Mr. White

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Mr. White
ホワイト White
Mr. White.png
Mr. White
Gender Male
Hometown Arborville
Region Johto
Anime debut Celebi: Voice of the Forest
English voice actor Marc Thompson
Japanese voice actor Takashi Fujii

Mr. White (Japanese: ホワイト White) is a character in Celebi: Voice of the Forest.


The group first met White when Ash was about to miss the riverboat Brock and Misty had already boarded. White was the one to catch Ash right before he hit the water, pulling him aboard to safety with Brock's help. When he found out their interest in Pokémon, he suggested taking them to his hometown, Arborville, a treetop town much like one location in Hoenn. His personal watercraft is also a flying boat, the foils becoming inflated and capable of lifting the boat (and at least seven average-weight passengers) into the air. With this vehicle, he took them to Arborville.

He was seen again later when Diana and Towa asked him to take them to the area of the forest wracked with explosions. By the time they found Ash, his friends, and Sammy, the Iron-Masked Marauder was already beginning his rampage on the forest, with Celebi under his control. In consequence of following them, White's boat was destroyed in the confrontation with the wooden monster created by Celebi.

White was a witness to the remaining events of the movie, not above the use of violence, as he was shown to be threatening the unmasked Iron-Masked Marauder by cracking his knuckles. He also appeared during the credits, flying Ash and his friends back to another town in a seemingly new boat.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 藤井隆 Takashi Fujii
English Marc Thompson
Finnish Antti Jaakola
German Benedikt Weber
Hebrew יובל סגל Yuval Segal
Norwegian Benjamin Helstad
Brazilian Portuguese Wendel Bezerra
European Spanish Juan Logar Jr.
Swedish Nick Atkinson


Language Name Origin
Japanese ホワイト White From white
English, German, Italian Mr. White Same as Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 懷特 / 怀特 Huáitè Transliteration of his Japanese name

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