Lake of Life

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Lake of Life
生活の湖 Lake of Life
Lake of Life.png
Lake of Life
Region Johto
Debut Celebi: The Voice of the Forest

The Lake of Life (Japanese: 生活の湖 Lake of Life) is an anime-exclusive location found deep inside a forest in Johto. It appeared in Celebi: The Voice of the Forest and was the setting for most of the events of the movie. The treetop village of Arborville is located nearby.

The Lake of Life has crystal-clear waters and is surrounded by dense woods. Celebi is known to frequent the area and is revered as the "Voice of the Forest", with a stone shrine built in its honor in the area. A large number of Pokémon also live in and around the lake.

The Lake of Life was first mentioned by Towa, who watches over the main entrance to the forest as Ash and his friends prepared to look for wild Pokémon. The group returned to Arborville after meeting Sam, a boy who Celebi had taken 40 years into the future. Towa told the group about Celebi and led the group and Sam to track it down. They found Celebi hidden in a tree-hollow, hurt by the wounds caused by a Pokémon poacher. They took it with them and were soon guided by several Pokémon to the Lake of Life, so Celebi could heal in the water.

When they arrived at the lake, Sammy walked in it and laid Celebi in the water. Celebi quickly dove in and became completely healed by the lake's powers. Out of happiness, Ash and Sammy took a swim in the lake with Celebi. Celebi then became filled with so much joy that it took Ash and Sammy on a flight above the lake using its Psychic powers.

The next morning, the Iron-Masked Marauder, an elite officer of Team Rocket, showed up and caught Celebi in one of his Dark Balls, which made it evil. He had Celebi create a wooden monster and made it rampage around the lake, damaging the forest and injuring the wild Pokémon. This wasn't left unnoticed by Suicune, who quickly hurried to the lake and assisted Ash and Sam in freeing Celebi.

Celebi was left severely hurt, and Sam tried to heal it with the lake's powers like he had before, but this time, it didn't work due to the extreme pollution caused by the rampage. According to Towa, the lake was dying. They asked Suicune to clean the lake, as it had the powers to do so. Although it did so, the lake's powers had no effect on Celebi. Just then, a portal above the lake opened, and several other Celebi showed up to heal it.

The Iron-Masked Marauder showed up again, grabbing Celebi, but was stopped by Ash and Pikachu. The residents of Arborville teamed up with the wild Pokémon to deal with the Iron-Masked Marauder, whose own Pokémon abandoned him and fled into the forest. After this, Celebi took Sam back to his own time.

Pokémon seen in and around the Lake of Life

Celebi M04.png
Ash Sammy on Suicune.png
Lake of Life Pokémon.png
Lake of Life Furret.png
Lake of Life Various 1.png
Lake of Life Various 1.png
Lake of Life Oddish.png
Lake of Life Pokémon2.png
Lake of Life Oddish.png
Lake of Life Bellossom.png
Lake of Life Various 1.png
Lake of Life Various 1.png
Lake of Life Pokémon2.png
Lake of Life Butterfree.png
Lake of Life Mankey Spearow.png
Lake of Life Mankey Spearow.png
Lake of Life Weedle Spinarak.png
Lake of Life Pokémon2.png
Lake of Life Stantler.png
Lake of Life Nidoran.png
Lake of Life Pokémon.png
Nidorina ♀
Lake of Life Pokémon.png
Nidoqueen ♀
Lake of Life Nidoran.png
Lake of Life Pokémon.png
Nidorino ♂
Lake of Life Pokémon2.png
Nidoking ♂
Lake of Life Various 1.png
Lake of Life Heracross Ledyba Hoothoot.png
Lake of Life Heracross Ledyba Hoothoot.png
Lake of Life Heracross Ledyba Hoothoot.png
Lake of Life Various 1.png
Lake of Life Teddiursa Ursaring.png
Lake of Life Teddiursa Ursaring.png
Lake of Life Pokémon2.png
Lake of Life Pokémon2.png
Lake of Life Various 1.png
Lake of Life Jumpluff.png
Lake of Life Weedle Spinarak.png
Lake of Life Various 2.png
Lake of Life Various 2.png
Lake of Life Various 2.png
Lake of Life Water Pokémon.png
Lake of Life Water Pokémon.png
Masked Marauder Scizor.png
Masked Marauder Sneasel.png
Masked Marauder Tyranitar.png

In other languages

Language Title
Denmark Flag.png Danish Livets sø
Finland Flag.png Finnish Elämän järvi
Germany Flag.png German See des Lebens
Italy Flag.png Italian Lago della Vita
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Livets sjø
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Livets sjö

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