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Void Shadows surrounding the party

Void Shadows (Japanese: 虚無 Shadows of Nothingness) are non-Pokémon creatures in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon that inhabit the Voidlands, where all Pokémon who have been petrified into stone are sent to. They will consume any Pokémon they encounter and are capable of shapeshifting into any Pokémon. They are minions of Dark Matter and first appear during the second half of the story.


Void Shadows transformed into Mega Tyranitar and Mega Gengar

The Void Shadows are first heard about in ancient writings after clearing Cave of the Deep. The Pokémon that wrote the message was interrupted as they were writing, presumably consumed by Void Shadows before they could finish. Later on, after going through Calm Craggy Area, the hero and all the members of the Expedition Society are attacked by Void Shadows. A Void Shadow attempted to impersonate Bunnelby, but was easily unmasked by Mawile as a fake. They attempt to fight off the Void Shadows but Archen, Buizel, and Dedenne end up getting captured by them. The hero, being distracted by this, lets their guard down and ends up getting captured by a Void Shadow themselves. Just when they are about to be consumed by it, the Legendary beasts show up and destroy the Void Shadows, rescuing the hero but too late to save the others.

After reaching the peak of Reverse Mountain, the group is attacked by more Void Shadows, this time transforming themselves into a Mega Tyranitar and a Mega Gengar, desperate to stop them from reaching the Door to Hope. The group defeats them, but endless Void Shadows keep appearing. Realizing they can't fight them off forever, Mawile and the Legendary beasts urge the hero and partner to hurry through the Door to Hope, ultimately sacrificing themselves so the hero and partner can escape the Voidlands.


Being minions of Dark Matter, the Void Shadows do not seem to have an individual personality. However, they seem to be akin to Ditto in that they can act as if they were another Pokémon; for example, one of them disguises itself as Bunnelby. While they do not seem to be much in the way of speech, they are very aggressive to the player and their partner; going as far as to take on the form of a Mega Tyranitar and a pair of Mega Gengar as a means to stop them from returning to their world—they are even willing to kill them to stop them. Unlike other Pokémon, their character portrait is obscured by static, much like that of Dark Matter.

In battle

The Void Shadows are very strong fighters in a group, while one of them on its own is not a considerable threat. They are more menacing when they transform into another Pokémon. Similar to Dark Matter itself, the Void Shadows also have a set of techniques that are unique to them: techniques that are quite similar to other Pokémon techniques but they have no defined type. A few of them, however, are an exception to this rule. Their attacks are as follows:

  • Peripheral Attack - This move is similar to Dark Pulse in that it targets foes that are currently surrounding the Void Shadow using the technique; however the damage dealt is typeless. It is a special move, and it does not cause flinching. While this technique normally has 10 PP, the Void Shadows never seem to run out of PP.
  • Drain - This move is similar to Leech Life and various other HP-draining moves in that it steals HP from the target in front of it with a shadowy aura, and is healed by half of the damage done. This attack is a typeless, special move as well. This attack has 12 PP initially.
  • Shadow Headbutt - This move is akin to Headbutt, and has a very similar animation. It is typeless, and is the only physical move that Void Shadows know naturally.

Their Ability is known as Void Shadows, an Ability that has no apparent in-battle effect. However, this Ability might be what allows them to split into copies sometimes upon taking damage and assuming that they have enough elbow room to spawn another Void Shadow. This Ability cannot be changed or copied.

Because they are treated as if they were Boss Pokémon, they are able to heal themselves from bad status ailments much quicker than the norm and from ailments, such as poisoning or being badly poisoned, that normally require an item to treat them. This also applies to any Void Shadows that are in the player's party or out in the wild.


  • The Void Shadows have a special, more intense variation of the regular boss music.
  • If they were encountered in the wild or on the player's party, Void Shadows still have the benefit mentioned above and would give a great deal of experience points. The teammate/player-controlled Void Shadow would also be able to divide upon taking damage.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Ombre du Néant
Germany Flag.png German Schatten des Nichts
Italy Flag.png Italian Ombre del Nulla
Spain Flag.png Spanish Sombra de la nada

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