Ogi City

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Ogi City
オギシティ Ogi City
Ogi City.png
Ogi City
Region Johto
Debut Mantine Overboard!

Ogi City (Japanese: オギシティ Ogi City) is an anime-exclusive location in Johto. It is a large port city located at the northern end of Yellow Rock Isle, one of the Whirl Islands. A ferry runs once a day between Ogi City and Red Rock Isle. This is also where Ash and his friends ran into Luka, who offered to give them a ride in her boat after they missed the ferry. In the oceans nearby, there is an old sunken ship which once belonged to Luka's great-grandfather.

Pokémon seen around Ogi City

Luka Magikarp.png
Ogi City Shellder.png
Ogi City Tentacool.png
Ogi City Horsea.png
Ogi City Mantine.png
Ogi City Chinchou.png
Ogi City Remoraid.png

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