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アバゴーラ Carracosta
Carracosta SMD.png
Carracosta in his home
Debuts in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
Gender Male
Ability Unknown
Current location At Serene Village
This Pokémon is fully evolved.

Carracosta (Japanese: アバゴーラ Abagoura) is a character in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. He is the adoptive father of the partner Pokémon. He is stern and strict, but means well.


Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.

Carracosta is first seen talking to Ursaring and Raticate in the Serene Village plaza while the partner is giving the player a tour of the town. After several Pokémon accuse the partner of causing trouble, Carracosta scolds them for avoiding their chores and eating his Oran Berries before giving chase when the partner runs away to avoid the angry villagers.

Carracosta is next seen talking with Hippopotas and Lombre, stating that it is now honey-making season in Nectar Meadow. When Budew asks about the honey, Carracosta explains that Beedrill and Combee come together to make the highly nutritional substance, however, it is best to avoid the meadow during this time of year as they are "on edge" when making it.

Later, while the player and partner are looking for Ampharos, they run into Carracosta and ask if he has seen him. After thinking for a bit, he states that he saw Ampharos on his way back from the Oran Orchard, and that he was heading towards Poliwrath River. He forbids the player and partner from going to the river as it is the home of the Poliwrath Brothers and is thus a dangerous place. When the partner agrees not to go, he is skeptical and reiterates that he does not want them to go to or even talk about such a place.

During dinner with the partner and player, he scolds the partner for their lack of decorum while eating, but blushes when they praise his cooking. He asks the player if they like the food, telling them to eat their fill when they nod yes.

After Farfetch’d is found by the shore of the lake, Carracosta can be seen amongst the Pokémon gathered around him, expressing pity when Farfetch’d recalls what happened to him. In response to Raticate asking if ghosts are the reason behind what happened to Farfetch’d, he states that he is not afraid of them, referring to them as fairy tales. When Carracosta finds out that the player and partner snuck out of their homes in the middle of the night, unaware that they went to rescue Pancham and Shelmet in the Ancient Barrow, he scolds them both and becomes upset with Nuzleaf when he claims that Carracosta is being too harsh. He accuses Nuzleaf of being lenient and says that children should be scolded when they are disobedient. He states that Nuzleaf should scold them, however the partner interrupts, saying that they’re tired and promptly falls asleep, resulting in Carracosta lecturing the player alone for the entire night. When the player leaves their house the next morning, they can hear Carracosta criticizing the partner’s cleaning, which they are forced to do as punishment, claiming that they did an unacceptable job.

As the player and partner are returning home from an expedition, they encounter Carracosta once more, who says that he is about to make dinner. He invites the partner to come help him, who promptly agrees. Before they can leave, however, the partner asks about Revelation Mountain. Carracosta states that the mountain is sacred to the village and that entering it has been taboo for generations, however, when asked why entering is forbidden, he responds that he doesn’t know nor does he know what is in it. The only thing he does know is that guarding Revelation Mountain is a tradition in the village, passed down from parent to child. Suddenly, he grows fearful that the partner is planning to go up the mountain but is reassured when they claim they were just curious after hearing about how mysterious it was from Nuzleaf.

When the partner and player decide to ask their adoptive parents if they can join the Expedition Society, the player overhears the partner arguing with Carracosta, who states that they cannot join because it is too dangerous.

Carracosta is seen again when the player and partner return to Serene Village after defeating Dark Matter, explaining that Nuzleaf returned to the village and apologized for what he had done, but left as he was unable to face the player after what he did to them, though he said he will return to the village eventually. He then states that, with time, things can heal and asks the player if they can wait for Nuzleaf. As the player is thinking about Nuzleaf, the partner runs up to Carracosta, telling him that they are glad he is okay. Carracosta responds by telling them that he has never told them that he is proud of them, and apologizes for not being a better parent beforing thanking them. Later that night, he listens to the partner recount their adventure at a party along with the player and several townsfolk. The next morning, Carracosta tells the player that the partner went to the hill with the big tree.

Personality and Characteristics

Carracosta is a stern father who believes in a strict method of raising children, more specifically that scolding them will make them behave, in contrast to Nuzleaf’s more relaxed treatment of the player. However, his intentions are well meaning, and he genuinely cares about the partner and player.


  • When accusing the partner of causing trouble:
"Stop right there! <partner>!"
"This where you’ve been loitering, child?"
"What about your chores back home, eh? Playing hooky again to wander around, eh?"
"And I know you’ve been snacking on the Oran Berries from my field again!"
"You have!"
"I want the truth from you, child!"
"Don’t you dare run! We’ll catch you!"
  • Talking about honey-making season:
"So? How did it look?"
"Budew. Roselia’s little one. Honey-making season has begun, child. Many Pokémon like Beedrill and Combee all get together to make heaps o’ honey."
"It’s a nutritional powerhouse, to boot. However, they’re on edge while making Honey. Stay safe and clear till they’re all done. Especially a wee child like yourself. It’s best to give Nectar Meadow a wide berth at this time of year."
  • Explaining where he saw Ampharos going:
"Oh, if it isn’t <partner>... What’re you doing out here, child?"
"A staggering yellow Pokémon…? Well, now that you mention it… There was someone a bit like that… I passed by him on my way back from the Oran Orchard… Let me see… Ah, yes. I’m pretty sure he was headed toward Poliwrath River."
"Don’t tell me you’re thinking of going to Poliwrath River after him?! I forbid it! That’s no place for children! Poliwrath River is the den of a bunch of real rough Pokémon… The three Poliwrath Brothers! It’s dangerous for strangers to wander into a place like that!"
"Do you really? I’m telling you not to go! I don’t want to hear even a whisper about you going to a place like that! Not a one!"
  • While the player and partner are eating dinner at his house:
"Tch! Can’t you eat with a bit more decorum! But you aren’t wrong, child! Ho ho ho, no, you sure aren’t! Do you find it to your liking, <player>?"
"Do you now! Then eat your fill! Go on!"
  • While listening to what happened to Farfetch’d:
"How frightening… Seems that the poor fellow has been through quite the ordeal…"
"I-I’m not afraid of any such fairy-tales! Ridiculous!"
  • Lecturing the player and partner:
" little fools! What do you think you’re doing, running around in the middle of the night?! And sneaking out to do so! Without a lick of permission from us!"
"What’re you saying? You’re far too lenient on these kids! When a child steps out of line, a scolding is what you use to get ‘em back in line! Now, step up to the task!"
"N-now just a minute! <partner>! We’re not done talking about this! Wake yourself up right this minute!"
"Argh! Convenient time to pass out! If that’s how you’re going to play it… Then <player>! I guess you alone get the pleasure of being lectured by me!"
"I hope you’re ready!"
"It’s because you inconsiderate little rascals… *gripe gripe gripe* Anyone with even an ounce of common sense would… *nag nag nag*"
"*gripe gripe gripe gripe* *nag nag nag nag* *nag nag gripe gripe gripe*"
  • Criticizing the partner’s cleaning:
"<partner>! What do you think this is?! This isn’t clean at all!"
"What part of this is done?! Look! Right here! And here! You’ve left more of it unclean than you have cleaned!"
"Oh no you’re not! Unacceptable! Get back here and do it right!"
  • Asking the partner if they would like to help make dinner:
"You two… You on your way home?
"Perfect timing, then. I was just about to get started on making dinner. You can come home and help me."
"In return, you’ll get to eat something extra tasty tonight. Sound fair?"
"Looks like we have a deal. Come along, then."
"What is it?"
"That’s right. Revelation Mountain has been a sacred site for our village since long ago. It’s a taboo that has been passed down from generation to generation."
"I don’t know."
"I don’t know that, either. I suppose there must be something sacred up there. We have a tradition here in Serene Village of guarding the mountain. That’s all I know. It’s a tradition that we inherited from our parents and their parents before them."
"Y-you’d better not tell me… You’re not thinking of going up there?!"
"I see. That’s all right, then. As long as you remember that you’re not to go there."
"All right. Then let’s head back home and get started on that dinner."
"<player>, you want to come along?"
"You fool! How many times do I have to tell you?!"
"And I keep telling you it’s too dangerous out there! It’s not just me who thinks so! Everybody in the village agrees! Don’t you have any common sense?!"
"Hey! Where do you think you’re going?!"
  • Talking to the partner and player after defeating Dark Matter:
"Nuzleaf left."
"He went all around the village, apologizing to everyone good and proper… but in the end, after what Nuzleaf had done, he couldn’t bear to face <player> again… and so he left, not long ago."
"Though he couldn’t yet face <player>... he did say that he would be back again someday, without fail. He wanted me to tell you that, <player>. Time can heal most things, even if some hurts seem insurmountable at first. Could you see fit to wait for him?"
"Yes, child… You know… When I think on it now… In all the years we’ve shared, I don’t believe I’ve once told you how proud I am of you. We may not share blood, but that’s no excuse for me to not be a better parent… Forgive me. You did good, <partner>. And I thank you for it."
  • Explaining where the partner went:
"Oh, <player>. Morning. You must have been tuckered out. You’ve slept half the morning away."
"...What’s that? You want to know where <partner> has gone off to? Last I heard, <partner> was planning to pop over to the hill with the big tree."

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