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Dundee and his Croconaw
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Johto
Anime debut Celebi: The Voice of the Forest
English voice actor Amy Birnbaum
Japanese voice actor None

Dundee is a Pokémon Trainer whom Ash battled in the beginning of Celebi: The Voice of the Forest. He was left unnamed and without a voice in the Japanese version.


In the beginning of the movie, Dundee battled against Ash's Pikachu with his Croconaw. Both of the Trainer's Pokémon collided head to head after which Dundee ordered Croconaw to launch a barrage of Water Guns. Pikachu evaded most of the Water Guns and the two Pokémon then ran to each other. Dundee ordered Croconaw to get in close with a Slash, which Pikachu evaded again.

After a short period of hit and run tactics, with Croconaw trying to Bite Pikachu, Croconaw was headbutted away by Pikachu and collided with its Trainer. Pikachu then launched a powerful Thunder Shock on the Croconaw which hit not only the Pokémon but Dundee as well.

It was not Ash's intention to shock Dundee too and he quickly ran up to him to check if he was okay. After this, Brock's Crobat showed up to take Ash to his friends as they didn't want to miss the boat, leaving Dundee behind.


During the battle with Ash's Pikachu, for unknown reasons, Dundee would usually get hit by any attack that is supposed to be aimed at Croconaw.


This listing is of Dundee's known Pokémon:

Dundee's Croconaw
Croconaw was seen when it battled Ash's Pikachu in Celebi: The Voice of the Forest. After Pikachu had evaded a lot of Croconaw's attacks, he headbutted Croconaw to its Trainer, causing Croconaw to collide with Dundee. He then finished Croconaw off with a Thunder Shock (unintentionally shocking Dundee too).

Croconaw's known moves are Slash, Water Gun and Bite.

Debut Celebi: The Voice of the Forest


  • Dundee may have received his dub name from Crocodile Dundee for the fact that he trains a Croconaw, which is based on a crocodile. He was also given an apparent Australian accent, much like his proposed namesake.

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