Big Town

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Big Town
ミレニアムタウン Millennium Town
Big Town.png
Region Johto
Debut Pikachu & Pichu

Big Town (Japanese: ミレニアムタウン Millennium Town) is an anime-exclusive town in Johto introduced in Pikachu & Pichu. It has since also been featured in several shorts including Pichu Bros. in Party Panic, Of Meowth and Pokémon, Trouble in Big Town, and Big Meowth, Little Dreams, and it is also the only location visited in Pichu Bros. mini.

The Pokémon Clubhouse

The town is known for being the home of the Pichu Brothers, who constantly make mischief along with their posse of friends Smoochum, Magby, Wooper, and Teddiursa. The Pokémon Clubhouse, a large playground constructed entirely of disused items, is their hangout spot.

A Lapras ferry, taxis, and double decker buses can be found here for transportation.

Meowth returned to Big Town from a week-long vacation away from Jessie and James in Of Meowth and Pokémon. He soon decided that he wanted to construct a giant statue dedicated to himself, however the plan never eventuated. Instead he became embroiled in the Pichu Posse's antics, and by the end of Big Meowth, Little Dreams, it was time for him to return to Team Rocket.

There are many apartment buildings around here as well as a skyscraper. Notable monuments include Magikarp and Tauros statues and a fountain.


Seen in Big Town

Big Town Pidgey line.png
Pidgey (multiple)
Big Town Pidgey line.png
Pidgeotto (multiple)
Big Town Pidgey line.png
Pidgeot (multiple)
Pichu Brothers.png
Pichu Brothers
Big Town Murkrow.png
Murkrow (multiple)
Big Town Hoppip.png
Hoppip (multiple)
Big Town Chinchou.png
Wooper Pichu Bros.png
Wooper (multiple)
Big Town Gyarados.png
Houndour Pichu Bros.png
Snorlax Pichu Bros.png
Magby Pichu Bros.png
Big Town Cubone.png
Smoochum Pichu Bros.png
Big Town Voltorb.png
Big Town Igglybuff.png
Igglybuff (×2)
Big Town Rattata.png
Rattata (×2)
Big Town Cleffa.png
Cleffa (multiple)
Big Town Bellsprout.png
Bellsprout (multiple)
Big Town Sunflora.png
Sunflora (multiple)
Big Town Spinarak.png
Spinarak (multiple)
Big Town Smeargle.png
Big Town Furret.png
Big Town Oddish.png
Oddish (multiple)
Big Town Hitmontop.png
Big Town Hoothoot.png
Big Town Shuckle.png
Big Town Diglett line.png
Diglett (multiple)
Big Town Diglett line.png
Dugtrio (multiple)
Teddiursa Pichu Bros.png
Azumarill Pichu Bros.png
Big Town Feraligatr.png
Big Town Kecleon.png
Big Town Skitty.png
Big Town Aipom.png
Pichu Posse M11.png
Electrode (multiple)
Pichu Posse M11.png
Pichu Posse M11.png
Pichu Posse M11.png

Visiting Pokémon

Wobbuffet pop out.png
Squirtle Squad.png
Squirtle Squad
Azurill Pichu Bros.png


  • Its Japanese name, Millennium Town, is a reference to its year of introduction, 2000, being the first year of a new millennium.
  • The town was first introduced in the dub in 2001 without a dub name. It remained without a dub name until 2005, when Pokémon Chronicles simply called the town Big Town in Trouble in Big Town.
  • This town appears to have drawn inspiration from Boston, Massachusetts.

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 千禧鎮 / 千禧镇 Qiānxǐ Zhèn
France Flag.png French Ville du Millenium
Italy Flag.png Italian Big Town
Spain Flag.png Spanish Ciudad Milenio
Turkey Flag.png Turkish Büyük Kasaba

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