Fossil
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Introduced in Generation V
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Power 100

The Plume Fossil (Japanese: はねのカセキ Feather Fossil) is a Fossil introduced in Generation V that can be regenerated into Archen. It is the counterpart of the Cover Fossil.

In the core series games


Games Cost Sell price
N/A $500
SUS N/A $3,500
MUM $7,000 $3,500


Passive effect

If brought to the one of the following locations, the Plume Fossil can be regenerated into an Archen.

Games Location
BWB2W2 Nacrene Museum
XY Ambrette Town Fossil Lab
ORAS Devon Corporation in Rustboro City
SMUSUM Fossil Restoration Center on Route 8


Games Description
BWB2W2 A fossil of an ancient Pokémon that flew in the sky in ancient times. It appears to be part of its wing.
A fossil from a prehistoric Pokémon that once lived in the sky. It looks as if it could come from part of its wing.
SV A fossil from a prehistoric Pokémon said to be an ancestor to modern bird Pokémon. It looks as if it could have come from part of some creature's wing.


Games Finite methods Repeatable methods
BW Relic Castle (choice between this and the Cover Fossil)
B2W2 Nacrene City (choice between this and the Cover Fossil) Join Avenue (Antique Shop)
Funfest Mission (found in glowing spots in "Not-Found Lost Items!" and for sale in "What is the Real Price?")W2
XY Rock Smash (Glittering Cave, after entering the Hall of Fame)
ORAS Rock Smash (Mirage spots)OR
SMUSUM Konikoni City (Olivia's jewelry shop)MUM Poké Pelago (Isle Aphun: Rare-Treasure Hunting, Interesting-Item Hunting)USUM

In the anime

A Plume Fossil appeared in Archeops In The Modern World!, which had been given to Professor Juniper and Fennel by Lenora. They successfully resurrected a female Archen from the Fossil using Musharna's dream energy. With the help of Ash and his Tranquill, Archen learned how to fly and then evolved into Archeops.

Kiawe found a Plume Fossil in Treasure Hunt, Akala Style!, during the Stoutland Search treasure hunt set up for Ash and his classmates by Olivia. A Plume Fossil also appeared in on a holographic screen during Sophocles's first hunt for treasure.

In the TCG

Plume Fossil in the TCG
Main article: Plume Fossil (Noble Victories 93)

The Plume Fossil was introduced as an Item card in the Pokémon Trading Card Game in the Noble Victories expansion, first released in the Japanese Red Collection. It allows players to look at the bottom seven cards of their deck, reveal an Archen they find there, and put it onto their Bench. The other six cards are then shuffled back into the deck.

Unidentified Fossil cards are Fossil Trainer cards which become Basic Pokémon. While they do not feature a Plume Fossil, certain Archen evolve from Unidentified Fossil.


  • While the item description for the Plume Fossil states the Fossil came from a "Pokémon that (once) flew/lived in the sky", the Backpacker who gives away the Fossils in Pokémon Black and White mentions that the Plume Fossil is from a Pokémon that lived in an ancient forest, but could not fly. Considering what is known about the Archaeopteryx genus, this may be intentional to some degree.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 羽毛化石 Yúhmòuh Fasehk *
羽之化石 Yúh-jī Fasehk *
Mandarin 羽毛化石 Yǔmáo Huàshí *
羽之化石 Yǔ-zhī Fasehk *
Finland Flag.png Finnish Töyhtöfossiili
France Flag.png French Foss. Plume*
Fossile Plume*
Germany Flag.png German Federfossil
Italy Flag.png Italian Fossilpiuma
South Korea Flag.png Korean 날개화석 Nalgae Hwaseok
Poland Flag.png Polish Skamielina Pióra*
Pióro Skamielina*
Portugal Flag.png Portuguese Fóssil Pluma
Russia Flag.png Russian Ископаемый Перо Iskopayemyy Pero
Spain Flag.png Spanish Fósil Pluma

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