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ヌオー Nuoh

Quagsire in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
Debuts in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
Gender Male
Ability Unknown
Current location Pokémon Paradise
This Pokémon is fully evolved.

Quagsire is a non-player character that appears in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. His main service is organizing the player's team.


Gates to Infinity

Quagsire is first encountered when the player's partner takes them to him to help the partner buy a deserted plot of land from him. From there, he helps the player and the partner build their Paradise in various ways. He opens up a facility called, "Quagsire Assembly," near the entrance to Pokémon Paradise. Similarly to Chimecho Assembly, this allows the player to organize their team, delete recruited Pokémon, and change the team leader during the post-game. Quagsire also runs a shop here where the player can buy cheap items. He also sets up a Request Board where the player can take requests, help Pokémon, and gain materials. Once the player defeats Scraggy, Quagsire captures and punishes him, forcing him to open a Move Reminder shop at the Pokémon Paradise against his will.

Super Mystery Dungeon

Quagsire appears in Café Connection sometimes, saying, "I can't let evildoers slide, hmm? So I punish them thoroughly. Mm-hmm." He is connected with a Vaporeon.


Quagsire is a rather easygoing and friendly individual, especially towards those he has formed a relationship with. He has a tendency to say "hmm" and "mmm" in the middle of his dialogue.

Despite his genial attitude, he can also seemingly be rather intimidating and menacing to those who are wrongdoing, as shown when he punishes Scraggy off-screen, alongside the Shedding Pokémon's evident fear of him.


  • When the player is near the inn for the first time:
"Hmm, you two... Good timing. Those two Timburr over there are the carpenter's, mmm, apprentices. You should ask them about your house, hmm? Hmm, lads? Where's your, mmm, master?"
"Hmm, looks good. Good luck with the carpenter, hmm? I'll be waiting out here, hmm?"
  • When the player is outside:
"How'd it go, hmm?"
"Mm-hmm. Sounds peachy, hmm? You can reach Stony Cave from the crossroads up ahead, hmm?"
  • At the crossroads:
"You can reach Stony Cave from this here crossroads, hmm? There's only one thing to remember... Hmm, I think you already know it, but... Stony Cave is... hmm, a Mystery Dungeon."
"It sure does sound fun when you put it like that, hmm? Sometimes you can, hmm, find rare treasure! And then everything's coming up roses, hmm? And then...out of nowhere... ...you might get, hmm, viciously attacked by wild Pokémon. They're very dangerous places, so be careful, hmm?"
"Might as well at least try your best, hmm?"
"Hmm... Nope. Never bothered to be concerned about anything in my life. Why start now, hmm? And besides..."
"I somehow get the feeling, hmm, that you two can make it through anything together. It's rather reassuring, hmm? Even if it's based on, hmm, absolutely nothing at all."
  • When iteracted with at the crossroads
"You can reach Stony Cave from here,hmm? Try to do your best, hmm?
  • When the house is done:
"Hmmm. It's quite an interesting house, hmm?"
  • The next morning:
"Mmm, morning. I've just been, hmm, waiting for you two to wake up."
"Come with me, hmm?"
  • In Paradise Center:
"Mm-hmm. This is it."
"Mm-hmm. Consider it a little gift from me. I'm calling it the, hmm, Request Board. You'll find information about adventuring... ...and requests from Pokémon. They may need you to find something for them or take care of some bad egg... You may even find little requests for help from the Pokémon around town, hmm? All kinds of different notices will crop up on here, hmm?"
"Mm-hmm. Oh, and, hmm... I moved one of the Deposit Boxes from Post Town here, too. You should use it to, hmm, keep a handle on all your items and Poké currency.png. And, mmm, I've started a shop as well. I haven't got many goods yet, but... If you come talk to me, I'll show you what I can offer, hmm? If you see something you like, be sure to buy it, hmm?"
"Hmmm. Well...mmm...I don't really know. Maybe... Maybe because you and <player> are trying hard for something. Whenever I see someone trying their best, I just feel like, hmm, helping them out. I know I'm normally, mmm, pretty relaxed. But watching you and <player> somehow gets me all worked up. Hoho... So, hmm... Let me explain, mmm, how the Request Board works. You see there are all sorts of notes left on the board, hmm? Each is a request. Select a request that you'd like to fulfill for someone and, mmm, tear it right off. Next you'll take that note over to the Request Counter, hmm? Then if you hand the note to Azumarill..."
"Then you'll be able to go to the dungeon you need to complete your request, hmm? That's, mmm, about it for my explanation. Pretty simple, hmm? Go on and, mmm, pick your very first ever request. Make it a good one, hmm?"
"Hmmm, that's it exactly. Then all you have to do is go out through that Request Gate. You'll be taken to the proper dungeon, hmm? So what kind of request did you select, <partner>? I'm, hmm, rather curious. Will you let me steal a peek? Hmm, hmm... "Please! I cant seem to find my way out of Stompstump Peak!" "I'd thought I could make it through this kind of mountain on my own..." "But before I knew it, I'd completely lost my way." "I'm sorry to ask, but please help me!" --Dunsparce ...Hmm. It's not a very glamorous request, is it? The Poké currency.png you'll earn isn't much either. You're sure you want this request, hmm?"
"Hmm... Boo-hoo-hoooooom! I'm so, mmm, moved! Mm-hmm! I knew you two were good Pokémon! Now all you need to do is leave the Center and go to that dungeon, hmm? Hurry up and save that Pokémon. Mmm, mmm... Hmm."
  • When the player gets their first reward:
"Hmm! <player> and <partner>! You completed your first request successfully. That's wonderful, hmm?"
  • After Dunsparce is rejected:
"Something the matter, hmm?"
"Dunsparce? Oh, that Pokémon the two of you saved, hmm? If that's who you mean, hmm... I did see him a few minutes ago."
"I passed by him right over there, hmm? He was with some, hmm, strange Pokémon I'd never seen before."
(Flashback) "As I walked by, I heard the three of them talking together, hmm?"
"That's about what they said, hmm? Then the three of them, mmm, went off somewhere together..." (end of flashback)
"Hmm? Is it that surprising a story, hmm? Hmm... That's curious. You know, just before I ran into you... ...another Pokémon heard that story and reacted, hmm, much the same."
"That was, hmm, Emolga. The second Emolga heard that story about Dunsparce, he... Well, hmm...he seemed just as shocked as you two do right now. Then he turned pale and ran off somewhere, mmm, in a flash."
"Hmm, that's what I recall hearing. Wait a moment...hmm... Do you think something happened, mmm?"
  • The next morning:
"I'm, hmm, glad to see you all finally became a team!"
"Hmm, so... To celebrate the formation of your team...how about another, hmm, present from me?"
"Come with me, hmm?"
"I can't let evildoers slide, hmm? So I punish them thoroughly. Mm-hmm."

Moves used

Water Ground
Held item:
None.png None None.png
Quagsire Lv.21
Water Gun
Water Special
Tail Whip
Normal Status
Mud Sport
Ground Status
Mud Shot
Ground Special

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