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アーマルド Armaldo
MDP E 348.png
Debuts in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky
Gender Male
Ability Battle Armor
Current location Frozen Mountain
This Pokémon is fully evolved.

Armaldo (Japanese: アーマルド Armaldo) is a non-player character in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, debuted in the second Special Episode Igglybuff the Prodigy. Armaldo was formerly the master of Wigglytuff in his youth as an Igglybuff, and the very Pokémon responsible for inspiring Igglybuff to be a world-renowned explorer.

In the games


Igglybuff the Prodigy

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Long before he and his pupil had even crossed paths, Armaldo had committed crimes that apparently were atrocious enough to place him on the Rank "B" list of outlaws and as a result, he had been living life as a fugitive from officer Magnezone and Nidoking, an explorer whom had been pursuing Armaldo. He had spent years running across the land until at last, Armaldo had finally found a place to call home: Murky Forest. It was a perfect base of operations and hideout for Armaldo after he had invented the legend of the "Monster of Murky Forest" and usually frightened other Pokémon, anyone who was an explorer or not and regardless of age, away.

Things would stay this way for years, at least until three children had nerve enough to explore the forest to its' deepest parts, these being a Skorupi, a Banette, and his future student, Igglybuff. When Banette and Skorupi challenged Armaldo to come out and face them, Armaldo responds in kind and as a result, he sends them fleeing in terror yet Igglybuff is totally unfazed by Armaldo's intimidation tactics, much to his shock. After a bit of conversation between the two, and although very reluctant to open up to Igglybuff at first, he decides to trust Igglybuff as the child knows nothing about his past as an outlaw to let him in into his cavern deep in the forest.

Inside of Armaldo's home, it is here that he lies to Igglybuff about being a former explorer, claiming that he had stopped exploring under the pretense of being retired and thus, the reason that he spends his days within the depths of the forest. Igglybuff is completely clueless at what an explorer is and what it means to be on an exploration team, so Armaldo weaves to him what being an explorer entails and what it means to explore: traveling to distant lands and uncharted territories, solving mysteries no one else has, and bringing home mounds of treasure and making sure to mention the hard work it takes to become an explorer. Armaldo even shows Igglybuff a dual-layered map as an example, but cannot decipher it because of the extra layer on the map.

As Armaldo continues his story, Igglybuff sees the reason that the map cannot be deciphered, so he decides to light the map on fire to burn away the second layer. After this, Armaldo uses Water Gun to douse the fire at the expense of charring the map, only for Igglybuff to wipe away the charred parts of the map to reveal the name of the dungeon that the map leads to: Eastern Cave. Igglybuff then asks the outlaw if he could go with Armaldo to Eastern Cave, and although Armaldo initially frets over doing so given his past and running the risk of being caught if he stepped foot outside, agreed to take Igglybuff with him to Eastern Cave.

The next day, Armaldo and Igglybuff, after making preparations for their journey through the cave, leave together to the Eastern Cave, where the treasure awaited them. After battling off the inhabitants of the cave and making it to the end, Armaldo warns Igglybuff that where there is treasure, there are likely traps that could do grievous damage to him. Igglybuff, however, is unfazed by these deterring words and simply opens the door guarding the treasure by destroying it, much to Armaldo's shock. They enter the door and together they find a very rare exclusive item known as the Defend Globe, an item that would mark the first time that Igglybuff ever traveled with Armaldo under his wing. It is at this point Igglybuff names Armaldo his master in exploration, to Armaldo's reluctance.

From that point on, the outlaw and the child pair would spend days together, travelling across the region together and bringing home vast amounts of treasure and truly bonding as student and master. Armaldo then proposes of going to a place known as Fortune Ravine, where hordes of treasure were said to await them. Unbeknownst to him and Igglybuff, however, an explorer by the name of Nidoking had been keeping his eye on and tailing them both in secret. Also unbeknownst to the outlaw, their expeditions over the course of those few months together had started raising questions among Igglybuff's family and friends. Furthermore, this exploration with his student would be his last.

When Armaldo and Igglybuff prepare for what is unknown to them their final exploration together, they both head off for Fortune Ravine. After arriving at the pit of the ravine, Armaldo puts out the torches with Water Gun, but instead of opening the door, they fall down into a pit with a Monster House. After defeating those Pokémon, Armaldo and Igglybuff crawl out of the pit and they find an ancient city that had been forgotten by time. As they prepare to go to the ruins and search for treasure there, they are stopped by Igglybuff's family, friends, Magnezone and Nidoking.

Igglybuff is obviously confused about them being tailed in such a manner, but it is at this point that he finally learns his master is a Rank B outlaw; a bad Pokémon. Armaldo does not argue this or even attempt to flee with Igglybuff in hand or endanger the child, instead he decides to quietly surrender himself to arrest. Igglybuff nearly interferes with one of his powerful tantrums, until Armaldo pleads for his pupil to stop his actions, not wanting Igglybuff to be listed as an outlaw and have to live the life he did.

Armaldo confesses everything to a heartbroken Igglybuff, refusing to believe that Armaldo was a bad Pokémon. Armaldo meant to tell the child the truth much sooner about his past, but just did not have the heart to confess back then, ergo the lie he told to Igglybuff about being a retired explorer. Despite the fact that Armaldo knew he would eventually be captured, but despite the risk, Armaldo had the most enjoyable time of his life with Igglybuff and promised to him that after he had paid his debt to society, he would come back and see Igglybuff again as a genuine explorer. Before Armaldo has to say goodbye to Igglybuff for the last time, he gives a parting shot to Igglybuff: throwing him the Defend Globe, the first treasure they ever found together. As Armaldo walks away from Igglybuff to be incarcerated by Magnezone, Igglybuff cries for his master as his friends and family come to comfort the hurt child.

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

It is revealed in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon that Armaldo was likely released or had finished his time in prison, as he now explores around the Mist Continent's Frozen Mountain. During his exploration, an Igglybuff from Serene Village will request the player's team to send Armaldo a Tiny Reviver Seed. Upon delivery, Armaldo is recruited into the Connection Orb. He also notes that he once had a junior that was also an Igglybuff, but has since become a famous Guildmaster. When talking to the Igglybuff afterwards, they tell the player that the request was given to them by Wigglytuff, though his name is not mentioned.

Personality and characteristics

While it is true that Armaldo was an outlaw, he was certainly not an evil Pokémon. At first glance to those who do not know him, Armaldo is a rather intimidating Pokémon and likely very distrusting to strangers. When he opened to Igglybuff, however, he treated the child as a master would treat his student and never once harming him. As Armaldo opened up to him more, they started traversing the land as if the both of them were friends, yet Armaldo would be the one who was always the most cautious on their journeys together in stark contrast to his student's nature, yet having little patience for antics one would expect from a child. It also is very likely that because of his repute as the "Monster of Murky Forest", on top of being a high-profile criminal, Armaldo had little to no friends until Igglybuff had come along or Igglybuff was his only true friend, as proven by Armaldo giving him the Defend Globe.


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Igglybuff the Prodigy

Armaldo joins after Murky Forest is cleared once, but will not explore Murky Forest with Igglybuff, even on repeated visits.

Spr 4d 348.png
Rock Bug
Battle Armor
Held item:
Armaldo Lv.28+
Normal Physical
Water Gun
Water Special
Metal Claw
Steel Physical
Normal Status


Murky Forest
  • "Hey, you over there! Didn't you say you were an exploration team?!"
  • "Get out of here! Coming in here... I don't know who in the world you think you are!"
  • "What's this? A bunch of kids... Huh? Weren't there more of you? You too, Junior! You better run away quick!"
  • "Aren't... Aren't you scared? Aren't you scared of me?!"
  • "He... he's a strange little fellow... I told you to go home!"
  • "No way! Go home!"
  • Ugh... You're persistent... Come with me."
Armaldo's Shelter
  • "Not quite. It's not a secret base, it's just my home... My name is Armaldo. I used to be an explorer... But not anymore, because of one thing... I've taken a break from exploring... And so I spend my days here."
  • "Huh? You don't know about exploring? Exploring is... so much fun... It's incredibly exciting."
  • "That's right. Distant lands, uncharted territory... You visit many remarkable places... And solve the mysteries you find there."
  • "And you get to bring back treasure and fortune with you."
  • "And... you have to keep at it, working hard and overcoming difficulties, until you finally achieve your dreams. For example... For example, this secret map."
  • "Open it up and have a look. This seems to be a map that indicates the location of some treasure... Study it closely. It doesn't really make sense, does it?"
  • "If I don't figure out the cipher, then I'll never be able to uncover the location of the treasure. But you're just a kid, you wouldn't know anything about this... I've been working on this one for a long time, but haven't been able to figure it out yet. However, I'm not giving up! I can't! I know that if I can overcome this challenge, there will be a future! That's the adventure of exploration... Its thrill! Its essence! Its never-ending attraction! ...Hey!"
  • "H-hey! Junior! What are you doing?! Knock it off!"
  • "Hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot! Hot hot hot hot HOT hot hot hot hot HOT HOT HOT hot hot hot hot hot hot HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT hot hot HOT HOT HOT HOT!! Water! WATER!"
  • "! Oh yeah! Water Gun!!"
  • "Ah oh... Ah oh... My... My precious secret map... It's... It's charred..."
  • "What?"
  • "W-What?"
  • "Eastern... Ca... ve... Eastern Cave?! R-really?! Is it true there's really treasure there?!"
  • "That is... How did you know? How did you figure out this map's secret?"
  • "... (Th-this kid...) (I've been working on that puzzle for so long, and he solved it, just like that...) (That is... this kid... Just like that...)"
  • "B-but I'm... I'm a retired explorer... I can't just jump back in..."
  • "... (Th-that's...) (It's true, it would be a waste not to go after solving the map's riddle...) (But I'm hesitant to leave here...) (Maybe I wouldn't attract too much attention with a little trip to Eastern Cave.) (All right!) Hey, Junior. You made a good point. We'll go!"
  • "Yes, really. But it's a little too late to start today. Your mom and dad are probably worried. Today you should go on home... Tomorrow, we'll head out.
Before Eastern Cave
  • "No need to be impatient. Before exploring, you have to make sure you're well prepared."
  • "Look at this"
  • "This is called a Kangaskhan Rock... Here you can make a record of your adventure and sort your items... It's something you shouldn't pass up on explorations."
  • "Oh! Hey! Stop hitting it like that!"
  • "You can go ahead and use any items you find at the Kangaskhan Rock as you see fit... So let's use that Kangaskhan Rock to finish preparations for our adventure.
  • "Huh? Junior, did you finish getting ready?"
  • "All right! All right, let's go! We're looking for the treasure in Eastern Cave! Got it, Junior? You're just a beginner when it comes to exploring. Don't be so impertinent, and don't hold me back!
Eastern Cave
  • "...We've come pretty far... The treasure... I wonder where it is..."
  • "Let's go check it out!"
  • "Wh-what's... this?!"
  • "W-wait! Junior!"
  • "Didn't you notice the design of this room? Look carefully! There's some kind of trick to it!"
  • "Yes. I'm pretty sure that there will be some behind that door, but... The trouble is we need to figure out how to open that door. Look above the door. You see that symbol that kind of looks like an eye? I think if we put some kind of rock or something in there, something will probably happen... But... There's those giant logs on both sides... And all these little openings in the floor that have caught my attention... That pillar over there... and a weird switch along the groove... If we move that pillar along the track on top of the switch on the floor, something's gonna happen... This is a pretty common layout... This kind of trap is usually easy to identify. And... These spikes here on the wall... Look at them--they've definitely caught my attention...
  • "That crystal's color will probably change and something will come up from the floor... or something... And this... it looks like this contraption is important somehow... It's pretty suspicious to find such a puzzling thing in a place like this. The more I think about it , the more it seems like someone has gone to an awful lot of trouble to keep people out... It takes a trained eye to spy out all these ingenious devices."
  • "N-no! That might prevent the door from ever opening! Anyway... This room is full of dangers. We really need to proceed with caution here."
  • "Aaah! Huh... WHAT?!"
  • "Wh-what the...?!"
  • "... (What in the world IS this kid?!)"
  • "Th-this... is...!"
  • "This is a Defend Globe."
  • "Oh... It's very valuable... It's a very hard to find item... It's an exclusive item for Bug-type Pokémon. ...Hey! Aren't you listening to what I'm saying?!"
  • "... (Wh-what is this...? He's so happy...) (He doesn't even know the value of this item, but he's just so ridiculously...)
  • "... (Hmm... He showed a powerful intuition in getting that door open earlier...) (This kid is...)"
  • "... (This kid... I don't really get his personality...) (He radiates an unknown, unfathomable quality...) (I'm guessing... this kid has an amazing natural talent or something)"
  • "? M-master? Me?!"
  • "M-my... apprentice?! N-no! I'll pass. I don't really see myself taking care of someone else as an apprentice. And besides, I quit exploring! It's too late for me to do anything like that!"
  • "Err..."
  • "Um... (Wow, he's even kneeling on the floor. He's sure intent on this request...) (However, he's so round... It's hard to tell if he's kneeling down on the floor or not...) (W-what should I do?) (It would be extremely risky if I were to start exploring as a team again...) (But this kid has so much potential, it's amazing.) (I'd love to see just how far this kid could go as an explorer...) (Being together is a little annoying... But I have another feeling as well...) (It's really caught my attention... I think I could start exploring again, as long as it was with him.) (All right.) I've got it. You can be my apprentice. But... my training is very strict! If you won't go along with me, then we're through!"
  • "How are we going to be an exploration team if you start off acting like that? Hey!"
After Eastern Cave
  • "Come on! There is no way we could go to such a place."
  • "Don't be so happy-go-lucky! There might be a trap! Uwaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!"
  • "All right. Let's take it all back with us."
  • " ... (He's really something, this kid.) (We've been exploring together for a while...) (I've never seen anyone with a natural sense of exploring like he has.) ... (I'm sure...) (I'm sure that this kid... is some kind of exploration prodigy.)"
  • "Y-yeah... I'm on my way."
  • "W-what? We just finished today's exploration, and already you're talking about tomorrow's? You're getting a little ahead of yourself. That said... I'll bet that tomorrow's location will be even better to us than today's."
  • "Yes. Tomorrow, we're going to Fortune Ravine... Rumor has it that there's a lot of treasure there."
  • "Yeah. Will you be all right getting home by yourself from here?"
  • "All right, see you at my place tomorrow. And then we will head out to Fortune Ravine."
  • "Phew. Same as ever... He's always so cheerful. Cheerful is good but... He's so cheerful it tires me right out. Phew... I should go home. I'm exhausted, but I have to admit cheerfulness is kind of contagious. Phew..."
Armaldo's Shelter (Before Fortune Ravine)
  • "Oh hi, Junior. Before you got here, I was doing some research on Fortune Ravine... It's a lot harder than any of the dungeons we've visited so far. Even with my strength... it will be difficult. Maybe, maybe not. I'm concerned about what to do."
  • "... (That's right...) (No thanks to me... This kid is an exploration prodigy...) (If I tried to go alone, I couldn't do it... But if he's with me...) ...All right. I agree. Let's go. To Fortune Ravine.
  • "Take care of your exploration preparations at the Kangaskhan Rock. Once you're ready, we'll go.
  • "Huh? Junior, did you finish getting ready?"
  • "All right! Ok! Let's go! To Fortune Ravine!"
Fortune Ravine (Waypoint)
  • "This is a dungeon waypoint... It connects to the depths of Fortune Ravine... It's a waypoint area."
  • "That's right... I'm sure of it... While we're on the subject of waypoints in dungeons... Finding a waypoint usually means that something awaits you at the end."
  • "For example... the boss of this dungeon."
  • "Yes, that's right. If there's a boss in the dungeon, tread carefully. They might misunderstand what you're doing here and wonder whether you're trying to take over their territory... They probably won't listen to what you're saying... You're likely to be attacked often..."
  • "I don't know whether or not they have the patience... Anyway, we need to brace ourselves for what we'll find from here on.
Fortune Ravine Pit
  • "You've really learned a lot, Junior. That's right. These torches must provide the solution to the puzzle of opening the door. Furthermore, this is a very common type of puzzle."
  • "It's simple. If we blow out all the torches, the door will open. Watch! Here goes! Water Gun! All right! The door should open now!"
  • "Why... why not? Uwaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Ow ow ow ow ow. My back hurts..."
  • "Y-yeah. How are you, Junior?"
  • "P-pit... Is that what this is? This hole..."
  • "What is it?"
  • "T-trap?"
  • "Y-you... How can you stay so calm?"
  • "UWAAAAAAAaaaaaahhhhh! It's a... Monster House!"
  • "Don't we always?! Don't ever let yourself be caught unprepared, Junior!"
Igglybuff the Prodigy
  • "It looks like once you leave the ravine, it connects to this place. Among the rocks and stones... I can see some crumbled pillars and what looks like a stone wall. Don't tell me that this is..."
  • "I can see some kind of ruins off in the distance... I knew it. This is... an ancient city that's been buried by time, I believe."
  • "Oh."
  • "What... What did you say?"
  • "........."
  • "I'm asking you! Stop, please!"
  • "If you blast Nidoking and Magnezone... You'll become a bad guy too, and then what will you do?! So please stop now!"
  • "Officer Magnezone."
  • "Could you give me a minute? It's all right. I won't try to run"
  • "I'm sorry, Junior. Just like Nidoking said... I'm an outlaw. I'm a bad guy"
  • "Listen, Junior. I am an outlaw and they were searching the entire region for me. To avoid being caught... I've just been running, running, running. And I took a break at Murky Forest. I started that rumor about Murky Forest. The rumor that a monster lurked deep in the darkness. Because of that, nobody came out there... So I thought I wouldn't get caught. That's how I took shelter in Murky Forest. I meant to tell you the truth sooner... But I just couldn't bring myself to... I'm sorry."
  • "Anyway. I am a bad guy. But... you're different. So you... can't be with me."
  • "Junior. Did you enjoy exploring?"
  • "So... Become an amazing explorer someday, for me. Don't be a blockhead like me. You've got a gift for exploring. So you should... do your best to be an amazing explorer, for me."
  • "Junior. I really enjoyed exploring with you these past few days. I knew there was a danger of being caught like this... But... Despite that risk, we went on explorations... And when you were with me, I had a lot of fun. This was the first time I ever really enjoyed exploring. And you are the one who has shown me how fun it can be. Thank you very much."
  • "Junior. Try to understand. I have to answer for the things I've done. But when I've finished... Then, if I still feel the same... I'll become an explorer. I don't know when that will be... But when that day comes... When that day comes... I'd like to go exploring with you again."
  • "Sorry to have kept you waiting."
  • "Take this! Be seeing you"
Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
  • "Really? Igglybuff asked you to give me this? Igglybuff... That name reminds me of my junior... He's a fine guildmaster now... It gives me energy whenever I think of him. Thank you for the delivery.

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