Krookodile (Super Mystery Dungeon)

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ワルビアル Waruvial
553Krookodile PSMD.png
Krookodile in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
Debuts in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
Gender Male
Ability Intimidate or Moxie*
Current location At Lively Town
This Pokémon is fully evolved.

Krookodile (Japanese: ワルビアル Waruvial) is a character in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon.


Krookodile is the resident gangster of Lively Town, feared by its residents as a bad-tempered criminal and an incredibly powerful Pokémon.

Krookodile is first seen when Krokorok tries to shake down the player and their partner for the second time, only to be stopped by Buizel. Krokorok tells Krookodile that the player, their partner, and Buizel had been bullying him, which is not true. Regardless, Krookodile intimidates Buizel, telling him that he and the rest of the Expedition Society shouldn't bully Krokorok anymore, or else he would deal with them. He and Krokorok then visit Café Connection, and they continue to do so on occasion for much of the game afterwards, unnerving the other patrons with their presence. During this time, Krookodile is usually in a foul mood, but expresses cynical pleasure upon hearing about the incidents of Pokémon being turned to stone.

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However, the Expedition Society soon begins to suspect that Krookodile is actually involved in said incidents, especially with his attitude towards other Pokémon in general. Their suspicions seem to be confirmed at Showdown Mountain, where Mawile spots him skulking around before he runs off, leaving behind a stone tablet that turns out to be a record of Pokémon that have been turned to stone. Archen and Buizel also discover more evidence at Krookodile's home: a half-written warning letter, like those sent out to Pokémon that are about to be petrified.

The day after this, the Society hears of a "red, ornery crook" headed in the direction of Serene Village. Surmising that Krookodile is the crook in question, Ampharos orders the formation of a Krookodile Pursuit Squad, which consists of the player, their partner, and Archen. On the way out of Lively Town, they meet with Nosepass, who confirms that Krookodile was headed to Serene Village, muttering to himself that he would "get [someone] for this". When they reach Serene Village, they are surprised to see no visible signs of Krookodile's presence. Espurr greets the player and partner, who ask her if she saw a mean red Pokémon, to which she says no. However, Nuzleaf comes running to the village gate, stating that he was on guard duty at the gate to Revelation Mountain when he was attacked and the gate destroyed by a Pokémon that was "red, looked ornery as could be, and looked like a crook".

On the way to the gate, Nuzleaf informs Archen about the unknown secret of Revelation Mountain that the residents of Serene Village had been guarding for generations. Archen concludes that Krookodile must be after that secret, and the pursuit squad hurries up the mountain, with Nuzleaf joining them. They soon reach the second gate, only to find it destroyed as well, with its guardians roughed up. Finally, they arrive at the summit, where Krookodile is nowhere to be seen.

After the squad learns about the sealed spring at the summit (helped in this by Dedenne contacting them from Prehistoric Ruins), Krookodile suddenly appears and starts approaching the squad. However, he is momentarily stopped by Suicune and Raikou, who have come to avenge Entei after he was petrified at Showdown Mountain. Despite this, he completely ignores them and keeps advancing; the player faintly hears him grumbling that "this wasn't part of the deal", and Krookodile starts demanding "[his] money". The player senses that something is wrong with this situation, but is soon pressured into unsealing the spring regardless. With the Luminous Water unsealed, the partner declares that they aren't scared of Krookodile turning them to stone anymore.

However, Krookodile expresses ignorance as to what the partner's talking about, and reveals that he was just a hired pawn; he was bribed to drop off the warning letters, and he was also told to come to Revelation Mountain this day. He surprises everyone the most when he singles out Nuzleaf as the one who hired him. It is here that Nuzleaf reveals his true intentions, having finally succeeded in tricking the player into unsealing the spring. With this, Nuzleaf "rewards" Krookodile by sending a ball of dark energy at him, turning him to stone. This reveals that Nuzleaf was behind the petrification incidents, but when the squad prepares to fight him, he is assisted by Yveltal, who petrifies everyone else at the summit. At the same time in Prehistoric Ruins, Dedenne, Mawile, Bunnelby, and Buizel are petrified by the "guardians" of the ruins: the three Beheeyem that attacked the player at the start of the game.

Krookodile isn't seen again until after the main story is completed and everyone who was petrified is restored. He is significantly changed after having been betrayed by Nuzleaf, sent to the Voidlands, and ultimately saved by the player and partner's actions. He and Krokorok start trying to redeem themselves, and to this end, they are hired by Miltank to deliver milk; however, they often slack off at Café Connection. Krookodile also develops a romantic interest in Miltank, which he almost confides to the player when he decides to join the team.

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Personality and Characteristics

At first, Krookodile is notorious for his bad temper and terrifying strength; he is described by Buizel as "the worst thing that ever happened to Lively Town". The only Pokémon he seems to want to associate with is his lackey, Krokorok. He claims that the rest of the world is an evil place, using that to justify his own criminal behavior. Hence, he voices his delight when everyone else is terrified of the news that Pokémon are being turned to stone, stating that the world deserves this.

However, he is changed for the better after being turned to stone and later saved. He gives up his criminal ways and tries to redeem himself by living a normal lifestyle, ultimately getting a job to deliver milk. However, he seems to be quite lazy, often slacking off during work hours.

Moves Used


  • Encountering the player and partner for the first time:
"What’s going on here?"
"Oh, they were, were they?"
"Buizel, huh… From the Expedition Society, aren’t you?"
"Hmph… What a bunch of garbage. I could wipe the floor with the lot of you. Lucky for you I’m feeling generous today. But I suggest you don’t test the limit of my patience!"
"Come on."
  • Confrontation at Revelation Mountain summit:
"Hey! You there!"
"Wh-who’s there?!"
"Who are you Pokémon?!"
"*grumble grumble*"
"We had a deal… Where’s the money?!"
"Spring water? What’re you talking about?! I don’t care about that… I just want my money! We had a deal! I dropped those warnings, just like you asked… I came all the way out here today because you told me to, too! Right, Nuzleaf?!"
"Wh-what’s happening?!"

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