Pudgy Pidgey Isle

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Pudgy Pidgey Isle
デカポッポ島 Deka Poppo Isle
Pudgy Pidgey Isle.png
Pudgy Pidgey Isle (left)
Region Johto
Debut Fly Me to the Moon
Wilbur's house, where most of the Pidgey live

Pudgy Pidgey Isle (Japanese: デカポッポ島 Deka Poppo Isle) is an anime-exclusive location in Johto. It is a small forested island that is connected to Blue Point Isle by a rope bridge, and it is part of the Whirl Islands. It appeared in Fly Me to the Moon.

Wilbur is the sole caretaker of the entire island, and lives in the island's only house. The Pokémon Protection Agency declared Pudgy Pidgey Isle a Pokémon Preserve over 50 years ago because of its population of uniquely overweight Pidgey. The pudgy Pidgey, over time, lost the need to fly because the island is protected by whirlpools and there are no natural predators, thus they did not have the need to escape. According to Professor Oak, the Pidgey ate but did not exercise. As a result of this, they ate so much they eventually grew overweight.

In Fly Me to the Moon, Misty noticed several Corsola swimming toward Pudgy Pidgey Isle, and with Wilbur's assistance, she and her friends reached the island. Misty never encounters the Corsola during her time on the island. Instead, the group and Team Rocket helped one of the Pidgey nicknamed Orville achieve its dream, to fly to the outer atmosphere. As a result of Orville achieving this incredible feat, the other Pidgey began to show interest in learning to fly.

Pokémon seen on Pudgy Pidgey Isle

Pudgy Pidgey Isle Corsola.png
Wilbur Pidgey.png


  • Pudgy Pidgey Isle may be a reference to many islands where flying birds were able to reach and subsequently became large and flightless due to a lack of land-bound predators and an abundance of food. Examples include the Kakapo of New Zealand and the Dodo of Mauritius.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 大波波之島
Mandarin 大波波之島 Dàbōbō-Zhī Dǎo
Germany Flag.png German Taubsi-Insel
Italy Flag.png Italian Isola dei Ciccio-Pidgey
Poland Flag.png Polish Wyspa Pulchny Pidgey
Spain Flag.png Spanish Isla de los Pidgey Gorditos

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