Catallia City

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If you were looking for the city in Unova, see Castelia City.
Catallia City
コクモタウン Kokumo Town
Catallia City.png
Catallia City
Region Johto
Debut Spinarak Attack

Catallia City (Japanese: コクモタウン Kokumo Town) is a small, anime-exclusive town located in the Johto region between New Bark Town and Cherrygrove City.

The city's police force, including Officer Jenny, use Spinarak as their partner Pokémon opposed to Growlithe. This is a tribute to an Officer Jenny active from over 100 years ago, who stopped an infamous thief called the Black Arachnid and his Meowth with her Spinarak.

In Spinarak Attack, Team Rocket attempted to recreate history by posing as the Black Arachnid. However their attempted heist of the mayor's prized trophy was foiled thanks to Ash and his friends.

Catallia City is renowned for its rich history and architectural marvels, including a clock tower and grand mansions.

In the novelization Ash Ketchum, Pokémon Detective, Catallia City is referred to as "Cattailia City."

Pokémon seen in Catallia City

Officer Jenny Spinarak.png
Black Arachnid Meowth.png
The Black Arachnid's Meowth

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 線球鎮 Sinkàuh Jan
Mandarin 線球鎮 / 线球镇 Xiànqiú Zhèn
Italy Flag.png Italian Catallia City
Poland Flag.png Polish Catallia
Spain Flag.png Spanish Ciudad Catalia
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Catalliastaden

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