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If you were looking for the character of the day in Battling With a Clean Slate! whose Japanese name is Alva, see Alvin.
ジャービス Jarvis
Alva M19.png
Gender Male
Eye color Lavender
Hair color Lavender
Hometown Azoth Kingdom
Region Kalos
Anime debut Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel
English voice actor Billy Bob Thompson
Japanese voice actor Kōichi Yamadera

Alva (Japanese: ジャービス Jarvis) is the main antagonist of the third XY series movie, Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel. He is a councillor of the Azoth Kingdom.

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As an Azoth Kingdom councillor, Alva is knowledgeable in the art of arcane science and the history of the kingdom. For several years he educated Raleigh, the young prince of the kingdom, who also had interests in these subjects. However, unbeknownst to many — save for Kimia, Raleigh's sister, who does not trust him and is suspicious of his motives — he is actually a corrupt man plotting to seize control of the Azoth Kingdom for himself. For this purpose, Alva brainwashed Raleigh into loyalty to him, and developed his own type of arcane science — dubbed "neo-arcane science" — in order to create a technique called "Mega Wave," which, unlike Mega Evolution, can force many Pokémon to Mega Evolve at once and follow the orders of those with Mega Wave devices.

Alva first appears when his henchmen, Levi and Cherie, deliver Magearna to him and Raleigh after fighting off an attack by Volcanion. While Raleigh introduces himself to Magearna, he waits quietly until Volcanion returns with Ash in tow. Using the Mega Wave jewel set in his staff, he attacks them with a Mega Alakazam, Mega Glalie and Shiny Mega Gengar. After a short standoff, Volcanion escapes with both Ash and Magearna, angering him. Shortly afterward, Levi, Cherie and the Pokémon catch Team Rocket sneaking into the castle. Alva meets with Team Rocket in his office, and sensing an opportunity after realizing they know Ash well, recruits them to aid his cause. He supplies them with Mega Wave bracelets along with a Heracross and Pinsir, then tracks Ash, his friends, Volcanion and Magearna's location so he can send Team Rocket after them.

Alva on his airship

Later, after Team Rocket fail in their mission, Alva personally leads a massive attack against the Nebel Plateau, Magearna and Volcanion's home. He traps Ash, Volcanion and many of the Pokémon of the plateau in machines that torture them with electrical currents. When Levi and Cherie demand that Magearna surrender to them in exchange for the safety of the hostages, it gives in and boards their airship. Raleigh becomes excited about their success, but Alva simply has his Gengar paralyze Magearna and open the hatch on its chest, revealing its Soul-Heart. Realizing that Alva intends to remove the Soul-Heart, Raleigh tries to stop him from doing so. Undeterred, Alva has Levi force Raleigh to watch as he removes the Soul-Heart — effectively "killing" Magearna — then discards its body before having his army of Pokémon all use Hyper Beam, seemingly killing all of the humans and Pokémon below, and putting the horrified Raleigh to sleep with Gengar's Hypnosis. En route back to the Azoth Kingdom, Meowth realizes he can still hear Magearna's voice alive in the Soul-Heart, rallying Jessie and James to try and take it back from Alva, who blasts off Jessie and James while holding Meowth hostage to continue translating Magearna's voice.

Alva installs the Soul-Heart in a machine deep within the kingdom's castle, transforming part of the city's walls into a flying fortress designed by Nikola to defend the city in ancient times. When he realizes that his enemies survived his attack at the plateau and are approaching aboard Kimia's flying machine, he becomes excited to test the weapons the castle has on them. He begins charging the fortress's laser cannon, but it does not fire, as Magearna is actively fighting his control. Alva fortifies himself inside the control room while Levi and Cherie go out to fight off the attackers with their army of Mega Wave Pokémon, but Ash, Greninja, Kimia, her Mega Gardevoir and Volcanion manage to break through and reach him. He traps them in the same electrical torture machines he used earlier, then decides to break Magearna's spirit by forcing it with Gengar's Mean Look to use the laser and destroy the Nebel Plateau. The act of destroying its home causes Magearna's soul to fade from the Soul-Heart, pleasing Alva, who then orders another shot to finish off both the plateau and all its residents. It fires, but is blocked through a combination of the efforts of the plateau's Pokémon and Squishy, who briefly takes its Complete Forme to overpower the attack. Volcanion then breaks itself and the others free from the machines. Panicking, Alva orders Gengar to attack, but Pikachu counters its Shadow Ball with Electro Ball. Alva drops his staff as a result of the blowback from Electro Ball, and Ash jams it into the machinery, breaking the Mega Wave jewel. As a result, all the Mega Wave Pokémon revert to their original states and escape from the fortress. Realizing that his plans are destroyed as a result of Ash removing the Soul-Heart, Alva locks the fortress on a collision course with the Nebel Plateau in hopes of destroying it and killing all of his enemies, then attempts to escape using a jetpack. Greninja, who has become Ash-Greninja, throws a Water Shuriken at him, which fails to directly connect but still disables his jetpack, causing him to spiral out of control into the forest below.

During the film's credits, Kimia finds him stuck in a tree and arrests him using the same magnetic bands used earlier on Ash and Volcanion. He attempts to flee, but is pulled back onto her craft by the magnets.


Alva is purely evil with no redeeming characteristics. He's sadistic and megalomaniacal, and shows little regard for any lives other than his own, human or Pokémon. He spent years teaching Raleigh to be loyal to him, and recruited Team Rocket for their help against Ash, only to drop them without a second thought once he had no more use for them. His sadistic traits even extend to flat-out torture; his Mega Wave technique causes terrible pain to the Pokémon it is used on, and he forced Magearna to surrender by electrocuting its friends, as well as Ash and his friends' Pokémon, and later tried to force it to destroy the Nebel Plateau purely to break its spirit so it wouldn't be able to resist his commands.

When defeated, however, Alva was also shown to be cowardly and spiteful, programming his flying castle to crash into the Nebel Plateau so it would kill all of his enemies as well as Volcanion and Magearna's friends, while he attempted to escape using a jetpack.


This listing is of Alva's known Pokémon in the anime:


Alva's Gengar

Alva's Mega Gengar
Gengar ↔ Mega Gengar ShinyVIIStar.png
This Shiny Gengar is Alva's main Pokémon which he controlled using the Mega Wave. It is able to Mega Evolve into Mega Gengar which Alva used to do all his evil bidding. After Alva's Mega Wave crystal was destroyed, Gengar came to its senses and immediately abandoned Alva.

Gengar's known moves are Shadow Ball, Psychic, Haze, Mean Look, and Hypnosis.

Debut Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel
Voice actors
Japanese Yuji Ueda
English Marc Thompson


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Cherie's Banette

Alva’s Mega Banette
Banette ↔ Mega Banette
Although mainly controlled by Levi and Cherie, Alva still appeared to hold some control over Banette before it escaped control, as he ordered it to use Hyper Beam on Ash and his friends.

Banette's known moves are Hyper Beam and Will-O-Wisp.

Debut Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel
Voice actors
English Carter Cathcart
Alva’s Houndoom

Alva’s Mega Houndoom
Houndoom ↔ Mega Houndoom
Although mainly controlled by Levi and Cherie, Alva still appeared to hold some control over Houndoom before it escaped control, as he ordered it to use Hyper Beam on Ash and his friends.

Houndoom's only known move is Hyper Beam.

Debut Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel
Alva’s Tyranitar

Alva’s Mega Tyranitar
Tyranitar ↔ Mega Tyranitar
Although mainly controlled by Levi and Cherie, Alva still appeared to hold some control over Tyranitar before it escaped control, as he ordered it to use Hyper Beam on Ash and his friends.

Tyranitar's known move are Hyper Beam and Stone Edge.

Debut Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel
Alva’s Swampert

Alva’s Mega Swampert
Swampert ↔ Mega Swampert
Although mainly controlled by Levi and Cherie, Alva still appeared to hold some control over Swampert before it escaped control, as he ordered it to use Hyper Beam on Ash and his friends.

Swampert's only known move is Hyper Beam.

Debut Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel
Voice actors
English Carter Cathcart
Alva’s Aggron

Alva’s Mega Aggron
Aggron ↔ Mega Aggron
Although mainly controlled by Levi and Cherie, Alva still appeared to hold some control over Aggron before it escaped control, as he ordered it to use Hyper Beam on Ash and his friends.

Aggron's only known move is Hyper Beam.

Debut Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel
Voice actors
English Carter Cathcart

In the games

From June 9 to August 31 2016, a Gengar based on Alva's Shiny Gengar was distributed to players who inserted a serial code that was given away at 7-Eleven stores in Japan from July 9 to 15, 2016. It was also distributed via Nintendo Zones at Pokémon Centers, Pokémon Stores, and the Oyabe Pokémon Store outlet in Japan from July 30 to August 31, 2016.

#094 Gengar ShinyVIStar.png 
Cherish Ball Level 50 094Gengar.png
Ghost Poison
Ability: Levitate
Held item: Gengarite Gengarite
ID: 07096
OT: ジャービス
Met: Pokémon Movie 16 (fateful encounter)
Nature: Random
Ribbon: Wishing Ribbon Wishing Ribbon
Mean Look
Normal Status
Psychic Status
Psychic Special
Hyper Beam
Normal Special
Games Method Region Location Duration
XYORAS serial code Japanese online July 9 to August 31, 2016
XYORAS Nintendo Zone Japanese Japan July 30 to August 31, 2016
Moves in bold can be taught again at the Move Reminder as a special move if forgotten.
Date received is the receiving system's date when the Wonder Card is received.
This Pokémon is set to the same language as the game that received it.


Alva model sheet 1.png Alva model sheet 2.png
Model sheet for the anime

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 山寺宏一 Kōichi Yamadera
English Billy Bob Thompson
Italian Luca Ghignone
Korean 신용우 Shin Yongu
Brazilian Portuguese Alexandre Moreno
Russian Anton Savenkov Антон Савенков
European Spanish Alejandro García

In the manga

In the movie adaptations

Alva appears in Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel, the manga adaptation of the nineteenth Pokémon movie by Kemon Kawamoto.


  • Sean Schemmel voiced Alva in the English dub of the film's teaser trailer.
  • Disney XD closed captions incorrectly refer to Alva as Eliphas, Nikola's Japanese name, several times.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ジャービス Jarvis From Jabir ibn Hayyan, a prominent Muslim alchemist sometimes considered to be the father of early chemistry
English, French, Italian Alva From Thomas Alva Edison
Korean 자비스 Jarvis Transliteration of Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 賈維斯 Jiǎwéisī Transliteration of Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 查維斯 Jāwàihsī Transliteration of Japanese name
Vietnamese Jarbisu Transliteration of Japanese name

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